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General Education

General education foundation.

Prepare for your Future with a Solid Foundation

A solid General Education foundation is central to preparing students to deal with a world that becomes ever more complex and challenging. To succeed, students must develop the ability to analyze critically, communicate effectively, and ethically use and understand the skills that technology enables.

General Education Outcomes

  • Communicate effectively
  • Apply logical thinking and critical analysis
  • Articulate ethical considerations
  • Apply theories and methods of science
  • Use mathematical information and processes
  • Investigate global issues and diverse cultures
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for creativity, aesthetics and human experience, and the impact of technology on culture
  • Apply strategies for self-management and social interaction
Gears working together

Designed to Support your Chosen Major

Franklin's GenEd courses support and expand the knowledge you gain in your chosen major. General Education courses work together with major area courses to create a cohesive and significant relationship between what you are learning for immediate application on the job and the essential skills required for lifelong success.