Certificate of Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Focused Clinical Application

Understand the significance of trauma and resilience on the health of individuals and communities, learn to apply tools to help you heal trauma in healthcare settings, and earn designation as a Starr Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner (CTRP).

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What You Will Learn

  • Gain new tools and skills to heal trauma in clinical settings
  • Earn a professional credential that demonstrates your commitment to building resilience in the children, families and communities you serve

About This Professional Certificate

Gain an understanding of the ways trauma impacts mental and physical health – for individuals and communities, as well as how resilience can shape future positive health outcomes. You’ll also learn how to continue to thrive as a caring, compassionate professional without “burning out.” 

Once you complete the self-paced five courses and online exam, you’ll earn a digital badge that can be added to professional materials and platforms to showcase the knowledge and skills you have gained. 

Courses required for program completion

Children of Trauma & Resilience

Beginner | Childhood Development | Self-Paced | 6 hours

Children of Trauma and Resilience introduces participants to a trauma-informed and resilience-focused mindset and teaches participants about toxic stress and trauma, how to help process those experiences, and how to foster and nurture characteristics of resilience. This course begins with a strong focus on resilience and includes an exploration of how core values and beliefs direct the way professionals work with children. The four universal needs of all human beings as explained by the Circle of Courage model including belonging, mastery, independence, and generosity are explained and discussed. Participants learn about the experience of trauma as one that impacts a person’s body and shown a demonstration of trauma’s impact on the brain. Participants learn the importance of sensory-based interventions and how to assess a child’s private logic and universal needs. Finally, participants practice the development of trauma-informed and resilience-focused support plans for youth.
Structured Sensory Interventions II

Intermediate | Childhood Development | Self-Paced | 6 hours

Structured Sensory Interventions II takes participants deeper into the brain science of trauma and toxic stress, exploring the polyvagal theory, epigenetics, and the science of resilience. The content emphasizes the importance of hope when working with at risk and traumatized youth. Participants learn about the SITCAP® model (Structured Sensory Interventions for Traumatized Children, Adolescents and Parents) and practice sensory based interventions from a variety of SITCAP® model programs, including Healing the Experience of Trauma: A Path to Resilience. Experiential activities and the presentation of case examples showcase how to process trauma and nurture and restore resilience in youth of all ages.
Trauma-Informed Resilience-Focused Assessment & Differential Diagnosis

Intermediate | Childhood Development | Self-Paced | 6 hours

Mental health disorders are the most common diseases of childhood. Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Focused Assessment & Differential Diagnosis will provide participants an understanding of the significant overlapping symptomology between mental health disorders and childhood trauma, and a clear view of what it looks like in schools and classrooms. In addition, the gap between the need and treatment of mental health problems in schools will be discussed. Participants will learn practical ways they can help, including: reducing the stigma of mental health, bridging the gaps between treatment and need, and focusing on fostering and nurturing characteristics of resilience in students.
Mind Body Skills for Emotional Regulation

Beginner | Wellness | Self-Paced | 6 hours

Mind Body Skills for Emotional Regulation reviews the polyvagal theory and the psychophysiology of trauma, so that participants can understand behavior as a language for what is happening in the body. Participants will spend most of their time learning how to apply these theories in their daily work by directly experiencing the practices in their own bodies. Participants will also learn how to understand the power of mind/body awareness in supporting children and adolescents with self-regulating and creating strong internal and external resources. Experiential activities are practiced to help participants embody how to stimulate the social engagement network through establishing safety, human contact, muscles of the face, throat, and ears, movement, and sensory tools. Mind body skills are essential to the healing of trauma, but they also offer critical support for caregivers when navigating the daily experience of stress. This course supports classroom teachers, therapists, administrators, and anyone who has ever felt puzzled about how to help youth regulate their own behavior. Mind body skills highlighted in this training include breath work, mindfulness, movement, focused awareness, compassion, connection, guided imagery, and expressive arts.
Practicing Resilience

Beginner | Wellness | Self-Paced | 6 hours

Practicing Resilience: Essential Self-Care Strategies for Helping Professionals is a journey of awareness, care, and compassion. Too frequently in a helping profession burnout are vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue written-off as the cost of caring. We know that this does not have to be true. Professionals need to find ways to live and flourish in their work. How do we do it? This training gives participants space to answer that question. Practicing Resilience will instill the absolute necessity of one’s commitment to intentionally care for themselves. One must know that self-care is not separate from their work; it is non-negotiable for their work. In this training/course, we will dig into what affects us as trauma practitioners, the psychophysiology of joy and stress, and the paradox as a spiritual possession. We will learn about the natural negativity bias and daily positive practices to counter it. In addition, we will inquire of our own universal needs and harness the power of neuroplasticity and awareness. Participants will be guided through an array of experiences designed to help attune themselves to their true nature, connect them to their strengths, create resilient habits, and create a self-defined plan for how to care for themselves.
Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Focused Clinical Application Exam

Intermediate | Childhood Development | Self-Paced | 1 hour

After achieving Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner certification, you may use the credential “CTRP-C”, which stands for Certified Trauma & Resilience Practitioner – Clinical and display your badge in your email signature, professional/social networking sites, and more!

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Starr Commonwealth

Floyd Starr's belief that "there is no such thing as a bad child" spurred a strength-based approach to building resilience in children that has continued for more than 100 years. By working to showcase the innate goodness in all children, empowering professionals and communities to better serve children and providing resources necessary to move children toward success, Starr Commonwealth has changed the trajectory of countless lives. To date, Starr has trained over 3,000 schools and agencies across North America and thousands of professionals around the world to heal trauma and build resilience in order to create brighter futures for individuals and communities. For more information, visit starr.org.

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Certificate of Trauma-Informed, Resilience-Focused Clinical Application

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