Franklin and CCAD To Build Portfolio Program Aimed at Saving Students Money

Columbus College of Art & Design and Franklin University are proud to announce they’ll be joining forces to build a new web-based portfolio program that will help students save time and money.
The program being created through the partnership — called the Credit for Life Integrated Portfolio program, or CLIP — will enable students to submit a digital portfolio of prior learning that can be assessed for college credit.
“CLIP will require and simultaneously create new ways of thinking about the learning experience,” said CCAD Provost Kevin Conlon. “It uses today’s social technology to leverage effective delivery to the Millennial Learner, and blurs the line between scholarship and practice within a dynamic pedagogy unbound from traditional course or program models, and all the while stays focused on the rigor required to enter the professional world.”
The program will be developed this school year by faculty and technologists from both colleges, and implemented in the 2017-18 academic year. Then, the developed product will be shared with other Ohio campuses, providing a model for the assessment of prior learning, competency-based, and e-portfolio strategies.
“Social media has become a reflection of our social lives. Through CLIP, we can now capture the journey and evidence of one's life-long learning and academic life,” said Dr. Christopher Washington, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Franklin. “The prior learning review will be enabled by both modern technology and by evaluation criteria established by the faculty and staff of our two institutions.”
The Credit for Life Integrated Portfolio program is possible thanks to the Ohio Department of Higher Education, which announced this year that it approved $998,000 in funding through the Innovation Grant Program for CCAD to work with Franklin on the initiative.