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Upgrade Your Cloud Expertise 

Cloud computing provides convenient, reliable and adaptable technology solutions for personal and business use. Our Cloud Security Certificate of Completion will introduce you to cloud services and broaden your knowledge of network security in order to help you scale your technology resources and protect your information. 

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Program Format

Two Online Courses
Duration: 2 Weeks Each
No scheduled meet times. Learn on your own schedule.

Course Start Dates

Sept. 30
Oct. 21

Program Cost

$498 for Certificate
(2 Course Requirement)

$249 Per Course
No additional books or fees.

Program Overview

As with any valuable asset, the sharing and storage of data is serious business. With the increased popularity of cloud-based technology solutions, it pays to understand the capabilities and complexities associated with cloud computing to ensure you are able to access what you need, optimize your resources and protect your information. 

The Cloud Security Certificate of Completion consists of two, two-week online courses that will introduce you to AWS (Amazon Web Services) including design principles and scalability, as well as concepts and techniques for various types of intrusion detection systems.

Note: There are no pre-requisites for Cloud Services Using AWS (ITEC 3006), but a networking background is recommended for Intrusion Detection Systems (ISEC 3005). 

Andy Igonor, Ph.D.

Dean, Ross College of Business & Co-Executive Director, Center for Public Safety + Cybersecurity Education

"The Cloud Security Certificate is an opportunity for individuals to quickly gain an understanding of the cloud platform and ways to develop security for cloud services."


Each two-week course is taught by a member of Franklin’s full-time faculty. Upon completion of the courses, you will be able to:

  • Explain and compare various intrusion detection systems - network, host-based, signature-based and anomaly-based
  • Describe the AWS Cloud infrastructure, including compliance aspects and security
  • Summarize basic deployment and operations for AWS Cloud and locate sources for troubleshooting
  • Pursue AWS Cloud Practitioner certification
ISEC 3005 - Intrusion Detection Systems (1)
This course provides an introduction to Intrusion Detection Systems. Students will learn the concepts and techniques for host intrusion detection systems, network intrusion detection systems, anomaly-based intrusion detection systems, and signature-based intrusion detection systems.
ITEC 3006 - Cloud Services With Amazon Web Services (1)
This course prepares students for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification. Students will learn architectural principles, global infrastructure, scalability, agility, elasticity, reliability, security, compliance aspects, provided services and their common use cases, necessary documentation on technical problems, and deployment and operation of AWS Cloud.

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Step 1: Complete the online application. The application is fast and free. 

Step 2: Once your application is complete, an admissions advisor will contact you to set up a registration appointment. Note: To earn the Cloud Security Certificate of Completion, you must complete both courses. However, you may choose to enroll in only one course based on your interest.

Step 3: Attend your registration appointment (via phone or on-site at Franklin’s Main Campus). 

Get Recognized

Upon successful completion of all four courses, Franklin University will issue you a certificate of completion in Cloud Security. 

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