Lessons in Leadership from a NASA Astronaut

Date & Time:
Thu, Feb. 25, 2021 | 12:00 - 1:00 PM



Join us as we continue our 2021 Leadership Series with Leaning into the Future of Work: Lessons in Leadership from a NASA Astronaut, featuring NASA Astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock (Colonel, U.S. Army, Ret.).

With over 60 years of advancing technologies, leadership, and social practices, NASA has enabled humans to live, work, and play in space. These same technologies and practices work their way into organizations and communities and present the opportunity to improve the human condition right here on Earth within the next 10 years. For NASA, the future is now. However, knowledge of the future isn't evenly distributed here on Earth. 

Col. Douglas Wheelock's experience interacting with our civilization's most advanced technologies and leading successful space missions is legendary. In this time of extraordinary disruption and transformation of every aspect of society, his insights will help both leaders and educators prepare for the future. 

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