We understand the challenges you face.
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Learning continues to expand beyond the traditional classroom setting. Lectures and textbooks are only a part of the complete learning landscape. We understand how education is changing because we come from higher learning. At Franklin University Learning Solutions, we know what it takes to create an effective learning experience. In the classroom, online and everywhere learning takes place.

We also know the institutional pressure you face to improve outcomes while attracting and retaining students. That’s why we look at your situation from every angle to make sure your solutions help you achieve your institutional objectives along with your educational goals.

Deliver the highest academic quality and achieve the best possible student outcomes with Franklin University Learning Solutions.

The tools and expertise to transform your learning programs.

With our complete range of services, we’re prepared to make a difference right now—and grow with you to help drive future education initiatives. Together, we create and implement effective solutions that are integrated with your established methodologies. Solutions that are right for you and your students.

Curriculum Development and Design

Utilizing proven methodologies, we work with you to develop courses that facilitate active engagement of students and yield results. Whether you need curriculum for a brand new course or full program, or need your existing curriculum revised for greater effectiveness, our Doctoral and Master’s qualified instructional designers have the experience and knowledge to make sure your curriculum delivers the right information and extends the learning experience.

Our experience includes the design or redesign of more than 100 full academic programs and thousands of courses using this methodology.
Professional Development

An educational program is only as good as those delivering the education. Today, it’s critical that faculty, facilitators, and administrators take an active and organized approach to understanding new formats, approaches and strategies for learners. To assure your faculty are fully prepared to teach these formats, we call on the expertise of the Franklin University faculty—who have completed Instructional Strategies for Learning (ISFL) and are qualified and prepared to orient faculty to new approaches.

With extensive experience both domestically and internationally, our instructors can provide onsite face-to-face instruction as well as training through instructional videos, power points, learning modules, blogs, workshops, and webinars. And it’s not a one-time offering. We provide ongoing evaluation of teaching performance through direct and indirect measures that can include portfolio review, quantitative data from our Learning Management Solution, student surveys, mentor review, and class observation

Assessment of Learning

At Franklin University Learning Solutions, we know the importance of results. We don’t just provide learning assessment for existing educational programs—we integrate assessment into the design of our curriculum. That includes course-embedded assessments that improve the collection of data, an outcomes mapping process, and the application of multiple direct and indirect assessments of learning measures.

We also engage faculty and administration in the assessment of student learning analysis and “close the loop” actions. So as your education grows so does your ability to assess efficiency and effectiveness, and take action to continuously improve outcomes.

Franklin University Learning Solutions is ready to help you reach and exceed your educational goals.
Accreditation and Authorization

Franklin University Learning Solutions can help you successfully navigate the accreditation and state authorization process. We have 15 years of experience in obtaining and maintaining all the necessary approval and exemptions to operate in all 50 states and territories. We’ve worked with more than 400 colleges and universities, providing consultation, workshops and webinars. In fact, several of our administrators and faculty serve as accreditation peer evaluators or hold leadership roles in different accrediting organizations, and are actively engaged in state, national and international accreditation and authorization discussions.

As your partner, we will help you enhance teaching effectiveness, navigate potential pitfalls and position you for success.
Interactive Learning Tools

Learning doesn’t just happen in front of a blackboard. To engage today’s learner, course content has to be delivered in new and unique ways. Our team will develop videos, games or other multimedia content that help you effectively extend your curriculum, engage your learners and achieve your learning objectives.

We have the tools to translate your curriculum into a video that engages, educates and entertains. Using a variety of techniques including traditional studio shoots, handheld camera work, extensive animation and interviews, we work with you to realize your vision.

Often times, the best way to learn is by doing. We have the capability to create easy-to-use programs that simulate complex, real-world situations and settings. For instance, learners can take on the role of a new employee or run virtual experiments in a lab.

Educational games may not be new—but the way that we work with you to build custom games that effectively teach your content is something you haven’t experienced before. We bring your curriculum to life in a way that makes students want to learn.

Learning Management Solution

BlueQuill, our advanced and innovative Learning Management Solution, has the features and intuitive interface necessary for today’s students. Having offered its first online class in 1996, Franklin University is a pioneer in distance and technology-enhanced learning. As online education has evolved, so has our LMS platform, growing to incorporate the features and technology students and institutions need to implement effective learning solutions.

Our LMS platform is a web-based solution that requires minimum support by users. It’s easy to learn and easy to use, for students, educators, instructional designers and administrators alike. Whether you’re taking a full course online, offering a single training seminar, or creating a hybrid of traditional and online learning, BlueQuill is flexible and agile enough to work for your needs.