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2016 A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University The Franklin University FRANKLIN MAKES IT POSSIBLE CLOCKTOWER LOCALLY. NATIONALLY. GLOBALLY. Expertiseimpactsindividuals andcommunities Page6 Learninginspiresservice andleadership Page10 Payingitforwardby givingback Page16 MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Office of University Advancement Aaron Cassady 14 Alumni Engagement Coordinator Joella Henry 09 Advancement Services Coordinator Kevin L. Greenwood Director of Alumni Engagement and Development Deborah Lyons University Advancement Work Study Student Sarah Jorgenson 09 Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for University Advancement Strategic Relations Jody Noreen 09 Director of Advancement Services Strategic Relations Bonnie Quist 00 Vice President for University Advancement Strategic Relations Editorial Staff Editor Kevin L. Greenwood Copywriters Aaron Cassady 14 Kevin L. Greenwood Graphic Designer Amber Mabry Contact Information Franklin University Office of University Advancement 201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus OH 43215 614.947.6062 1.877.341.6300 University Leadership Dr. David R. Decker President Marv Briskey Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Christi Cabungcal Chief of Staff and Senior Vice President of Administration Dr. Godfrey Mendes Senior Vice President for Global Programs Strategic Initiatives Bonnie Quist 00 Vice President for University Advancement Strategic Relations Dr. Pam Shay Senior Vice President of Accreditation Institutional Effectiveness Linda Steele Vice President of Enrollment Student Affairs Rick Sunderman Vice President and Chief Information Officer Dr. Christopher Washington Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Department of Alumni Engagement and Development I n the ever-changing world of higher education one can debate what makes a university successful. Some will point to sprawling campuses others to hundreds of academic programs still others to athletic titles. Since 1902 Franklin University has had one continuing measure for success. Our people. At Franklin we pride ourselves on helping adults learn and advance. We strive every day to remove obstacles that prevent working men and women from achieving their dream of a college education. We work to stay ahead of other schools in providing the programs that will help our students meet the demands of the contemporary work place. All of us working together to assist our students in the completion of their degrees thats what helps make our University successful. But what we do as an institution is only part of the formula for its success. It is the personal achievements of our students and alumni that gives purpose to all we do. Our graduates abilities to move forward professionally with knowledge and confidence is at the heart of our mission. Likewise its the impact that students and alumni are having on life in their individual communities making them better places to live and work that is the ultimate testimony to our success. And our success continues to grow. What started in a classroom at the Y.M.C.A. in downtown Columbus has now spread to hundreds of community and technical college partners across the United States to nations like Poland and Oman and across thousands of computer screens all around the world with the same result Franklin faculty students and alumni are making a positive difference in this world and in this edition of Clocktower youll read about their many achievements. So what makes this University successful You do. Thank you for the hard work and sacrifice that led to your Franklin degree. Thank you for sharing your Franklin story with family friends and co-workers. Thank you for your investments in your alma mater that make a college education accessible to thousands each year. Thank you for making people the true measure of Franklin University and its success. Best regards Dr. David R. Decker President Clocktower 2016 4.......Franklin News Korean Nursing Graduates Demonstrate Exceptional Achievement Increased Opportunities New Programs Initiatives and Locations Transformational Leadership and Service Congratulations to our Newest Graduates In Memoriam Dr. Paul Otte 10.....Student Spotlight Toshia Kimbler Alex Dontre 14.....Alumni Spotlight Jeremy Banta 16.....Faculty Profile Dr. Leslie Mathew 17.....Making A Difference Alumni Giving Tree Alumni Military Scholarships Commemorate the Journey Corporate Connections 1902 Leadership Circle Scholarship Recipients 20.....Class Notes In Memoriam New Alumni Resource myCareerBeam Contents Table of 1.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University ALUMNI GREETING ALUMNI Photo credit to Josh L. Smith Do you remember the old tune Franklin makes it possible We still hear that marketing jingle in the alumni office on a regular basis. We hear it from folks like you and from community partners all across Ohio. While taglines change over the years the truth remains the same Franklin University still makes high-quality education and the benefits that come with it possible for thousands of men and women every year. Because of our reputation in the business community regional accreditation knowledgeable faculty lifelong learning philosophy independence as an institution of higher education and the flexibility that comes with nearby locations and online classes Franklin is making it easier than ever to gain a college degree. In the coming months we want to hear your Franklin story and help build upon it. Your alma mater is launching new innovative degree programs certificates and professional development opportunities both in the classroom and in the workplace. We want to give you your friends family and co-workers the tools to make it possible. Its going to be an exciting year filled with a host of new opportunities As always new initiatives depend upon the contributions of a diverse group of individuals. We look forward to your feedback participation and assistance in making it possible for a whole new generation of Franklin students and alumni. In the meantime keep those stories about your Franklin experience and your continuing achievements streaming into our office. We love hearing from you Watch your email join us on social media and visit for more information in the weeks to come. Together we make it possible Your Alumni Engagement Team LtoRKevinGreenwoodBonnieQuistSarahJorgensonJoellaHenryJodyNoreenAaronCassady Keep in touch and let us know what extraordinary things you are doing. FACEBOOK FranklinU FranklinAlumni TWITTER FranklinU FranklinAlum YOUTUBE Franklin University LINKEDIN Franklin University Alumni Group GREETING 2. Clocktower 2016 FRANKLIN NEWS Spring is often considered a time of new beginnings and for a group of 14 nurses in Korea this spring also commemorates a remarkable accomplishment. The nurses earned their Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN degrees from Franklin as part of a nursing cohort that was launched in Korea in March 2015. Final GPAs for the cohort members range from 3.6-4.0 and many of the nurses completed their degrees while working full time. To complete the BSN in one year students maintained a very rigorous class schedule taking six 6-week online courses each semester. The American nursing degree is valuable to nurses in Korea who want to come to the United States to work explained Dr. Gail Baumlein chair of Franklins Nursing program. While the practice is similar and professional standards are the same nurses in Korea typically work 50-60 hours per week work multiple shifts carry a heavier patient load and are paid less than U.S. nurses. Working in the United States provides more opportunity and better working conditions. While the experience level of the nurses varied greatly all came into the program well credentialed. For some the Franklin BSN was their second bachelors degree all were registered nurses in Korea and the majority were also licensed in the United States as well. Franklin Universitys nursing program is an attractive option for out-of-country nurses who want to practice in the United States because it positions them well for U.S. employment and since the degree is taught 100 percent in English graduates are able to bypass the English proficiency requirement as part of the VISA screening. Enrollment numbers continue to grow and the students consistently produce high-quality work. The nurses in our program are delightful diligent caring creative polite respectful and amazing Baumlein said. They are held to the same standard as domestic students and the critical thinking and level of expression they demonstrate is exceptional. Baumlein credits the programs success to an extremely supportive in-country partner and the fact that Franklins curriculum is designed to be meaningful and relevant to adults. In addition experienced faculty members anticipate trouble spots in the curriculum and know how to best support students throughout the course. Korean Nursing Graduates Demonstrate Exceptional Achievement News Franklin 3.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University FRANKLIN NEWS New Academic Offerings Available After extensive market research Franklin University proudly launched new undergraduate majors in Logistics Management and Energy Management as well as a graduate certificate in Criminal Justice Leadership. Each program offers relevant curriculum with strong theory-to-practice learning experiences for students. Students are prepared for real-world demands with input from industry experts woven throughout courses. Enrollment for the Logistics Management major began in Fall 2015 making a total of 18 majors within the Ross College of Business. More than 1.33 trillion is spent annually in the United States in the logistics industry creating a highly competitive field that requires strong leadership. Through theoretical foundation and practical know-how students gain knowledge to optimize logistics planning reducing the carbon footprint and unnecessary expenses for employers. Students develop solid skills to grow an efficient and responsible supply chain improving company performance and effectively delivering products to market. Energy Management the most recent major added to the Ross College of Business prepares graduates to lead within the energy market the third- largest industry in the United States and rapidly growing due to a resurgence in gas and shale production. Rather than primarily focusing on engineering the program teaches business concepts that build upon technical skills giving students management-level competencies and greater career opportunities. Students are equipped to innovate within the industry learning techniques to improve energy process design and efficiency. Franklins transfer-friendly policies give students prior-learning credit for certificates licensures on-the-job training and previously earned college credit. The Energy Management major transfers up to 24 credit hours while the Logistics Management transfers up to 20 credit hours helping students complete a degree faster while saving money. The new graduate certificate in Criminal Justice Leadership addresses the complexities of the criminal justice system in the 21st century from community policing and crime prevention to prison crowding and reentry. Students are equipped with forward-thinking skills and reform solutions in six months or less. The practical curriculum is taught by seasoned industry professionals and aligns with national standards set by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. Students receive a holistic view of the criminal justice system and build specialized knowledge to create new strategies. The entire certificate is completed online eliminating the need to rearrange life around education. All credits earned from the certificate in Criminal Justice Leadership are transferable to a Master of Public Administration making the certificate program a great introduction to graduate-level courses and assessing interest in completing a masters degree. Increased Opportunities New Programs Initiatives and Locations Aspiring students at Franklin University have fresh opportunities to enrich their minds and expand their career potential. Collaborating partnerships along with faculty expertise and strong curriculum design have led to new institutional locations and academic programs. 4. Clocktower 2016 Franklin Reunites with the Y.M.C.A. Franklins partnership with the Y.M.C.A. has come full circle. The Universitys very first class was held in a downtown Columbus Y.M.C.A. classroom. Today students will take courses at a new location in Gahanna Ohio. The site located at 380 Granville St. within the Clark Hall building is co-occupied by the Y.M.C.A. More than 110 years ago the Y.M.C.A. School of Commerce helped launch Franklin University with the goal to make education success and a piece of the American Dream possible for everyone. Franklin has continued this mission and expanded the opportunity to students across the country and throughout the world. The new Gahanna location officially opened to students in January 2016. The site gives Franklin University ample space to welcome new students as well as those from the Westerville location which was closed as the Gahanna location was launched. In keeping with Franklins student-focus academic advisors are available onsite every Monday through Thursday. Local Synergies Lead to EXACTTrack Students have access to a new innovative program thanks to the long-standing partnership between Franklin University and Columbus State Community College. The two institutions joined to introduce the EXACTTrack business cohort program which enables Columbus State graduates to complete a bachelors degree in less than four years. EXACTTrack gives students free books seamless admission financial aid and a set tuition rate. Students save time and money by taking Columbus State courses that easily transfer toward a Franklin degree. Those who earn an A.A.S. in Business Management can complete a B.S. in Business Administration from Franklin by taking only four additional terms of 6 and 8-week courses. The program simplifies class scheduling by outlining pre- determined courses. Students take one evening class per week at the Columbus State Delaware Campus and online. Cohorts move through the program together relying on team building and interaction that mirrors real-world experiences. EXACTTrack is similar to an existing agreement with Columbus State Community College the 31 format which also provides a cost-savings for students completing a degree at Franklin. Unlike EXACTTrack that offers pre-determined courses students using the 31 format have flexible scheduling options. EXACTTrack and 31 students now enjoy an added layer of convenience Franklin University recently moved its Delaware location to Columbus States Delaware campus. FRANKLIN NEWS TrackEXACT Business Cohort 5.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University FRANKLIN NEWS Dr. Christopher Washington Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Franklin University leads within the fast-paced environment of higher education. His academic expertise and scholarly work recently resulted in selection to the Fulbright Specialist Program Roster a meticulously vetted group of U.S. scholars who are considered for overseas collaborations within their disciplines. The Fulbright Program sponsored by the U.S. Department of States Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs seeks to increase international understanding and response to critical global issues. Experts in each academic discipline are chosen for international initiatives that address environmental issues food security public health and education. I am a strong believer that through the sharing of our individual expertise through programs like the Fulbright Roster we create a collective knowledge that allows for the improvement of the broadest possible community of learners to succeed shared Dr. Washington. As a Fulbright Specialist Dr. Washington joins a distinguished group of colleagues with a passion to share knowledge discover new ideas and transform lives through education. Grants are awarded to scholars for short- term collaborative projects in over 140 countries. Scholars unite with partner institutions to conduct various academic services ranging from lectures to institutional planning. Publicly funded institutions of higher education are held accountable for providing safe environments during human subject research as outlined by the Office for Human Research Protections a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Any research involving faculty staff or students must be submitted to a review board for approval including masters and doctoral projects. The Columbus State Community College Institutional Review Board recently had a vacancy among their five voting members. Columbus State President David Harrison appointed Dr. Leslie King dean of the College of Health Public Administration at Franklin University as a board replacement. With more than 25 years in the healthcare industry Dr. Kings extensive expertise adds meaningful value to the board. He is a licensed member of the American Society of Clinical Pathologists with published work on clinical toxicology and healthcare education issues. Prior to working at Franklin Dr. King served as chairperson of Allied Health Professions and director of Instructional Technology and Distance Learning at Columbus State Community College. Serving on the Columbus State Institutional Review Board gives Dr. King an opportunity to pool his knowledge with fellow scholars empowering a generation of researchers to make discoveries and unveil new truths. Institutional Review Board members are selected with varying backgrounds ensuring a thorough and complete review of research proposals. More than 3000 cases of child neglect and abuse enter the Juvenile Court system each year. Victims are given hope through the personalized support of CASA volunteers Court Appointed Special Advocates. The work of CASA is very challenging but it is worth taking on because it is profoundly meaningful and important said Dr. Alex Heckman department chair of Public Administration at Franklin University. In March 2015 Dr. Heckman was sworn in as a CASA officer along with 28 community volunteers in central Ohio. Volunteers are the voice of protection for victims recommending the best course of action for each child during court proceedings which often last over a year. CASA advocates are extensively recruited screened and specially trained to deliver more positive outcomes for children impacted by domestic abuse. Volunteers join a network of over 77000 national advocates who donate nearly 5.4 million hours to helping victims. The training I received and knowing there is a CASA team for support give me the confidence that I can effectively advocate for the most vulnerable children. We can improve their lives and improve our community overall Dr. Heckman shared. Dr. Heckmans service models leadership within his profession for his Franklin students to his three children and to abused and neglected children seeking help through the court system. International Engagement Dr. Christopher Washington Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Child Advocacy Dr. Alex Heckman Department Chair of Public Administration Research Advances Dr. Leslie King Dean College of Health Public Administration Transformational Leadership and Service Faculty at Franklin University are fostering dialogue engaging contemporary ideas intersecting with culture and ultimately shaping society. Their transformational leadership teaches and practices the principles of their profession serving and inspiring others. As thought leaders and change agents Franklins faculty members are making intellectual advances and influencing the communities around them. Last year three leaders at Franklin University lent their talent to existing initiatives impacting their disciplines sharing their knowledge and serving communities both locally and globally. 6. Clocktower 2016 Dr. Debra Petrizzo MBA Dr. Petrizzo brought significant real-world experience to our accounting class. She challenged our cohort to excel in a subject that can be difficult for many students. Her homework feedback and classroom discussions developed a real significance for accounting to me in my personal life and future workplace. She demanded a lot but I also learned a lot and will be stronger in my career as a result FRANKLIN NEWS More than 1700 diplomas were awarded at Franklin Universitys Commencement ceremonies in 2015. Graduates supported by friends and family gathered at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in celebration after the Fall Winter and Summer terms. During the Winter Commencement a cohort of Franklin MBA graduates traveled from Oman including Farha Al Adawi who served as the ceremonys student speaker. Farha handles compensation and benefit issues for more than 7000 employees at Petroleum Development Oman. She shared how a Franklin MBA sharpened her skills and understanding of global business challenges. Honorary degree recipients for the three ceremonies were Jay Jordan former president of OCLC Robert J. Massie former president of Chemical Abstracts Service and Ren M. Paulson senior statistician and president of Elite Research. Student speakers for the January and September ceremonies were Christina Miller graduating with a Master of Public Administration and Ruthie M. Counter graduating with a M.S. in Marketing and Communication. Congratulations to our Newest Graduates Abdy Barharlou Supply Chain Management Professor Baharlou seemed genuinely interested in seeing his students succeed in his class and learn as much as possible about supply chain management. He responded to all questions promptly and was always very courteous in his response. He went out of his way to take the distance out of distance learning. Rodney Calloway Mathematics Rodney Calloways Math 150 class is the reason that many students dont give up. For working adults remembering high school math is a challenge and Rodney takes the time before and after class to work with students. He was engaging easy to understand helpful and kind. He was such a great teacher that other students kept showing up for his classes instead of their own Elycia Taylor Communications I absolutely loved having Elycia Taylor as a professor. She challenged me and gave very detailed and constructive feedback that I could apply not only to my papers but also to improving my academic performance as a whole. I appreciated all the extra work she put into our classes to make sure we understood the assignments. She is an excellent professor and because she was so dedicated to her craft I wanted to do my best to impress her. I appreciated all I have learned from her. Douglas Ruml MBA Professor Ruml has been a great inspiration in and out of the classroom. His input has helped me reevaluate my critical thinking process. He is good at his subject and very attentive to his students strengths and weaknesses. He made accountingfinance a fun experience and went out of his way to make people connect with accountingfinance which is a hard thing to do. David Meckstroth Healthcare Administration Dr. Meckstroth is an exceptional professor. He took extra time to get to know all of the students on a more personal basis was very encouraging and detailed in his teaching and motivated us to understand the coursework. He made sure all our questions were answered in a timely manner and always explained issues in depth. Dr. Meckstroth truly inspired me during my time at Franklin. Undergraduate Student Nominations Graduate Student Nominations Franklin University proudly honors all the recent graduates for their academic successes. Earning a diploma is a tremendous accomplishment that is often balanced with many responsibilities full-time work a busy family life and community commitments. 2015 Bailey Award Winners A long-standing tradition during Commencement ceremonies at Franklin University is the Robert L. Bailey Teaching Award. Each trimester graduating students nominate an undergraduate and a graduate faculty member who highly influenced their educational experience. The award recognizes those who have challenged students intellectually and conveyed the significance of course content for both personal and professional growth. 7.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University David Stone Elected to Board of Trustees David F. Stone executive managing director of Specialty Banking at Huntington National Bank is the newest member of Franklin Universitys Board of Trustees. Stone was recommended by the Trusteeship Governance Committee and will be serving on the Boards Finance Committee. Prior to his current role Stone has served as commercial regional manager with Huntington National Bank various roles with National City BankPNC Corp including commercial manager deputy chief officer and regional manager for commercial banking and tenure track instructor of economics with the University of Findlay. His community and professional affiliations include serving as president of the board of trustees for Ohio Business Week and as a past board member of Operation Feed. Stone earned a masters degree in economics and a bachelors degree in business administration both from Bowling Green State University. FRANKLIN NEWS The third president of Franklin University Dr. Paul Otte passed away on Sept. 29 2015. He served in the role for 21 years from 1986-2007 focusing his efforts on accessibility in higher education. Dr. Otte was dedicated to providing opportunities to students who might otherwise be without options for achieving their educational goals shared Greg Lashutka board member and former chair. During his tenure at the University Dr. Otte oversaw the establishment of the Community College Alliance program adaptation of courses for online learning two capital campaigns and delivery of online education for enlisted soldiers through GoArmyEd. Upon retiring from the presidency in 2007 the Franklin University Board of Trustees dedicated the Paul J. Otte Center for Student Services in his honor. Dr. Otte continued serving the University after his time as president. He became director of the Franklin University Leadership Center where he helped organize the Raymond E. Mason Jr. Leadership Symposium. The annual conference raises the level of leadership in organizations located in central Ohio. Throughout his career Dr. Otte authored several books and served on various community boards. He taught at Franklin University as well as Wayne State University the University of Detroit and Macomb Community College. In Memoriam Dr. Paul Otte GROWING OUR LEADERSHIP 8. Clocktower 2016 FRANKLIN NEWS Share your Franklin pride. Encourage a coworker or a neighbor to learn more about our University. It could change their life just like it changed yours. ShareYour I think just having this education from Franklin has really allowed me to be the successful professional I am today and without it I would not be where I am today for sure. The education I received at Franklin was exactly what I was looking for. It was challenging to the point where I definitely had to do the work and the research. It was not easy it was not just a breeze. It really helped me advance in my career. I would not be here without the degree. I got a great education experience at Franklin. My interactions with Franklins faculty were really inspiring. My professors were working professionals. They were so dedicated to my degree that they were as supportive as possible. Chris Rutter 06 Jennifer Singleton 14 Christina Geter 15 Mathew McCrystal 12 As individuals we are unique but as Franklin graduates we share a common bond. From the determination that enabled us to stick with it through the toughest classes to the accomplishment of finally earning a degree its a source of pride. Franklin pride. FranklinPride 9.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University 9.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University When I graduate in May I want to show other survivors that there is life beyond being a victim of human trafficking. 10. Clocktower 2016 KIMBLER B.S. Human Resources Management 16 Toshia The teen years are generally times filled with challenges and most of us experience our fair share of heartbreaks and upsets. But for one Franklin student adolescence brought unspeakable pain. Yet hers is a story of not simply survival but of triumph. STUDENT SPOTLIGHT Toshia grew up in the Columbus suburb of Westerville. Like all young people she experienced the normal feelings associated with growing into adulthood and like many also found herself in a troubled situation at home. In her desire to get away from that negative environment she fled to a local couple she believed cared for her and wanted to help. She soon found that her trust had been misplaced. Shortly after moving in the couple exposed Toshia to the world of human trafficking. For the next several years Toshia remained a psychological prisoner of the very people she had hoped would protect her. It wasnt until her senior year of high school that she found the courage to break free. She sought solace and help from her grandmother. I wish I could have reached out to someone in high school or that someone could have noticed the signs Toshia recalls. My grades dropped and no one questioned how I had money beyond what my fast food job would provide. Today Toshia devotes much of her spare time to helping others recognize those red flags. She partners with Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution S.O.A.P a volunteer group started by fellow human-trafficking survivor Theresa Flores. Toshia was first introduced to the organization after meeting Flores and reading her book The Slave Across the Street. S.O.A.P. volunteers offer a way out to missing and runaway children who are victimized in the sex trade. The help comes in simple packaging a bar of soap labeled with the National Human Trafficking hotline. Volunteers distribute thousands of soap bars to local hotels during major sporting events and conventions when the demand for human- trafficking is heightened. Volunteers also help educate hotel personnel on the warning signs that a young person could be a victim of trafficking. And its making a difference. Toshia estimates that with every outreach S.O.A.P. makes one or two missing children are identified and that information is shared with the authorities to enact a rescue. While having recently moved to Arizona Toshia keeps close contact with other activists and colleagues in Ohio and the troubles faced back home. She cites a January 2016 article in The Columbus Dispatch quoting Gov. John Kasich describing the magnitude of the problem. In the article the states chief executive explains that more than 1100 children a year are being exploited in Ohio. The average victim is a mere 13 years of age. Even as a survivor Toshia reflects this is hard for me to comprehend. Its because of statistics like this that Toshia is continuing her work in her new community. In addition to participating in S.O.A.P.s national outreach program she has recently become a mentor to other survivors in the Tempe area and is eager to share her Franklin experience with them. When I graduate in May I want to show other survivors that there is life beyond being a victim of human trafficking. That you can heal move forward go to school get a degree and have a good life. And you can make a difference in the lives of others. 11.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University Honestly my desire to help others with their finances stemmed from a hard truth I had no idea how to handle my money. 12. Clocktower 2016 Alex Dontre doesnt have what most people would call your typical day job. In fact he usually works nights as a drummer in the comedy metal band Psychostick. For more than 15 years Alex and his bandmates have been composing and performing their unique brand of music recording four full-length albums and two extended plays and performing over 1000 shows in four countries. As Alex recalls Back in 2000 four of us got together to create a group that had an aggressive sound but at the same time had a comedic edge. There was nothing like that in the music world as far as we knew. In 2006 through a series of random connections the band started getting airplay on XM Radio and a contract and touring soon followed. A few years later Alex found himself at a crossroads and looking for a new challenge in his life so he decided to give college a try. Enrolling at Columbus State Community College his plan was to take a few classes to help him learn how to manage his money and then move on. It wasnt long before Alex realized he enjoyed studying finance and that he was doing well in his classes observing that the power of compound interest just blew my mind It was at that point that he realized he could help a lot of people including his fellow musicians with his new-found knowledge. Honestly my desire to help others with their finances eventually stemmed from a hard truth I had no idea how to handle my money. As I observed my friends and colleagues I recognized a similar theme. We often made poor decisions regarding spending habits saving and investing or lack thereof and boosting expenses along with each increase in revenue. We are musicians were broke. Following that revelation Alexs original plan to take a few classes at Columbus State evolved into an associate degree that in May of this year will be followed by a bachelors from Franklin with a double major in Financial Planning and Financial Management. He already has his life insurance and securities licenses and can legitimately help his friends now his clients and has begun his classwork for a masters in Business Psychology at Franklin. But his success has not been without its challenges My incessant touring schedule required me to learn how to study in moving vehicles backstage with chatty musicians and even at noisy rock concerts with inquisitive passersby. Furthermore I am not exempt from proctored exams simply because I travel so extensively. Consequently I have taken exams in eight states outside of Ohio including a test in Denver when the city was under a blizzard warning One of Alexs many goals is to make financial planning more accessible to his fellow artists who often dont understand the workings of financial management and may feel intimidated by the topic or by a perceived judgment on the part of some traditional investment firms. I have the ability to bridge the divergent worlds of music and financial prosperity. It is time to do away with the concept of a starving artist and let these creative individuals do what they do best make the world a more beautiful place. DONTREWhat do you get when you cross a heavy metal drummer with a financial planner A Franklin student with a mission to eradicate the starving artist. Alex STUDENT SPOTLIGHTB.S. Financial Planning and Financial Management 13.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University 14. Clocktower 2016 ALUMNI PROFILEMaster of Business Administration 09 BANTA Jeremy I will bring your soldiers home safe a passionate statement made to hundreds of family and loved ones just hours before deployment to Iraq in 2003. Capt. Jeremy Banta of the Ohio National Guard was able to keep his promise despite many tenuous moments over the next 400 days. Each day for eight to 10 hours I would be completely out of direct control of my soldiers safety and the stress of that is unimaginable Jeremy shared. At the time Jeremy was Commander of the 1485th Transportation Company out of Dover Cochocton and Steubenville Ohio. His troops mission was to transport supplies through the Sunni Triangle using two of the most dangerous routes in all of Iraq. The technology wasnt like it is today. The convoy would be able to contact me and let me know they made it to the pick-up location and then within a few miles of base they were able to call and let us know they were almost back Jeremy recalled. Jeremys natural leadership pulled the troops through intense situations and bonded the team together well before deployment. In 2002 he was promoted to captain and suspected a tour to Iraq was pending. He began helping his soldiers and their families prepare for departure encouraging them to get their personal lives in order. Equipping soldiers for the perils of war continued well beyond his Iraq tour. Once home in the states Jeremy trained deploying units in logistics and transportation safety and strategies a job that kept countless soldiers safe each day. When asked about his life-saving contributions Jeremy quickly and humbly credits the brave soldiers under him saying I had a lot of good leaders. This spirit of servant leadership has continued to follow Jeremy throughout his career. He advanced higher in the Army while also completing an MBA from Franklin University in 2009. Four years later Jeremy was deployed again this time to Kuwait. The stresses of overseeing a combat unit were replaced with another pressure the balancing of soldier interests with Army philosophies and rules. This tour Jeremy served in a human resources capacity as a major in the 371st Sustainment Brigade. He oversaw multiple functions including soldiers requests for emergency leave. My second deployment really stretched my leadership style in a new way Jeremy recalls. My MBA from Franklin helped because it allowed me to see decisions from a more holistic and strategic view which was important Jeremy explained. Studying different leadership styles over the years shaped Jeremys approach to serving in the military. Between his two tours Jeremy transitioned from a more traditional command- centric Army approach to a personal leadership philosophy that guides his steps to this day in both civilian and military roles now as a lieutenant colonel. I am proud of the work we did both in 2003 and 2013. While I was in different leadership roles each time at the end of the day I just wanted everyone to come home safe and that is how I led. My second deployment really stretched my leadership style in a new way Jeremy recalls. My MBA from Franklin helped because it allowed me to see decisions from a more holistic and strategic view which was important. 15.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University Thus was the case when Dr. Leslie Mathew MD MBA FACHE chair of Healthcare Management Majors returned home to India last fall to visit a region of his native land he had only recently explored. I wanted to see what could be done to provide healthcare services to an underdeveloped rural community in Jamtara District Jharkhand State India. The region is about five hours by road from the big city of Kolkata Calcutta of old explained Dr. Mathew. The area in which he would be working had seen little economic growth in recent decades and quality healthcare was hard to find. The region was however home to an excellent English- medium school for grades one through 10. Established 20 years ago the Edwards English School EES has a current enrollment of more than 1300 students and it was here that the majority of Dr. Mathews research and work would take place. Because of a lack of resources and the tribal nature of the area Dr. Mathew found a great deal of resistance to change and so the process of introducing a program of even basic healthcare could take quite a while. When the schools board was approached about implementing healthcare at the school there were concerns because of the risks associated with medical treatment. The school could not accept the responsibility if for example a child had a negative reaction to an immunization. In addition there would be the need to first establish trust with parents prior to any medical screening or lab testing of students. And even if a program of basic healthcare services were to be started there would be no one available locally to sustain and grow the effort after Dr. Mathews departure. What then could be done The consensus was to pursue basic health education. The challenge now lay in simplifying big concepts into understandable practices for school children. For example the young people were taught that the transmission of illness occurred through unsanitary conditions. An easy remedy for this as Dr. Mathew pointed out is the frequent washing of hands. But when students approached me asking What about the soap I realized that soap was something not readily available by the water taps in the school. Something simple that most of us take for granted and that could have a real impact on the existing health situation was a scarce commodity. It took a couple of weeks to get plastic soap dispensers for use by the students. Unfortunately these dispensers were no match for the wear and tear of 2600 hands and they soon had to be replaced. Several more weeks were required to obtain metal dispensers that could withstand the rigors of daily use. This was a significant beginning to training these children in basic hygiene. At the end of four months in addition to having collected data to assist in developing programs to provide healthcare in Jamtara and similar regions Dr. Mathew and those with whom he worked had gotten the ball rolling on something more. Individuals from EES and others in the Jamtara region will be considered to take part in a one-year distance education program that trains people to become community healthcare workers. In addition a 400- page health education curriculum developed by doctors from the Christian Medical College Vellore one of the top medical schools in India and written in Tamil is being translated into English for use by EES faculty. Four teachers at EES also met with Dr. Mathew outside of the teacher training sessions he conducted and are expecting to continue the work of introducing health education materials to the other faculty and students. Reflecting upon his time in Jamtara Dr. Mathew observed that his perception of reality was challenged For most of us the conditions I witnessed and experienced were primitive. There was poverty minimal healthcare shortages of food and basic resources. But there was also a level of contentment a caring community and a sense of happiness that most of us would envy. It makes you stop and think. ALUMNA PROFILE Sabbaticals are highly sought-after opportunities for educators in all fields. They provide a chance to do research gather data or create new work. But in keeping with the service-centered mission of Franklins College of Health Public Administration a sabbatical can also be a time for giving back. MATHEW Dr. Leslie FormostofustheconditionsIwitnessedand experiencedwereprimitive.Therewaspovertyminimal healthcareshortagesoffoodandbasicresources. FACULTY PROFILE 16. Clocktower 2015 A Litte Soap Goes A Long Way 16. Clocktower 2016 ALUMNI GIVING TREE A CELEBRATION OF ACADEMIC SUCCESS A renewed Alumni Giving Tree has taken bloom on the first floor of the Paul J. Otte Center for Student Services. In keeping with its original intent the artwork is designed to recognize those who help us grow and honor those who have flourished. Many of the leaves on the tree represent donations by alumni and friends of Franklin who wish to celebrate the academic accomplishments of family members friends and colleagues or to express their own pride in completing a Franklin degree. The various leaf colors represent investment levels in our student-driven mission Gold 250 Silver 200 and Bronze 150. The names appearing on the tree trunk represent campaign gifts ranging from 1000 to 5000. The University proudly adds to this display the names of all Franklin employees who complete their Franklin degrees while working here. The honor signifies their investment toward knowledge and skills which then directly supports our students. If you or someone you know would be interested in giving to this project please call the Alumni Engagement and Development Office at 614.947.6062. CLASS NOTESMAKING A DIFFERENECE Commemorate the Journey Weve all heard of the Hollywood Walk of Fame but did you know that Franklin Universitys Main Campus has its own corridor of distinction Located between the Presidents Office and Alumni Hall the engraved bricks of the Alumni Walk grace the tree- lined paths. The bricks are etched with the names of alumni graduation dates andor other special occasions or messages. With the majority of Franklin students working and raising families at the same time they are pursuing their degrees the accomplishment of receiving a diploma is all the more impressive. Adding a brick to the Alumni Walk is the perfect way to celebrate this important milestone. Bricks are 250 each and contain up to three lines of engraving. To learn more about how you can add your name or honor the special graduate in your life on the Alumni Walk contact the Alumni Engagement and Development Office at 614.947.6062 or 17.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University Nogiftistoosmalltopositivelyimpactthelifeofsomeonewhohasservedourcountry.Ifyouwouldliketo makeacontributiontotheAlumniMilitaryScholarshipFundvisitalumni.franklin.eduorcontactthe OfficeofAlumniEngagementandDevelopment. Corporate Connections Scholarship Winners Lauren Bellflower Karen Harris Zechariah Hairston Clarissa Lopez Xavier Okon Joye Raimey The Alumni Military Scholarship was established in 2012 to serve those who serve and is open to military personnel of any branch their spouses and dependents and veterans. In its third year the Universitys generous donors were able to award five students 1000 each. W I N N E R S MILITARY ALUMNI SCHOLARSHIP ALEX ROZANSKI OHIO AIR NATIONAL GUARD SEAN RUSSELL KENTUCKY NATIONAL GUARD JOSEPH HENRY U.S. AIR FORCE VETERAN COREY HOFFMANNBECK U.S. MARINE VETERAN JESSE KLINGER U.S. AIR FORCE Each fall the members of Corporate Connections an African American Mens mentoring and networking group of Nationwide Insurance associates from across the United States award scholarships to students from Franklin University and The Ohio State University. In November at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Columbus six Franklin students were honored with scholarships totaling 9000. This years recipients were MAKING A DIFFERENCE GIVING FROM GRATITUDE There are many great causes out there that one could dedicate time to if they believe that cause is great. For us Franklin is one of them. We believe in giving back especially to an institution that weve gained so much from. Weve been involved with the 1902 Leadership Circle Scholarship for some years now and it has been a great way to give back especially since its something that we believe in. Its a great way to help others excel. Matina Zenios MBA 00 President Artina Promotional Products Zenios Michael Zenios MBA 00 President 3 Pillar Homes Hear more of the Zenios story at franklin.edugiving-back 18. Clocktower 2016 AARON CYDRUS B.S. Business Administration 09 Master of Public Administration Aaron Cydrus is passionate about creating pathways out of poverty. He understands firsthand the struggles individuals face having personally experienced the realities of poverty. I understand that one is not forced to stay in a condition of poverty if there are appropriate resources made available to those desiring a better life Aaron shared. He applied himself in school using education and faith as a means to rise above his situation. Aaron was the first male in his immediate family to attend college and now works as a project manager for the Ohio Department of Medicaid helping others who want to change their circumstances. Outside of work Aaron gives back his time and financial resources to other Ohioans needing aid. A leadership position at his church allows him to oversee an underserved neighborhood outreach program which includes funding for food and clothing. Aaron also assists with foreign missions incarcerated youth programs family camps and ministries for shut-ins and nursing homes. He has a full load but Aarons willingness to serve is touching countless lives. LAURA DIGGLE B.S. Allied Healthcare Management 13 M.S. Instructional Design Performance Technology Laura Diggles drive and tenacity are just two of the many traits she shares with the Universitys namesake Benjamin Franklin. In addition to teaching at Ivy Tech Community College Laura has a passion for community service that she shares with her students. In 2013 she created Club Med a group for her medical assisting students that focuses on service and continuing education. Habitat for Humanity was the groups first service project. On the first day the team laid an entire foundation for a home inspiring a new-found passion for Laura. Habitat for Humanity became the heart of Lauras community service. The home foundation project led to even greater service as Laura began impacting future homeowners by spending time with them away from the construction site. She now assists with teaching classes on how to use tools how to make a budget and other essentials for first-time homeowners. It is an amazing feeling to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for a home. When neighbors in existing homes see the beautiful new Habitat home and landscaping they begin to take pride in their own homes again which becomes contagious said Laura. ALEXANDER DONTRE B.S. Financial Planning and Financial Management As an innovative entrepreneur Alex Dontres work and service have a unique edge. Alex is the drummer in an internationally touring heavy metal band. His experience as a professional musician combined with his studies now translates into a new line of work. Read more about Alexs story on page 12. ALIETHEA DICKSON B.S. Business Administration and Human Resources Management When approaching the world whether professionally or personally Aliethea Dickson strives to make a difference. She often asks herself How can this be improved and how can we be more effective. In 2013 Aliethea joined a retirement company where she worked in member services and discovered an opportunity for making a broader impact. As I observed the needs of the department I developed an effective tracking system to automatically generate data. The new process enabled me to complete tasks in half the time it normally took eliminating the manual process Aliethea explained. Her efforts addressed critical member needs and improved the services offered by her company. Prior to relocating to Columbus Aliethea was a member of the Rise-up And Walk RAW committee at her local church. The group offered financial assistance to the less fortunate in her community while also finding ways for individuals to help themselves. Since living in Columbus Aliethea is actively involved in various youth groups outreach programs and voluntary organizations. With my passion drive and tenacity I hope to positively impact my workplace my community and my world says Aliethea. TOSHIA KIMBLER B.S. Human Resources Management The teenage years were not easy for Toshia Kimbler who was a victim of the human- trafficking industry. Yet she chose a different path for herself. From heartache to heroism Toshia is now helping free others from the bondage she once faced. Read more about Toshias story on page 10. Ifyouwouldliketomakeacontributiontothe1902LeadershipCircleScholarshipvisitalumni.franklin.eduorcontacttheOfficeofAlumniEngagementandDevelopmentat614.947.6062. 1902 SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP CIRCLE The 1902 Leadership Circle Scholarship established in 2009 is awarded annually to undergraduate and graduate students who make a positive contribution to the economic andor social good of their local communities. This competitive scholarship requires students to write an essay comparing their drive tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit to that of the Universitys namesake Benjamin Franklin. Donors to the Leadership Circle Scholarship make an annual contribution of 1902 in tribute to the year Franklin University was established. Since its inception the 1902 Leadership Circle Scholarship program has provided 116000 in awards. 1902LeadershipCircleScholarsandDonorsLtoRFrontRowBonnieQuistawardeeAlietheaDicksonChristiCabungcal BackRowawardeeAlexanderDontreRickSundermanawardeeAaronCydrusEvelynLevino. CLASS NOTESMAKING A DIFFERENECE 19.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University CLASS NOTES 2000s 2000s2010s 2010s 1990s1970s1980s Marsha Witherspoon was named to the National Association of Professional Women NAPW VIP Woman of the Year Circle. Robert Armbrust 74 earned his Ph.D. from Saint Louis University in May 2015. He currently resides in Overland Park Kansas. Carol Rosebrough 85 recently published Loving Yourself Through Cancer A Journey of Hope and Inspiration and was a contributing author to the anthology Works in Process Women Over 50 Reflecting. Jeff Alexander 91 was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at MAPFRE Insurance. Allen Beatty 91 is teaching business courses primarily Accounting and Finance at Southern State Community College Wilmington College and Daymar College. Allen is also a full-time Accounting Instructor at the University of Rio GrandeRio Grande Community College in Rio Grande Ohio. The foundation was put in place with my education at Franklin later Capital Law School to continue on with my journey Michael Harden 94 updated his academic accomplishments Capital University Juris DoctorMBA 00 M.S. Human Resource Development from Villanova University 07 The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Executive Education Program Leading Organizational Change 12. Jeffery Ferezan 99 received Franklin Universitys Teaching Excellence Award in 2015. Nicholas Nick Yaeger 01 started his own law practice. Brian Brooks 02 the PresidentOwner of E.E. Ward Moving and Storage was elected to serve on The North American Movers Association Board NAMA for a three-year term. Stevo Roksandic 02 of Mount Carmel Health System was named a Mover and Shaker in the library industry by the Library Journal. The magazine named 50 outstanding individuals whose efforts are not only expanding the services libraries provide but also who are transforming libraries in the 21st century. Julia Hart 06 is the director of Technology Services at Facilities and Services at the University of Illinois. Gina McKnight 06 is an author freelance writer and poet. She recently announced a new poetry anthology To the Heart A Poetry Collection Monday Road Poetry Volume I and is the author of the 2009 childrens work The Blackberry Patch. McKnight is currently writing the official biography of Dr. Abbott P. Smith in collaboration with Dr. Smiths family and clients. Ron Bower 07 accepted a position with the Haywood County Tourism Development Authority promoting the beautiful North Carolina Smoky Mountains. Pamela Dixon 08 has worked for the past 13 years in the marketing and public relations field and is now a Public Relations Technical Specialist Grade 3 at Jefferson Community College. Francis Llacuna 11 accepted a promotion within the Ohio Attorney Generals Office as an internal auditor. Gilbert Jay Johnson 13 was hired as an operations finance manager to support global procurement for Perrigo Company PLC a leading pharmaceutical supplier. Joseph Patterson 13 is Web designer and webmaster at WesBanco Bank Inc. James E. Phelan 14 authored the book The Major Field Test MFT for MBA Study Guide. The book is designed to help MBA students prepare for The Major Field Test. The book is the first and only comprehensive study guide available in this arena. It provides a review of key business concepts a roadmap for taking the examination and over 120 sample test questions. Matthew Sabo 14 was selected to serve in the role of assistant fire chief for Concord Township Lake County Ohio four months later he assumed the responsibilities of fire chief. I am blessed to be able to continue to serve the same community that I began in over 16 years ago. I have had so much support from friends family as well as faculty and staff from Franklin University Robert Trafton 15 passed the examination and was recently recognized by the National Contract Management Association NCMA as a Certified Professional Contracts Manager. Thomas Wolf 15 completed a M.S. in Accounting from Franklin University and was elected Plain Township Fiscal Officer in the November 2015 General Election. He took office April 1 2016. He is a Certified Public Accountant and a partner in the Slagle Wolf Group LLC accounting firm. ALUMNI ACCOMPLISHMENTS CLASS NOTES Have some news youd like to share Submit your Class Note online. Your fellow alumni would love to know whats new with you. Share your news about career changes marriages accomplishments new affiliations and additions to your family. If you would like to submit a Class Note go to and click on the Stay Connected link. Once you log into your alumni account you can submit your news to our office for posting online and in the next issue of Clocktower. We look forward to hearing from you 20. Clocktower 2016 NEW ALUMNI RESOURCE myCareerBeam CLASS NOTESCLASS NOTES IN MEMORIAM Franklin students and alumni can now access comprehensive easy-to-use tools to navigate next steps in their career. The Universitys partnership with CareerBeam offers industry- leading resources and reputable company information through a convenient 247 online portal. The virtual Career Success Center helps individuals create personalized plans and build solid strategies to achieve results-oriented career decisions. CareerBeam contains millions of active job postings ranging from internships to entry-level professional and executive jobs. Software in the online portal provides job alerts and helps find connections through social media leveraging your network for greater opportunities. Access these great features through your myFranklin account Assessments and exercises to create a Career Profile Report that defines your ideal career path. Comprehensive industry research that contains recent developments business challenges trends and financial information. Rsum and cover letter builders with step-by-step processes for creating accomplishment-based materials. Reference and thank you letter builders to see your job search through to placement. Interview preparation and videos to effectively present your value to prospective employers. Research databases to identify target companies and their contacts opening doors to key networking opportunities. Networking and social media tools with tips on leveraging social media in job searches. Innovative content for exploring specialized interests International Search employers issuing H1-B visas VISA requirements and rsum differences. Government Find applications Knowledge Skills and Abilities KSAs as well as rsum and interview tips for federal agencies. Entrepreneurship Read about sustainability and career options. Military Get help for transitioning into the civilian workforce. Are you ready to use CareerBeam but dont have an active myFranklin account Email and get started. Walter Alderman 05102015 Robert Appleton 12182015 Eugene Athey 03092015 Douglas Badgley 12032015 Richard Baron 08042015 Jeffrey Beebe 09152015 Richard Blackenberry 08022015 Stanley Brechtel 10282015 Barbara Covington 09172015 Gwendolyn Dobbs 07122015 John Dodgion 05242015 William Eckhart 11022015 John Eichensehr 04142015 Terry Estep 12152015 Norman Folpe 12042015 Robert Foster 02102015 Robert Gilbert 12262014 John Gray 09222015 Nathan Gross 01262015 Jerrold Hartung 06222015 Robert Hawes 10292015 Roger Heltzel 03242015 Myra Hine 05272015 William Huber 05042015 David Huffman 09292015 George James 10052015 Raymond Kemp 06012015 Zan King 05102015 Carl Kiplinger 06072015 Douglas Lantz 12202015 Mary Linard 10252015 Jenna Logan 11302015 Artman Mang 07302015 Roy McCarthy 02082015 David McKinney 04072015 Craig McQuilton 05132015 Christine Mrockowski 12282015 Lena Mullins 07212015 David Newman 06092015 Allan Osborne 05212015 Janet Paine 09232015 Danny Poe 07062015 George Redmond 12312014 Vincent Restivo 02012015 Gerald Sattazahn 12172014 Russell Seymour 06082015 Jackson Shriver 08112015 Joseph Staley 05302015 Okey Starr 07032014 Roger Starrett 11152015 Brian Steiner 09072015 Gregory Stiffler 04262015 Herbert Street 10212015 Joseph Tampone 03252015 Sherry Tufts 12182015 Don Walden 07112015 Helen Wynne 05082015 Carl Zipf 07212015 21.A magazine for alumni and friends of Franklin University 201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus OH 43215 1.877.341.6300 WAYS TO STAY CONNECTED FACEBOOK FranklinU FranklinAlumni TWITTER FranklinU FranklinAlum YOUTUBE Franklin University LINKEDIN Franklin University Alumni Group 16-0048 Franklin Universitys Institutional Seal incorporates the University Crest that proudly displays elements central to who we are a sun representing clarity strength and life a book expressing the academic history of our school a globe demonstrating the Universitys global reach and our founding year 1902 proclaiming a well-established history of service to our community. FranklinUniversitydoesnotdiscriminateonthebasisofagereligionraceethnicitycolornationaloriginancestryimmigrationstatussexsexualorientationgenderidentityorexpressionmaritalorfamilial statusdisabilityorveteranormilitarystatus.ForinquiriesabouttheUniversitysnon-discriminationpoliciespleasecontacttheDeanofStudentsOfficeOtteStudentServicesCenter