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Franklin University Welcomes First Group of ESL Students from National Technological Institute at Misantla to its Urbana University Campus

Columbus, OH (November 10, 2016)

Franklin University is proud to announce the launch of its BlueHorizon English as a Second Language (ESL) Immersion Program with the arrival of 25 students from the National Technological Institute at Misantla (ITSM). This pilot group of students are housed in dormitories at Urbana University, a division of Franklin University, for the 9-week program, in a unique international immersion experience.

The Franklin University BlueHorizon ESL Immersion Program has been designed to provide ITSM students in STEM fields intensive language study along with field visits that include lectures with science, business, engineering, manufacturing, and technology experts. Site visits are then developed into business-focused project-based classroom assignments constructed as hands-on opportunities for students to apply their newly acquired language and professional skills.

By residing on the campus of Urbana University, students in the BlueHorizon ESL Immersion Program benefit from curriculum expertise combined with traditional university campus life that produces the opportunity for students to interact with Urbana’s other international students living on campus. Through these various program activities and residential experiences, students receive a true cultural and linguistic immersion experience.

Franklin University is able to offer this unique immersion program by utilizing expertise developed over the past two decades serving thousands of students through its ESL courses. Franklin’s ESL courses offer the unique benefit of going beyond customary reading and writing skills by helping degree-seeking students also master the language skills necessary for listening and speaking in the classroom environment.

“This immersion program gives students a tremendous advantage when entering what is increasingly a highly interconnected global economy,” said Jenine Larrabee, Lead Faculty, English as a Second Language, Franklin University’s College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology. “Many businesses have either operations, partners, suppliers or consumers in various parts of the world. Students who participate in study abroad programs such as this, exhibit a greater appreciation for the influence of culture on personal and business interactions around the world.”

Through this transformative experience, these 25 students are creating an open dialogue on topics such as what kind of citizens they want to be when they return to their communities, putting STEM to work for those communities, STEM education, private industry-supported philanthropy, building economic capacity in their communities, and how to affect change when they return home.

Franklin University is proud to be part of the solution to achieving the goals set forth by President Barack Obama and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in their 2013 “100,000-strong in the Americas” program which aims to bring 100,000 students studying in other countries throughout the hemisphere, including Mexico, to the U.S.

Through efforts such as this, educational institutions can fulfill their obligation to train a new workforce on both sides of the border to meet growing demands in energy, telecommunications, technological innovation and other areas.  

With the BlueHorizon ESL Immersion Program off to a successful launch, plans are in place to bring two additional groups of students from ITSM for extended 12-week programs in January and May of 2017.

About Franklin University

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