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Recruit Franklin Students

Recruiting students from Franklin University for your organization

If you’re looking to hire great talent at your organization, put Franklin to work for you. Through our Center for Career Development, talent managers across the country have recruiting access to a vibrant pool of prospective employees ready to put their Franklin education to work.

Why recruiting from Franklin University is a good idea

Just as we serve our students, we also serve local organizations interested in attracting well-qualified, well-educated professionals by recruiting from academic institutions. Our Center for Career Development is designed to help connect students with organizations that fit their academic and career interests.  

When you start recruiting from Franklin, you’ll quickly learn the value of having a Franklin student or graduate on your team. Our working-professional students can bring fresh thinking from the classroom into your organization. They are prepared for today’s rapidly changing workplace because we provide them with a relevant curriculum that is immediately applicable. They are skilled at balancing work, school, and life, and eager to build a rewarding, meaningful career with your organization.

We want to understand your organization - your culture, your goals, your needs. Our goal is to connect you with ambitious students and graduates who possess the knowledge, experiences, and skills to serve your company, now and into the future.

How to recruit Franklin University students

We invite you to post your full-time, part-time, and internship opportunities for Franklin undergraduate and graduate students, as well as Franklin alumni, through CareerBeam. There is no fee associated with this service.

Simply access CareerBeam to register your organization. The following steps are recommended to get started.

  1. Complete the Employer Registration Form
  2. Create a Company Profile
  3. Post Jobs/Internships
  4. Search Candidate Resumes

Through CareerBeam, you are able to search candidate resumes and set up a company profile so our students and alumni can gather information about your organization such as company demographics, detailed descriptions of the company and its products/services, and photos or images that represent your company and brand.

If you would like to participate in a Franklin Career Fair or host an on-campus Information Session for your organization, please contact Cyndi Freeman at 614.947.6138.