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Core Values


The values of a University cannot simply reside in a document or a promotional piece. They must live and breathe within each of us as they guide and inform our actions and behaviors. Core values remind us that the work we do is rooted in a shared set of beliefs, and reinforces that our efforts are meaningful and life-changing. When one person models a behavior, it is likely that it will be mirrored by others, creating a culture where these values are expected. 

The acronym “MiRole” reinforces the personal responsibility aspect of the core values and can easily be remembered by what it stands for: Modeling Integrity, Respect, Opportunity, Learning, and Excellence. MiRole is not only a memorable acronym encompassing the values at the center of the work we do, but it links us all together as responsible, accountable employees and teammates. 

Understanding and living our core values empowers us to do exceptional work every day in our quest to make Franklin University the best place to work and learn.

Basing decisions and actions on the highest moral standards and ethical ideals.

As I model INTEGRITY, I take responsibility for:

  • Communicating honestly
  • Being transparent in my work
  • Being a good steward of University resources
  • Being truthful in my decisions, words, and actions


Treating others fairly and with dignity.

As I model RESPECT, I take responsibility for: 

  • Honoring the personal and professional time and commitments of students, faculty, and staff 
  • Creating a flexible, approachable, supportive, and celebratory culture 
  • Embracing diversity by promoting inclusion and honoring differences 
  • Valuing and appreciating the contributions of each member of the University


Encouraging growth and ongoing professional development along the path to success.

As I model OPPORTUNITY, I take responsibility for:

  • Removing barriers to success for our students, faculty, and staff
  • Fostering an environment that encourages the achievement of personal and professional goals
  • Acknowledging there is true value in diversity of thought and sincerely believing that each voice counts
  • Encouraging the growth of students, faculty, and staff through civic responsibility and service to the community


Actively supporting lifelong discovery and the exploration of knowledge.

As I model LEARNING, I take responsibility for:

  • Providing high quality, relevant education that enables the broadest possible community of learners to achieve their goals 
  • Advocating for and encouraging students, faculty, and staff as they attain personal and educational goals 
  • Cultivating an atmosphere that focuses on potential, creates self-reliance, and promotes the success of other
  • Making lifelong learning opportunities widely accessible and attainable for motivated students, faculty, and staff


Pursuing exceptional results with determination, pride, and passion.

As I model EXCELLENCE, I take responsibility for:

  • Providing dedicated service to students, my colleagues, and the community
  • Practicing creativity and open-mindedness every day
  • Being innovative and forward-thinking in my work
  • Refusing to accept mediocrity in anything I do



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