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Win the war for talent

Research proves what you may already know: People make the difference. With varied perspectives, expertise and competencies, there’s no doubt the key to competitive advantage lies within in your workforce. But, rather than treasures simply waiting to be discovered, your next great leaders are more likely to be diamonds in need of polish.

Developing your workforce brings a valuable ROI. While everyone struggles to do more with less, there are many reasons why education works as a business growth strategy. We’ve collected the research that further emphasizes the importance of attracting, developing and retaining top talent.

Maximize Your Training

Take your training to the next level.  Whether you're looking to refresh the curriculum, bring an existing training program online or have your in-house courses evaluated for college credit, we can help.

Increase your leadership capacity

Educating working adults is all we've ever done so we're uniquely qualified to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to achieve business goals.

Optimize your education benefits

Education benefits your organization and your employees.  A FranklinWORKS partnership provides advantages that enable you to provide greater opportunity.

Put our expertise to work for you

With FranklinWORKS, partner organizations have access to a complete portfolio of educational options designed and delivered by a University that has been solely dedicated to educating ambitious adults for more than 110 years. These scalable resources enable partners to recruit, train and retain the talent vital to moving organizations forward.

Proven Results: Case Studies

Education and training options are as varied as the organizations that seek them. Whether you are trying to update an outdated training program, create courses to support a new initiative or build leadership pool in your workplace, we can help. Franklin University has successfully created education solutions for educational institutions, government and nonprofit agencies and corporate organizations locally, regionally and internationally.

Implement new training solutions quickly and seamlessly through effective project management services

Saudi Arabia’s Al Baha University enrolls 14,000 students and offers a variety of majors emphasizing public service. Established in 2006, the public university provides modern curricula and up-to-date teaching technologies. Al Baha partnered with Franklin University to create 40 online courses over a 6-month period (compared to the industry-standard of 14-18 months). The new courses enabled Al Baha to launch five new healthcare programs and enhance its existing English major and Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

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Create Workforce Training and Development That Equips Employees to Achieve Business and Performance Goals

Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. The company’s Information Technology Department partnered with Franklin University to create a series of courses to provide current COBOL programmers foundational knowledge of Java. Programmers who complete the courses can maintain their current positions and/or have the necessary qualifications to advance within the organization. The initial course was deployed within one month of engagement with Nationwide. To date, more than 80 employees have taken at least one of the four courses.

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Provide employees with engaging training and education experiences created in partnership with best-in-class instructional designers

The Supreme Court of Ohio Judicial College (SCOJC) provides educational programs and activities for judges, magistrates and non-judicial court personnel throughout the state. The SCOJC engaged Franklin University to create three new courses for its existing probation officer online training program. More than 400 officers were served by online courses in year one and nearly 800 were served in year two. The SCOJC continues to partner with Franklin as its training needs evolve. To date, the University has collaborated to create 11 courses.

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