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Bilge Karabacak, Dr.

Lead Faculty



Dr. Karabacak holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree in information systems, a Master of Science degree in computer engineering, a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering. Dr. Karabacak has pursued his academic and professional career harmoniously. In his two-decades of cybersecurity career, he has worked to fulfill the organizations' cybersecurity needs in the public and private sectors. He worked in numerous technical and managerial positions, including system administrator, cybersecurity researcher, vulnerability analyst, digital forensic investigator, information security consultant, principal investigator, deputy director, and product manager. He co-founded Netsecop, a cloud-based website security scanner, in Silicon Valley in 2016. Dr. Karabacak developed and taught undergraduate and graduate-level courses in network security, information security management, digital forensics, vulnerability management, and operating systems security. His applied cybersecurity research has been shaped by the organizations' needs and the shortcomings of the current methods in fulfilling these needs. Dr. Karabacak has researched various topics, including information security risk analysis, critical infrastructure protection, cyber regulations, cybersecurity maturity models, and IoT security. He proposed the Information Security Risk Analysis Method (ISRAM), which has been cited more than 250 times, deployed by various organizations worldwide, and listed as one of the main risk analysis methods in the prestigious review papers. He co-authored six articles published at the top-ranked computer security journals, seven peer-reviewed conference articles, and five book chapters. He delivered speeches in several venues as an invited speaker and panelist in the US, Portugal, Germany, Oman, and Turkey.


Middle East Technical University
Doctor of Philosophy, Information Systems
Gebze Technical University (Turkey)
Master of Computer Engineering
Bilkent University
Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics Engineering


Social & Behavioral Research - Basic/Refresher, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative, Expiration Date: 2024
BS 7799:2 2002 Information Security Management System Lead Auditor Course, BSI Eurasia-British Institution
Common Criteria Certification and Evaluation Scheme Course, DOMUS

Work Experience

2020 - Present
Franklin University, Lead Faculty Cyber Security
2019 - 2020
Deutsche Bank, Information Security Analyst, Jacksonville, Florida
2019 - 2019
Franklin University, Lead Faculty, Cybersecurity
2019 - 2019
Franklin University, Adjunct Faculty
2016 - 2019
Netsecop Inc., Co-Founder, Cyber Security Analyst & Product Manager, Santa Clara, California
2000 - 2014
National Cyber Security Institute, Information Security Manager, Ankara

Publications & Presentations

Karabacak, B. (2020). A mixed public-private partnership approach for cyber resilience of space technologies. Space infrastructures: from risk to resilience governance. IOS Press.
Karabacak, B. (2017). Preliminary analysis of cyberterrorism threats to Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Terrorists' use of the Internet. IOS Press.
Karabacak, B. (2017). From the national cyber maturity to the cyber resilience: An assessment of the strategic efforts of Turkey. Strategic cyber defense. IOS Press.
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Karabacak, B. (2015, Feb. 13). Cyber Security and Cyber Threats: Today and Tomorrow. NATO SPS Advanced Training Course: Hands-on Cyber Defence Training Course for System / Network Administrators of Ukraine, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey.
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Karabacak, B. (2009, Dec. 10). Critical infrastructures and cyber war. Cyberwar Symposium, Ankara, Turkey.
Karabacak, B. (2003, Nov. 27). A New Approach to Risk Analysis at Information Age. Conference on Information and Terrorism, Lisbon, Portugal.
Karabacak, B. (2003). Securing networks in the information age. Cyberwar-Netwar: Security in the Information Age (pp. 61--75). IOS Press.
Karabacak, B. (2002, May. 6). Risk analysis and management processes. Information Technologies Congress, Denizli, Turkey.

Professional Service

Faculty Development Committee
National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Working Group (NICEWG)
Committee Member
International Conference on Cyber Warfare and Security