A better online learning experience with a smarter LMS platform.

Our web-based learning management solution, BlueQuill, is built on years of insight and ongoing evolution. It merges learning and technology in a transparent and consistent way. It’s simple to learn, simple to use, engaging on all levels, and easy to implement in large or small institutions.

By tightly integrating education and technology, BlueQuill allows you to provide a rich learning environment where and how it’s most effective. For students, for employees, for trainers, for faculty and for institutional designers, BlueQuill is an intuitive interactive experience the helps maximize every learning opportunity.

BlueQuill is designed to deliver a fully integrated and engaging experience.

With our complete range of services, we’re prepared to make a difference right now—and grow with you to help drive future education initiatives. Together, we create and implement effective solutions that are integrated with your established methodologies. Solutions that are right for you and your students.

BlueQuill Learning Objects

Our unique learning objects are the foundation of BlueQuill, creating a system that is easy to build, edit, expand and manage.

  • Build an Integrated Learning Object Repository (ILOR)
  • Your ILOR leverages connections between learning outcomes and learning objects to create higher-levels of association
  • This becomes more than simply a library of searchable and reusable content — it’s a complete system of meaningfully connected content and resources
BlueQuill Content Management
  • Create content once—Deploy and share in many ways
  • Choose the format that fits your methodologies:
    • Online, face-to-face, hybrid
    • Multiple course lengths
  • Develop multiple sections in same or different formats
  • Share content and meaningful ways throughout the system
    • Share learning objects
    • Share courses and course design templates