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Student Refund FAQs

What is myFranklin?

myFranklin is a "portal" for Franklin University students. What does that mean? Well, traditionally a portal is an entrance or access point. So you can think of myFranklin ( as an access point on the web, designed to allow Franklin University students access to online resources and information.

How is this different than a regular web site? It's different because myFranklin is an access point that not everyone can enter. You must be a Franklin University student, and you must know your username and password. The information at myFranklin is kept private unless the correct username/password combination is provided, whereas the main web site has resources that are accessible to anyone. Currently myFranklin allows students to:

  • View the course schedule for terms with open registration
  • View the student's schedule for current/upcoming terms
  • View financial information, including total balance due, and a summary of financial data for each term
  • View grades for courses completed at Franklin University
  • View an unofficial transcript
  • Login to courses that are online, or have an online component
  • Access student e-mail

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Why aren't all of my courses listed under My Courses?

Has it been less than an hour since you registered for the course? Although online registration is immediate, it may take up to an hour for your course to be listed in the My Courses section of your myFranklin page. So give it a little more time, and if after an hour your course still does not appear, you may contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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My course is listed under My Courses, but why is it not linked?

There are three possible scenarios:

Scenario One: Courses are not accessible until ten days prior to the start date of the course. If you are unsure of the start date, please go to the Course Information Tab within myFranklin and select View My Course Schedule.

Scenario Two: If the online materials are still under development by Franklin University faculty or staff, the course will not have an active link. If your course start date is more than a week away, please be patient. When the course is finished being developed it will be made accessible. However, if the course start date is less than one week away, please contact the Help Desk to inquire about the status of the course.

Scenario Three: Not every Franklin University course has an online component, so if there is no online component there is no need for a link. But how will you know if the course does or does not have an online component? The sure-fire way of knowing is to ask your instructor. But here's a good guideline to follow:

If the course section code is two characters long, chances are that the course does not have an online component. If the section code has four characters, there's a good chance that the course does have online component. For example, COMM 050-01 and APCM 318-B1 would not have online components; COMP 110-V1FF and BSAD 476-Q1WW would have online components.

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What is the session time-out policy?

The answer depends on the page:

myFranklin: For students, the myFranklin menu page session time-out period is 2 hours. This means that with no activity, the tabs and links within your myFranklin page will remain active for 2 hours. Activity can basically be thought of as moving from one page to another. So each time you follow one of the links or tabs, your session will remain active. If you become inactive for over 2 hours, the links and tabs will become inactive and your session will automatically end. If this happens, your browser will direct you back to the myFranklin login page.

Dropbox: The Dropbox has a session time-out period of 30 minutes. If you have left this window open for more than 30 minutes you will need to close all your browser windows and log back into your course.

Course Web page: There is not a session time-out limit for course web pages. Course web pages are reading the authentication from a cookie, so they will not time-out as long as the cookie is still there.

Bulletin Board: There is not a session time-out period for the Bulletin Board. The Bulletin Board is reading the authentication from a cookie, so it will not time-out as long as the cookie is still there. Although there is not a time-out period for the BB, we recommend you type your response(s) in MS Word and then copy and paste the contents into the Bulletin Board window to avoid frustrations associated with system glitches or cookies expiring.

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How do I know what my username and initial password are?

Students are assigned an e-mail account username and an initial password the first time you register for a course at Franklin University. The username and initial password are printed on a page labeled "Franklin Email Account" and is mailed to you along with your schedule, invoice, etc.

All usernames begin with the user's last name, up to 6 characters, followed by 2 digits. Examples: John Doe could be doe01 or doe02, etc. Jane Clock tower could be clockt01 or clockt14, etc. The username is the part of the e-mail address that comes before the "".

The username (although NOT the password) is also printed on subsequent Schedule/Invoices though it is labeled "Email."

Sample Schedule

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What is an Additional Password Challenge Question?

If you should forget your password, you can reset it to something new, but only if you can answer a "Challenge" question to verify that you are the owner of the account. The first time you logged into myFranklin, you should have been prompted to set up a challenge question. If you never completed this step, the default question will ask for your Student ID Number. If you do not know your Student ID Number and you never set up a Challenge question, you will not be able to reset your own password and will need to contact the Help Desk for further assistance.

To add a Challenge question, you will need to access your e-mail account and click on the Options button located on the left hand side. In the Options window, you will be able to add a question in the "Question" filed and the answer in the "Answer" field. Then click the Add Question button. This will cause your question and answer to be stored so that if you ever need to reset your password, you will be given a choice to answer that question or the "What is your Student ID?" question.

To delete a question, simply press the Delete Question button. That will leave your account with only the "What is your Student ID?" question.

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How do I register for a course?

* Note to GoArmyEd/eArmyU Students: You must register for classes through the GoArmyEd web site.

Undergraduate students may register for distance courses by any of the following methods:

  • The best way to register is with the new "real-time" registration option on myFranklin.
    • Login to myFranklin
    • Go to the Course Information Tab and click on "Register or Drop Courses"
    • Follow the registration steps
  • Phone: 614.797.4700 or 1.877.341.6300 (toll free) ext. 4700 (Central Ohio Students)
  • Phone: 1.888.341.6237 (Alliance Students)
  • Fax: 614.224.8027 or 1.888.625.8678 (toll free)
  • Walk-in: Student Services Center
  • Make an appointment with an Academic Advisor
  • Mail: c/o Registrar
    Franklin University
    201 South Grant Avenue
    Columbus, OH 43215-5399

After a student has completed registration online, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the students' Franklin email account. After registering by any of the above methods, a copy of the schedule and fee statement will be given to the student or sent by mail.

Registrations or additions of courses are not accepted without the instructor's permission after the second week of the trimester for distance learning courses or after class has ended the first class meeting of the second week of the trimester (or the equivalent date for a session class).

Students with prior financial balances or financial aid "holds" must contact the Business Office prior to registering.

Students adding or dropping courses via online registration must adhere to all University regulations.

Graduate student registration must be completed via your Graduate Academic Advisor.

Students with prior financial balances or financial aid "holds" must contact the Business Office prior to registering.

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How do I drop a course?

Undergraduate students may use any of the methods listed above for course registration to drop an on-site course.

Graduate student courses may be dropped by contacting your Graduate Academic Advisor.

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How do I login?

Students, you should use myFranklin login to access your courses, email, course schedule, and other personal information. If you do not know your login information you can use the "Forgot Your Password?" link located on the myFranklin page or you may contact the Help Desk.

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How can I change my password?

To change your password, login to myFranklin and go to the My Account Tab.

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I forgot my password, now what do I do?

MyFranklin allows you to reset your password. To do this, click on the"Forget your password?" link located on the myFranklin page where you can tell us what you would like your new password to be. Then, for security reasons, you will need to provide us with the last four digits of your social security number and answer a Challenge Question.

If you have previously taken advantage of the opportunity to set a personal Challenge Question, you can answer the Challenge Question that you set up for yourself. If you have not created a personal Challenge Question, the Challenge Question will ask for your Student ID Number, which can be found on the registration paperwork you receive upon registering for courses. If you have not set your own Challenge Question and do not know your Student ID, you may contact the Help Desk for assistance.

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Why do I sometimes get a warning that I am being redirected to an unsecured site or document, or that I am leaving a secure Internet connection?

Franklin University takes all appropriate precautions to ensure the security of our web users. We value security and your privacy, and therefore not only require you to enter a username/password combination to access sensitive information on our web sites, but also take appropriate measures to ensure that the information you send is encrypted during its transmission via the web. For that reason, anytime that we ask you to enter a username/password, we will provide a secure method for you to do so. The secure method then encrypts the data you enter and transmits the data from your computer to our server. This encryption ensures that the information cannot be read by others as it is passed from you to us. In general, the encryption of data is what makes a secure web transaction secure.

However, encrypting data puts extra load on the server and can slow down transmissions over the web. In an effort to not bog down the Internet, we do not encrypt every transmission that is sent from our servers. So for pages that do not contain sensitive information, we do not encrypt the transmission, which, in turn, makes the web experience a more enjoyable one for all of our users.

So, why the warning? Many web browsers (such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer) display a warning when the user makes the transition from a secure site to a non-secure site. The reason for doing this, presumably, is to protect the user from unknowingly passing sensitive information (such as a username or password), via the Internet in an unsecured environment. This is a precaution to help you know when it is no longer safe for you to enter sensitive information on a web page and submit that information. When you see this warning message, you need to be aware of the fact that any subsequent information you provide will not be encrypted.

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How do I log out?

To log out of myFranklin, simply click the Log Out Link, which is available at the top right hand side of the myFranklin webpage. Note that the Web Email Program functions as a separate program. To log out of your student email, click the Log Out button located in the left navigation of the Web Email Program. If you logged in to a course using the Courses on the Web login page, you will need to log out by shutting down all of your browser windows.

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What are the phone numbers, the fax numbers, and email addresses for various offices?

Check the Contact Directory for all department information.

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What assistance can I reasonably expect from the computer Help Desk?

Help Desk personnel will attempt to answer your technology questions, both with regard to software and to particular computer systems that are a result of a course you are taking at Franklin University. However, you will ultimately be responsible for knowing how to use your own equipment. You can contact the Help Desk by telephone, 614.947.6222, or toll free at 1.877.341.6300, ext. 6222; or by email,

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I've read the FAQs, but I'm still having problems. What should I do?

As mentioned above, occasionally due to the "flukes" of being on the cutting edge of technology (bugs in operating systems and browsers, and dropped information in network transmissions, etc.) you may get a message about not being logged in when you had been, etc. This shouldn't happen often but things like this are a part of "using the web".

If this happens you should try the following things in order until the problem is solved:

  1. Use the browsers main Reload or Refresh button.
  2. Go back to the login page and login again.
  3. If that doesn't work try shutting down your browser and reopening it again.
  4. If all else fails, sometimes rebooting your computer solves everything.

You can send e-mail to describing any problems you can not solve, but please include EVERY DETAIL you can possibly provide, such as name, course, passwords used, type of browser and version number, what page you were on, what the message is, etc.

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What happens once I see a credit balance on my account?

If your myFranklin account is showing a credit balance, it will be reviewed the following Monday to determine if you are eligible for a Student Refund. Eligible refunds are then processed and checks are mailed/direct deposits initiated by 5pm on Wednesday.

Effective August 1, 2007:

If your myFranklin account is showing a credit balance, it will be reviewed the following Monday to determine if you are eligible for a Student Refund. Eligible refunds are then processed and payment is forwarded to eligible students via one of three methods.

Check refund: Checks will be mailed weekly on Thursdays to the address that Franklin University has on file as of the date we process the refund (Wednesday). The day students will receive refund checks to their address on file will vary based on delivery time by the United States Postal Service.

Direct Deposit refund: The direct deposit process is initiated on Wednesday afternoons. Therefore, most students should receive the money into their bank account on Friday. However, processing time varies by bank.

Please note that we pre-note all bank account information (send a $0 transaction to the bank account). This process takes approximately four (4) business days to complete. If the pre-note was not successful, the student will receive an email indicating that the information needs updated. If a student signs up for direct deposit and is due a refund within the four day pre-note period, that first refund will be issued via check. Future refunds will then be via direct deposit.

Debit Card refund: The first time that a student receives a refund via debit card, our student refund processor (Higher One) will issue the student a debit card that can be used free of charge anywhere that MasterCard is accepted or at select ATMs. Issuing the card takes approximately 5-7 business days. Therefore, the first time that a student receives a refund via debit card, the student should receive the debit card with funds loaded onto it no later than the following Wednesday.

After the student already has a Franklin University student refund debit card, the money will be loaded onto the same debit card on Thursdays. More detail information about fees and ATM locations associated with the debit card can be found by clicking on the Manage My Direct Deposit Information link found on the Financial Information tab.

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What happens if I do not receive my student refund?

If you do not receive your direct deposit within 3 business days after the day it was released (Wednesday), please notify the Business Office at 614.341.6232, or toll-free at 1.888.341.6237.

Checks not received within 14 business days should be reported to the Business Office at 614.341.6232, or toll-free at 1.888.341.6237 to request a replacement.

Effective 1 August 2007:

If your student account reflects a refund has been issued to you, but you do not receive your refund, please contact Higher One, the third-party organization that issues our student refunds, at the following numbers:

Check or Direct Deposit refund: If you do not receive your check or direct deposit refund by the end of the day on the Monday following a refund being placed on your account, please contact Higher One Payment Advisor toll-free at 1.800.239.4211.

Debit Card refund

First time Debit Card refund: If you do not receive your debit card in the mail by the Wednesday following a refund being placed on your account, please call Higher One Bank Debit Card Center toll-free at 1.800.239.4211.

Subsequent Debit Card refund: If you do not receive your refund loaded onto your existing debit card by the end of the day Thursday, please call Higher One Bank Debit Card Center toll-free at 1.800.239.4211.

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Can I pick up my check at Franklin University?

For security purposes, checks cannot be picked up at Franklin.

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Who do I call if I receive Financial Aid and I have questions about the amount of my refund?

Contact Financial Services at 614.797.4700, or toll-free at 1.888.341.6237.

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Who do I call for general questions regarding Student Refunds?

Contact the Business Office at 614.341.6232, or toll-free at 1.888.341.6237.

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What happens if Monday is a holiday?

Everything is delayed one day. Therefore, you should expect to receive your direct deposit or refund check one business day later than usual.

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