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Internships Vs. Micro-Internships, What’s the Difference?

February 2, 2021 | By Breanna Mackley
Career Services

You might be considering an internship as part of your education. Maybe your major requires it, or perhaps it is something you are interested in to gain additional work experience. Navigating the field of internships can be difficult, especially with many going virtual and some employers not hosting any this year. You may come across something called a micro-internship and think, what’s the difference?

Internships may be unpaid and last at least an entire semester. Additionally, internships may allow rotations in different departments and for different people. They are great for gaining industry experience and look good on a resume. Conversely, micro-internships are often paid and can last for a few hours to a month in length. Micro-internships are project-based. The company hires you to complete a project, once that project is complete, your micro-internship is over. You still gained the experience, and you can still put it on the resume, but you must move on.

So, when searching for an internship, don’t discount or set aside the micro-internships you see. You’re still gaining experience and still putting it on your resume; the difference is the time it takes to complete.