A.S. Health Sciences

Prioritize your wellbeing with an associate degree in health sciences

Behind every illness, hurt, wound, or health problem is someone with a name, a face and a personal story.

And while healthcare is a business, it also is a human endeavor, requiring caring and competent professionals helping people live longer, healthier lives.

Earn an online associate degree in health sciences and learn how to promote wellness and address health issues through proven processes, best practice approaches, patient education and success-oriented interventions. 

Program Overview

With Franklin’s A.S. Health Sciences degree program, you’ll learn about a wide range of healthcare topics from disease prevention, to public health, to health and wellness, with a special emphasis on human connection and interaction.

You’ll build an in-demand skillset that includes helping patients understand and manage chronic illness, promoting healthy living and wellness management, and supporting community health education. Plus, you’ll collaborate with clinical staff and others to assess gaps in care or coverage, address health risks, and coordinate care.

When you earn your degree in health sciences at Franklin, you’ll learn from industry-leading healthcare practitioners who practice in the real world what they teach in the classroom. And if you decide to continue on with your bachelor’s degree, this transfer-friendly degree program makes it easier to seamlessly transition to Franklin’s B.S. Health Sciences degree program.

Curriculum & Course Descriptions