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Franklin University's International institute of Innovative Instruction unites the university's curriculum design capabilities with teaching and learning assessment, in order to develop and deliver educational solutions that work.

The Institute's doctorally qualified instructional design faculty members are experts in their field. They seek to advance instructional design across cultures, continents and contexts, to solve complex problems in education while also developing educators and learners. They are instructional design champions who transform learners through systemically developed, sophisticated, pedagogical methodologies, teaching excellence and advanced assessment.


The International Institute for Innovative Instruction is home to Franklin’s highly experienced and award-winning credentialed design professionals who employ innovative design as global leaders in the development of interactive and engaging learning-centered experiences for diverse learner populations and disciplines around the world, engage in collaborations that assure academic quality and instructional innovation, advance the practice and scholarship of instructional design, teaching excellence, and learning assessment, and support educators and thought leaders in adapting to the needs of changing society.


We aspire to be global thought leaders in instructional design, teaching excellence and learning assessment, while empowering educators, leaders and organizations around the world to anticipate and respond to emerging needs in higher education.

Kody Kuehnl, PhD

Department Chair

I am currently a faculty member in the College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology and the Chair of the Department of Science, Technology, and Mathematics at Franklin University. I teach a variety of general education science courses at Franklin University. I received my PhD from the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology at The Ohio State University with an emphasis in molecular systematics , phylogeography, and conservation biology. Prior to joining Franklin University, I taught and developed a variety of science courses at several central Ohio universities and colleges with programs focused at both majors and non-majors. These courses include introductory biology, animal diversity, human biology, human anatomy and physiology, microbiology, chemistry, natural science, environmental science, science and society, ecology, evolution, and several organismal-based courses.

Featured Faculty

Tom Atkinson, Ph.D.
Matt Barclay, PhD
(614) 947-6172  |
Eric Zhang
Adjunct Faculty Accounting
Lewis Chongwony, PhD
Daniel Bell, Ph.D.
Program Chair
(614) 947-6117  |
Barbara Fennema
(614) 947-6125  |
Bruce Campbell, Ph.D., CTP
Program Chair, MBA & Finance
(614) 947-6212  |
Chunbo Chu, Ph.D.
Program Chair
(614) 947-6192  |
Joel Gardner, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Instructional Designer
(614) 947-6101  |
Paul Henry , Ph.D.
Andy Eline
Adjunct Faculty Interactive Media Design
(614) 5784393-5  |
Bill Chan
Executive Director, Domestic Expansion + Regtional Campus & Executive Director, Part Dev, Adjunct Faculty Humanities
(614) 947-6054  |
Natalya Koehler
(614) 947-6868  |
Bill Hochstettler III, Ph.D.
Program Chair, Adjunct Faculty MSCS
Jessie Kong
Christopher Mangan, Ed.D.
(610) 597-5830  |
Lavondia Alexander
(301) 575-4384  |
Kody Kuehnl, PhD
Department Chair
(614) 947-6104  |
Karen Miner-Romanoff, Ph.D.
Associate Provost for Academic Quality, Co-Executive Director of i4
(614) 947-6241  |
Jamila Mitchell, JD
Adjunct Faculty Criminal Justice
David Ni
(614) 947-6230  |
Angela Smith
Adjunct Faculty
Paula Slagle
Adjunct Faculty Management
Thomas Seiler, D.B.A., J.D., CPA
Professor Emeritus
(614) 947-6103  |
Yuerong Sweetland
Director of Assessment
Dean Taylor
Adjunct Faculty Marketing
(614) 859-9280  |
Sharon Taylor, PhD
Adjunct Faculty Instructional Design and Performance Technology, Adjunct Faculty Business Administration
Isidoro Talavera
Lead Faculty
(614) 947-6115  |
Fawn Winterwood, PhD
Director of Teaching Effectiveness
(614) 947-6235  |
Bradley Watson, Ph.D.
Program Chair
Rob Wood Jr., Ed.D.
Program Chair and Faculty
(614) 947-6158  |

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