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20 Ways to Get Your Resume Ready for 2020

January 10, 2020 | By Carly Cecil
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20 Ways to Get Your Resume Ready for 2020:

  1. Write a resume for a job. Each job deserves a tailored resume. You deserve a job.
  2. Know yourself, know your audience, and know what matters most. Research is the answer.
  3. Do not keep your value a secret. 
  4. Title the resume with the title of the job you want.
  5. Know how ATS (applicant tracking system) will read your resume. Research how ATS works.
  6. Provide examples of how the application of your skills resulted in positive outcomes.
  7. No need to list all career history. Ten years of recent employment detail is typically sufficient.
  8. Highlight top career achievements and provide the proof, metrics, etc.
  9. Focus on achievements, not tasks, in your resume.
  10. Lead with results and front-load points throughout for greater impact.
  11. Let the resume be storytelling in nature.
  12. Weave the right keywords throughout the file that relate to the target role and audience.
  13. Use an active voice with lots of success/action words.
  14. Engage modern, well-suited design components.
  15. Include appropriate white space; make it easy to read.
  16. Content is king, but presentation matters too. It needs to appeal to and lead the eye.
  17. Use strategic content to de-emphasize any employment gaps.
  18. Remove any possible resume red flags to help improve application success.
  19. Ensure the resume look and strategy isn’t aging you. Use a modern approach.
  20. Proofread, proofread, and have someone else proofread.