M.S. Computer Science Graduate Assistant

Franklin University is seeking a Graduate Assistant for the M.S. - Computer Science program.  The Graduate Assistant will complement their formal studies by assisting with faculty research, teaching, instructional design, and administrative responsibilities at a global University recognized for its leadership in designing and delivering engaging and applied online education.

The duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to: assisting Faculty with course development and design, preparing, developing, and grading course materials, and holding regularly scheduled office hours.  The Graduate Assistant will also assist with research activities, conduct literature reviews, entering and analyzing data, grant writing, and presenting research both verbally and in writing.  Administrative support duties will include: developing and managing digital content, assisting with program outreach efforts, participating in special projects, and managing daily tasks required of Faculty.

Applicants must be full time students in the M.S. - Computer Science program, maintain a 3.0 GPA and remain in good academic standing.

Candidates must possess effective verbal and written communication skills and be proficient with Microsoft Office.  The ability to take initiative and work both as part of a team and also independently is essential.  Candidates should also possess strong organizational and research skills, as well as the ability to present oneself in a professional manner to students, staff, and Faculty.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience with software development, as well as experience with Learning Management Systems.  Previous teaching and research experience is desired.  Excellent communication skills are preferred.

Graduate assistants must work 19 hours per week from the downtown campus from the beginning to the end of the official term dates to be eligible for half off tuition benefits during that semester. The assistantship will be renewable for up to the length of the program with satisfactory performance evaluations.


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