Student Learning Center

Structured Learning Assistance

What is SLA?

  • Weekly review of course content facilitated by SLC staff. SLA sessions are offered both on-campus and online via FranklinLive!
  • Ask questions, clarify concepts, and review materials. Our facilitators can assist you in developing effective study strategies for your class
  • SLA sessions are not mandatory course requirements. However, if you register you must commit to regular attendance


Contact us with any questions about SLA.


SLA Session Information

ACCT 225

ACCT 225 SLA Registration, Schedule, and Recordings


There is no SLA running for ACCT 225 in Summer 14, please see recordings from our previous sessions.

MATH 150

MATH 215

SLA Participation Agreement and Student Expectations

Regular participation
Students may not miss more than three sessions consecutively. Otherwise, you may lose your place in the program.

Class attendance
SLA is not a substitute for attending class! Students are expected to attend class regularly.

Active participation
Students are expected to prepare for SLA by completing homework, preparing questions, and participating in the discussion.

Instructor notification
Your instructor will be notified of your participation in the SLA program.

Appropriate Behavior
SLA participants must adhere to the Franklin University Student Code of Conduct.