Finish Your Bachelor's Degree at Franklin University

Choose Franklin's 3 + 1 Transfer Program and cut your bachelor's degree costs in half.

  • Transfer more previously earned college credits to Franklin

    As a community or technical college student, you can cut the cost of your degree in half by transferring up to 94 semester toward a Franklin bachelor's degree. That means you can finish faster and save more toward your degree.

  • Transferring your associate's degree credits to Franklin is easy

    Through Franklin's seamless 3+1 transfer program, you can complete your associate's degree and the third year toward your bachelor's degree at your community or technical college, then finish your fourth year at Franklin — online, on campus, or both.

  • Invest in yourself by finishing your bachelor's degree at Franklin

    Over the course of a lifetime, a bachelor's degree is worth over $1 million more than an associate's degree. And since 72% of new jobs created through 2018 will require a college degree, it makes sense to invest in yourself by finishing your degree at Franklin.

  • Accredited Programs
  • Accelerated Courses
  • Affordable Tuition

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