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Financial Aid Awarding Process

Once all documentation has been received, the Financial Aid office will process your file in dated order as received. In general, your files will be processed in approximately 15 days after receiving all required documentation. However, processing times may vary depending on the time of year. If you were selected for verification, the process may take a little longer.

Your award letter will notify you of your aid eligibility. The aid awarded is based on the hours of enrollment listed on the Award Letter, your Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress status, and award code explanations. If you are eligible for loans, it will also include a link to the Master Promissory Note. Please read your Award Letter thoroughly and view the Terms of Award below.

If your enrollment hours change, your eligibility for programs and/or aid amounts may also change.

To view the aid available to you, please access your Financial Aid Award Letter by one of the methods below.  If you are a current student or new applicant, you will receive an e-mail notification that your award letter has been processed and is available to view:

Current Students:  Access your Award Letter through your myFranklin account. Click on the "Shortcuts" tab and proceed to your personal WebAdvisor student access page. Under the Financial Aid section, click on “Financial Aid Award Letter”. You will need to open your Award Letter and view the options available in the "Loan Acceptance" section.  

New Applicants:  Access your Award Letter through  Click on Log In and enter the username and password sent to you by Admissions at the time of application.  After logging in, under the Financial Aid section, click on “Financial Aid Award Letter”.  You will need to open your Award Letter and view the options available in the "Loan Acceptance" section.  

Persons without a myFranklin account:  If you do not currently have a myFranklin account, a Paper Award Letter will be sent to you by mail.  


Important facts about your Award Letter:

  • After viewing your Award Letter, proceed to the How to Accept/Reject My Awards section below.
  • Loans will only be processed once you have accepted them on your Award Letter.  
  • Grants are automatically accepted on your behalf.
  • Visit the Loan Process page if you are a first-time borrower of federal student loans, or a first time borrower at Franklin University. There are two federal requirements you must complete.  1) Student Loan Entrance Counseling;  and 2) Master Promissory Note (MPN) for Federal Direct Stafford Loans
  • See Types of Financial Aid for program eligibility requirements.

Visit our Award Letter page for a visual guide and narrated video featuring detailed information on your award letter and what it means to you as a student.

Loan Acceptance:

Follow the instructions provided on your Award Letter which you will receive by one of the following methods.

Online through myFranklin - You will receive an e-mail notification informing you your Award Letter is viewable online.  After viewing and reading the Important Comments Section on your Online Award Letter, scroll down to the Loan Acceptance section.  There will be  two options presented for submitting your online Award Letter.  Carefully follow the instructions for the option you select.  

Paper Award Letter Notification - if you received your notification by mail, review your Award Letter and follow the instructions on how to accept or reject your loan awards.  You MUST accept/reject your loan awards, sign, and return the Award letter by mail, fax, or email.

Your financial aid is based on information you provided on your FAFSA. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information on every FAFSA transaction.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Status:
This is the current status of your academic progress for financial aid.

Enrollment Hours:
Aid is based on the hours of enrollment listed.

Changes in your enrollment may impact your aid.

Code Definitions

A:  Award is complete. 

C:  Award canceled.

E:  Funds that are not transmitted by the Financial Aid office but are included in the estimated financial assistance.

G:  Award is a tentative amount.  Amount of funds are pending State of Ohio or Federal government budget approval.

H:  Hold until eligibility is determined.

N:  Not eligible

P:  All Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Stafford Loan funds placed into this status until an Award Letter has been received/processed.

R:  Rejected by you.

S:  Award Accepted Online

T:  Indicates your last term of eligibility.

W: Withdrawn from Federal Title IV eligibility.

Z:  Federal restrictions have been placed on your account but state funds are still applicable.

Important Comments
See the important comments printed at the bottom of your Award Letter. Further action may be required.

Special Circumstances
If you have circumstances that were not reflected in the FAFSA process, you may have the right to appeal. Contact us at 1.877.341.6300 to review your situation and receive appeal information.

Revisions and Cancelations
The University reserves the right to review, revise, or cancel an award at any time.

Aid Notes

  • A Federal Work Study award is not a guarantee of employment or financial aid.
  • Federal student loans listed on the Award Letter are gross amounts. The actual funds received may be less due to fees assessed by the lender.
  • State aid will only cover up to the cost of tuition and fees and is not refundable to the student.
  • Aid cannot be used to retake courses that were already successfully completed or that do not apply toward your degree.

Student Responsibility
Franklin University is committed to assisting students in applying for financial aid resources. However, students enrolled in courses at Franklin are ultimately responsible for paying their tuition and fees.


Book Vouchers are available 3 weeks prior to the beginning of each term.  To determine if you are eligible, log into myFranklin and access myTools. Located under the Financial Aid heading is a link to Bookstore Charge Transactions. This link will show you if you are eligible to receive a book voucher and give you tools to determine why you may not be eligible. 

The maximum book voucher limit per term is $800 with a cap of $25 on supplies and shipping and handling fees. You will need your Franklin Student ID number, your schedule, and a photo ID for verification for in-person and online purchases.


For an IN-STORE purchase:

Once you have logged into myFranklin and myTools to review your Bookstore Charge Transaction page and determined your eligibility, you can proceed directly to the Bookstore with your Franklin Student ID number, your schedule, and a photo ID for verification.  Let the Bookstore staff know that you are utilizing Financial Aid funds to pay for your books. 

For an ONLINE purchase:

Once you have logged into myFranklin and myTools to review your Bookstore Charge Transaction page and determined your eligibility, located under the Academic Profile heading is a link to “My Class Schedule”.  In the bottom left-hand corner is a link “Click here to view/purchase Fall 2015 course material”.  This link will take you directly to the Barnes & Noble site and automatically select the books required for your course(s).  Choose the format, delivery method, and form of payment and add them to the cart. To utilize excess financial aid funds to pay for your book voucher, click “Financial Aid.”


Visit and follow the necessary steps to select your textbooks, pricing and format options, delivery method, and form of payment.  To utilize excess financial aid funds to pay for your book voucher, click “Financial Aid.”

In addition to the Award Letter, Franklin University students that are currently enrolled and prospective military students are provided documentation related to their financial aid package in the form of a “Shopping Sheet.”  The federal government is encouraging all colleges and universities to provide this document to utilize for a comparison of costs and financial aid offers at multiple institutions.  Click here to see an example of the standardized form.

This standardized form is not currently mandated, so not all schools will send this document to you.  Franklin University has voluntarily adopted the use of the Shopping Sheet in order to provide our prospective students with this informative consumer tool to assist in making a decision that best fits their needs.  

Accessing a Shopping Sheet is easy!

  • Current students can access their Shopping Sheet through their myFranklin account, right below the Financial Aid Award Letter option.
  • Prospective Military students will receive a Shopping Sheet mailed to the address in the Franklin University system.
  • All students (either prospective or current) that have applied for federal financial aid can always request a printed version of the Shopping Sheet by talking to a Franklin University representative.

Please note that this is NOT an Award Letter.  In order to accept or decline any loan offers from Franklin University, steps associated with the loan process will need to be completed, as detailed on our Loan Process page.

Here are some of the components that are highlighted in a Shopping Sheet that should assist with a comparison between institutions:

  • Costs for the year  - click here for more information and examples of the Cost of Attendance at Franklin University.  This figure is an estimate and is based on a number of variable factors, such as enrollment level, average living expenses and other educational costs.
  • Grants and Scholarships – These types of funds are referred to as “gift aid” because there is no repayment required.  This section of the Shopping Sheet will detail the amount of federal and state grants, as well as scholarships funds that the student will receive for the award year.  Click here for a comprehensive list of available grant programs at Franklin University and click here for details regarding our scholarships.
  • What you will pay for college  – The net cost is an estimate of how much it will cost in order to attend Franklin University for the award year.  In order to obtain this figure the total amount of “gift aid” is subtracted from the estimated cost of attendance.  This figure does not take into account loans that may be borrowed by the student or a parent.
    • Net costs may change based upon specific situations.
  • Options to Pay Net Costs – this section details the different options available to assist students in paying for their education.  The options available will require the student earn the funds through work (work-study, military benefits, etc.) or the student borrow the funds (federal loans).
    • Please note that the Federal Perkins loan is shown on the Shopping Sheet because it is a standardized form.  Franklin University does not currently participate in this program.



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