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B.S. Healthcare Management

Administer your career plan with a healthcare management degree

Whether you have little to no healthcare education or experience, or you're a healthcare professional looking for an edge, Franklin University’s Healthcare Management degree program is for you.

Program Overview

Our Healthcare Management degree program puts you on the fast-track to healthcare management by equipping you to take on management roles in a variety of healthcare settings, including acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, physician practices, ambulatory centers, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and consulting firms.

Throughout your healthcare management degree program courses, you’ll acquire up-to-date knowledge that’s applicable now (and later) to an evolving industry. Our curriculum incorporates a thorough understanding of healthcare reform initiatives, including changes in healthcare delivery systems, future of healthcare financing, and legislative healthcare policy proposals.

To further prepare you to put your skills immediately into practice and make yourself more marketable to employers, Franklin’s Healthcare Management degree program also features a practical curriculum with hands-on assignments that include case studies, simulations, and application of quality and performance measurement tools.

Program Outcomes

  1. Knowledge: Demonstrate the ability to recognize and articulate facts, concepts, and procedures related to healthcare management theories and practices

  2. Comprehension and Synthesis: Be able to integrate the healthcare management theories, principles, and practices for future application

  3. Application: Demonstrate the ability to systematically apply communication, technical, and analytical knowledge and skills to administrative and clinical healthcare management problem solving

  4. Analysis/Evaluation: Be able to evaluate the effectiveness of the plans, development, and implementation of healthcare management solutions

  5. Creation: Be able to plan, design, and create solutions to address and solve societal, cultural, and environmental healthcare issues

Curriculum & Course Descriptions