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Franklin University Coaching

As a Franklin student, you have access to free coaching services designed to help you achieve your fullest potential. Coaching is a collaborative relationship that creates an ongoing practice of personal and professional development.  Through discovery and strategic action, effective one-on-one coaching provides you and your coach with opportunities to learn and grow together.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal Development Coaching closes the gap between where you are now – and where you want to be. Through a professional coaching relationship with an experienced Franklin graduate, you will be challenged to go beyond self-imposed limitations to achieve your academic goals. Together, you’ll break down barriers to student success and find ways to effectively balance your education with your busy life.

A Personal Development Coach will help you:

  • Learn to balance work, school, and life
  • View the world through new lenses
  • Boost your self confidence and awareness
  • Interact with an objective source of encouragement, support and challenge
  • Achieve your academic and personal development goals

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Career Coaching

Career coaching is available to all students through the Center for Career Development.

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