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Finish your Bachelor's Degree with these relevant majors

This unique Accounting and Forensic Accounting double major covers computing efficiency gains, streamlining information systems, and developing tax strategies, giving you a variety of important skills needed to succeed in your career.

Our Business Administration and Management & Leadership Bachelor's degree is a unique double major that will prepare you with must-have skills to be a leader in the business field and take your organization to the next level.

  • Maximize your Cuyahoga Community College credits.

    Our partnership with Tri-C allows graduates to transfer maximum credit toward a bachelor’s degree and take third-year courses at Tri-C, then any remaining Franklin courses at the Brunswick University Center.

  • Finish faster. Save more.

    Flexible scheduling, accelerated course formats, and paying Tri-C tuition rates for your third-year courses means you have the opportunity to finish faster while spending less money to earn your bachelor's degree. To complete the 3+1 pathway in 4 years, students need to maintain full-time status.

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    Wadzi M. Hoert, M.S.
    Community College Regional Manager
    Brunswick University Center

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  • Accelerated Courses
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