An online degree may fit your busy lifestyle perfectly. Is Franklin the right place for you? We think so!

Pursuing a college degree online can mean a great return on your tuition dollars

Taking college courses online a doesn't equate to going to college "by yourself." You'll experience a variety of ways to learn and interact with university classmates and instructors in our engaging online environment. Discussion boards, team projects, simulations and more ensure you're part of the classroom experience even while earning your college degree online.

  • Earn your college degree online without interrupting your life.

    Choosing to earn a college degree online means your busy schedule can stay largely intact. No running to campus for class in the middle of rush hour.

  • Earn your college degree online from an accredited non-profit university, without spending a fortune.

    Franklin University is a fully accredited institution, and our online degree programs reflect our professional dedication to the success of every student. As a non-profit university, we're beholden to our students, not to our shareholders. Our online degree programs are an extension of that dedication. Find out if finishing your college degree online is right for you today!

  • We offer college classes online with 6-, 12- and 15-week options.

    Everyone needs options that work for their particular situation(s). It's one of many reasons attending college online is so popular at Franklin. Our online degree programs are designed to afford our students the kind of flexibility they need to be successful in any of our online degree programs.

  • Accredited Programs
  • Accelerated Courses
  • Affordable Tuition

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