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Franklin University's International institute of Innovative Instruction unites the university's curriculum design capabilities with teaching and learning assessment, in order to develop and deliver educational solutions that work.

The Institute's doctorally qualified instructional design faculty members are experts in their field. They seek to advance instructional design across cultures, continents and contexts, to solve complex problems in education while also developing educators and learners. They are instructional design champions who transform learners through systemically developed, sophisticated, pedagogical methodologies, teaching excellence and advanced assessment.


The International Institute for Innovative Instruction is home to Franklin’s highly experienced and award-winning credentialed design professionals who employ innovative design as global leaders in the development of interactive and engaging learning-centered experiences for diverse learner populations and disciplines around the world, engage in collaborations that assure academic quality and instructional innovation, advance the practice and scholarship of instructional design, teaching excellence, and learning assessment, and support educators and thought leaders in adapting to the needs of changing society.


We aspire to be global thought leaders in instructional design, teaching excellence and learning assessment, while empowering educators, leaders and organizations around the world to anticipate and respond to emerging needs in higher education.

Karen Miner-Romanoff, Ph.D.

Associate Provost
Academic Quality + Co-Education

Karen Miner-Romanoff is an attorney and holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University, graduating summa cum laude. Obtaining her Juris Doctorate from University of Toledo Law School she graduated valedictorian and went on to complete both U.S. District Court and U.S. Court of Appeals clerkships before joining Squire, Sanders and Dempsey as a Labor and Employment attorney. Acting as Special Assistant to the Ohio Attorney General Chief of Staff and Chief Counsel, she worked as an executive agency lobbyist which prompted her to obtain her Masters of Public Policy and Administration from The Ohio State University John Glenn School.

Her predominant research interests are juvenile transfer to adult court and evidence-based policies, as well as deterrence as crime control. Her dissertation was based on her major interests and is a qualitative interpretive phenomenological study of adults currently serving the sentences they received as juveniles, their knowledge and understanding of sanctions, and the possible deterrent effects. An assistant professor of criminology, Dr. Miner-Romanoff has taught Sociology and the Law, Juvenile Delinquency and the Law, Social Deviance, Principles of Sociology and Class and Crime and has arranged roundtable discussions between students and inmates. She has presented papers at the 4th International Conference of Social Science Research and Midwestern Criminology Conference, the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences annual meeting, and the American Society of Criminology Conference and has forthcoming publications in both the Qualitative Journal and the Justice Policy Journal.

She resides with her husband of 26 years in New Albany, Ohio and has two sons in college. Her oldest will graduate from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and attend law school in the fall at University of Pennsylvania, while her youngest is a freshman at Johns Hopkins University. One of her family’s greatest passions is world travel, and she and her husband began taking her boys overseas when they were very young in order to teach them about cultures and societies outside their own. She is a passionate reader, runner, volunteer, mom and spouse.

Featured Faculty

Tom Atkinson, Ph.D.
Matt Barclay, PhD
(614) 947-6172  |
Daniel Bell, Ph.D.
Program Chair
(614) 947-6117  |
Lewis Chongwony, PhD
Phyllis Duryee
(614) 947-6124  |
Barbara Fennema
(614) 947-6125  |
Joel Gardner, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Instructional Designer
(614) 947-6101  |
Joel Gardner, Ph.D.
Department Chair and Instructional Designer
(614) 947-6101  |
Alex Heckman, MPA, Ph.D.
Department Chair
(614) 947-6162  |
Paul Henry , Ph.D.
Linda Steele
VP of Enrollment + Student Affairs
(614) 947-6583  |
Natalya Koehler
(614) 947-6868  |
Jessie Kong
Lou Anne Manning, Ed.D.
Christopher Mangan, Ed.D.
(610) 597-5830  |
Karen Miner-Romanoff, Ph.D.
Associate Provost, Academic Quality + Co-Education, I4
(614) 947-6241  |
Debra Petrizzo-Wilkins, DBA
Program Chair
Benjamin Parks
Adjunct Faculty Criminal Justice
David Ni
(614) 947-6230  |
Angela Smith
Adjunct Faculty
Douglas Smith, DBA
Suzan Waller, PhD
(614) 947-6157  |
Yuerong Sweetland
Director of Assessment
Sharon Taylor, PhD
Adjunct Faculty Instructional Design and Performance Technology, Adjunct Faculty Business Administration
Amy Thenor
Adjunct Faculty HRM
(910) 633-7333  |
Christopher Washington
Provost + Sr. VP for Academic Affairs/ Chief Academic Officer
Gail Baumlein, Ph.D., MSN, RN, CNS, CNE, ANEF
Program Chair
Fawn Winterwood, PhD
Director of Teaching Effectiveness
(614) 947-6235  |
Rob Wood Jr., Ed.D.
Program Chair and Faculty
(614) 947-6158  |
Tracy Austin
Ohio National Adjunct Faculty, Adjunct Faculty Professional Foundations
(614) 947-6774  |
Rob Wood Jr., Ed.D.
Program Chair and Faculty
(614) 947-6158  |

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