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Franklin University’s Student Learning Center (SLC) seeks energetic, dependable, flexible, self motivated candidates for the position of Math and Statistics Tutor.  The SLC is looking to add qualified tutors to the staff of professional and peer tutors.

The successful candidate will possess excellent communication skills and have a demonstrated proficiency in the intended subject area. Teaching or tutoring experience is preferred.

Successful Applicants will be familiar with the following material in these courses:
Pre-Algebra: Topics include fractions, decimals, percents, ratios and proportions, basic statistics, basic geometry, signed numbers, order of operations, basic equations and inequalities, mathematical notation, and estimation. Emphasis is placed on the development of reasoning and logical thinking through applications.

Fundamental Algebra: Topics include: basic algebraic properties, integers, simplifying and factoring polynomials, solving and graphing linear equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations in two and three variables, functions, rational expressions, quadratic and  rational equations and inequalities, absolute value,  radicals,  graphing systems of equations and inequalities, and other selected  topics. Applications will be emphasized, and numeric, algebraic, and graphical modes will be used.

College Algebra: Topics include functions and their graphs, including exponential and logarithmic functions; complex numbers; systems of equations and inequalities; matrices; basic principles of counting and probability; and other selected topics.

Discrete Mathematics: Topics include logic; sets, mappings, and relations; elementary counting principles; proof techniques with emphasis on mathematical induction; graphs and directed graphs; Boolean algebras; recursion; and applications to computer science.

Applied Calculus: Topics include limits, the derivative, and rules for differentiation, graphing strategy, optimization problems, differentials, implicit differentiation, related rates, exponential and logarithmic functions, anti-derivatives, definite integrals, areas, and methods of integration.  Applications are emphasized.

Statistics:  Topics include: measures of central tendency;   measures of  dispersion; graphical displays of data; linear regression; basic  probability concepts; binomial and normal probability  distributions; confidence intervals; and hypothesis testing.

Potential of up to 20 hours per week.  

Evening (Monday- Thursday 4 - 8 p.m.) and Saturday  (10 am – 2 pm) availability required.

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