Recruit Franklin Students and Alumni

Recruit Franklin Students and Alumni for Employment

If you’re looking to hire great talent at your organization, put Franklin to work for you. Through our Center for Career Development, talent managers across the country have recruiting access to a vibrant pool of prospective employees ready to put their Franklin education to work.

Why recruiting from Franklin University is a good idea

Just as we serve our students, we also serve organizations interested in attracting well-qualified, well-educated professionals by recruiting from academic institutions. Our Center for Career Development is designed to help connect students with organizations that fit their academic and career interests.  

When you start recruiting from Franklin, you’ll quickly learn the value of having a Franklin student or graduate on your team. Our working-professional students can bring fresh thinking from the classroom into your organization. They are prepared for today’s rapidly changing workplace because we provide them with a relevant curriculum that is immediately applicable. They are skilled at balancing work, school, and life, and eager to build a rewarding, meaningful career with your organization.

How to recruit Franklin University students and Alumni

Franklin University is currently transitioning from one Career Management System to another.  With the new system in place, we will have a dynamic job board and other tools for employers to recruit Franklin students and alumni. 

In the meantime, please send the job description and pertinent information to  We will share it with the appropriate academic departments.

Important note: We are keeping a log of all employer contacts, so that when we do have a new Career Management System, we will notify employers, provide login information, etc.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Can we set up a table in a high traffic area, to recruit students?  Thank you for asking, however this is not a great option for the Franklin student.  The average student is 34 years old and comes with professional experience under their belt.  A lot of our students take classes online, and never make it to campus.  Those coming to campus Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening for a class (6pm – 9:40pm) are often coming from work and headed straight to class.  We want to make the best use of your time and sharing electronically bodes better results. 
  1. Do you have job fairs?  We do – and typically hold one in the Fall (Nov) and one in the Spring.  If you’d like to be added to the Career Fair Invitation List, please email

If you have questions and/or need assistance, please email