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ROSS C O LLEGE OF BUSINES S STANLEY M. RICHARD M. GRADUATE PROGRAMS VIEWBOOK WHERE SUCCESS MATTERS TABLE OF CONTENTS Success Brings Freedom 2 Programs Designed For You 4 Gain Success Faster 5 Global Influence 7 Rewarding Experience 8 Abundant Resources 11 Graduate Programs 12 Master of Business Administration 14 Master of Healthcare Administration 16 Master of Public Administration 18 M.S. in Accounting 20 M.S. in Business Psychology 22 M.S. in Human Resource Management 24 M.S. - Computer Science 26 M.S. - Instructional Design Performance Technology 28 M.S. - Marketing Communication 30 Admission Requirements 32 Cost Payment Options 35 About Franklin University 37 Define Yourself 40 SUCCESS BRINGS FREEDOM Opportunity for Success Getting ahead. Staying competitive. Positioning yourself for success. There are many reasons to earn a masters degree from Franklin. Its a smart decision that comes with many rewards. A Franklin University masters degree gets you noticed. Youre here so youre already focusing on the future. But youre also focused on your current career and life. Franklin University takes you to the next level of your career without restraints. Youre on the fast track to success by earning a degree while you still earn a living. You have the freedom to craft your education while knowing youre getting the specialized knowledge you need to advance toward your goals. Success is in your future. 2 3 PROGRAMS DESIGNED FOR YOU From our beginnings in 1902 Franklin University has been focused on helping adult learners effectively manage work home and school. We understand the demands of your day-to-day. Franklin gives you the freedom to fit your education around your work and personal life. By choosing a masters program from Franklin you benefit from a regionally accredited education thats recognized around the globe. You also benefit from experienced faculty members who are in the field everyday. Our courses are highly respected for their theory-to- practice applications and real-world value to our ever-changing world. By graduation youre ready and rewarded for your contributions. 4 GAIN SUCCESS FASTER Our graduate programs are offered in a variety of formats on campus online or a combination of both. Master of Business Administration MBA 14 months Master of Healthcare Administration MHA 16 months Master of Public Administration MPA 17 months M.S. in Accounting MSA 17 months M.S. in Business Psychology MSBP 14 months M.S. in Human Resource Management MSHRM 16 months M.S. Computer Science MSCS 20 months M.S. Instructional Design Performance Technology IDPT 24 months M.S. Marketing Communication MCM 16 months 5 6 Technology connects us to the world in an instant. When its only an instant its important to keep up. The graduate programs at Franklin University keep ahead of the fast-moving global economy. Enriching Partnerships Numerous countries around the world are represented at Franklin University through our international students. We have committed ourselves as a world leader in higher education and have achieved this with partnerships to offer our programs in Europe the Middle East and Asia. Each culture carries distinctive ideas and practices. What we can draw from the diversity we can bring back into our coursework. Global learning creates a more experienced leader a forward-thinking authority in the field. It equips you with tools that can contribute to a global society. International Partners ESI School of Management El Salvador Guatemala LAWEH Open University Ghana Mangalore University India Megatrend University Serbia Modern College of Business and Science Oman National Mining University Ukraine Okan University Turkey Silver Mountain Graduate Business School Nepal University of Economics in Bratislava Slovakia University St. Kliment Ohridski-Bitola Macedonia Wroclaw School of Banking Poland GLOBAL INFLUENCE 7 REWARDING EXPERIENCE A masters degree at Franklin University challenges you on a higher level of learning and thinking. It also gives you a higher level of reward and satisfaction. Youll gain more confidence to get promoted and stay ahead. Our courses are regularly reviewed and evaluated by industry leaders and alumni. Franklins coursework blends long-standing theories and real-world applications together while bringing in the latest trends technologies and processes. The results create relevant applications to current practices you can take directly to work from the start of your program Classroom Foundation Our graduate programs learning environment is unique. Youll share the classroom with professionals with diverse backgrounds from all over with one common goal in mind getting ahead. Add to that the skilled professors who bring a wealth of information through their own academic credentials as well as their hands-on experience. Its a foundation for success. The coursework has added relevance when you can see how its applied in business. There are discussions not lectures which take your learning to a higher level. Youll gain new perspective and focus in the industry. Online Connections The use of technology and online learning has a long history of success at Franklin University. Weve been able to use technology to provide a learning environment that mimics that of the classroom. The use of visual and audio tools allows you to engage in conversations with your fellow classmates and professors making more personal connections even at a distance. You acquire a new level of knowledge and strengthen core communication skills through the course online interactions. Our technology gives you the freedom to take classes from home or even take time for vacations while never missing a class. 8 9 10 ABUNDANT RESOURCES What you need to succeed as a graduate student is all right here. Franklin University has a vast number of resources available to assist you from acquiring textbooks to receiving research assistance to getting one-on-one coaching from seasoned professionals. Graduate Academic Advisors Some of the most important invaluable resources at Franklin University are our graduate academic advisors. They offer comprehensive support to register for classes provide information on all the requirements clarify program content and act as liaisons to faculty and other resources throughout the program. The Franklin University Nationwide Library Whether you need to gather information or research our state-of-the-art facility has what you are looking for. It houses over 49.5 million items that exceed 10.2 million unique titles and over 140 electronic databases. You have 247 access available and qualified librarians who are also available via phone or email seven days a week. The University Bookstore From textbooks to school supplies Franklin gear to snacks to get you through class Franklin Universitys Bookstore has just what you need. You also have the ability to buy or sell your books online through our Bookstore. Center for Career Development Want to find a career that connects to your education The Franklin University Center for Career Development CCD can bring your goals together to get you headed toward a bright future. The CCD offers resources like interviewing networking and recruiting events industry and company information sessions and professional development workshops. Coaching Programs The Franklin University Coaching Program connects you with experienced business professionals who provide valuable insight networking possibilities and give guidance to get you ahead in your personal and professional life. Intranet Support The myFranklin intranet portal provides all the resources to support your courses both online and face-to-face. Youll have access to a personalized page that links to course listings the syllabus assignments grades transcripts financial services email accounts and other learning resources. Technology Support Franklin provides a very knowledgeable Help Desk available seven days a week to ensure that the technology to support your online experience is working properly. These technicians are available toll free at 1.866.435.7006 and via email at 11 GRADUATE PROGRAMS 12 13 Master of BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Where has business been and where is it heading Our MBA program is grounded in core principles of the past as well as ready for advancements of today. In just 14 months you learn how to be adaptive nimble and savvy to the business situations of today. Global Strategies Technology connects us to the world which means business leaders of the future need to evolve to meet the demands of global accessibility. Business is rapidly changing while facing new challenges and uncertainty. Franklins MBA curriculum invites you to analyze how commerce operates on a world stage. Studies include analytics social responsibility and contemporary communication modes which will lay a foundation for enduring business strategies. Franklins MBA program is offered in several countries around the world connecting you to a diverse background of strategies analytics organizational qualities and team dynamics. Youll position yourself for success in any environment by earning a globally informed MBA with best-practices in international business woven throughout the program. ROSS C O LLEGE OF BUSINES S STANLEY M. RICHARD M. 14 MBA Courses 36 hours Students are admitted to the MBA program periodically throughout the year. MBA courses are each six weeks in length. MBA 707 - MBA Foundations 4 MBA 711 - Business Environment 4 MBA 713 - Human Resource Management 4 MBA 721 - Marketing Management 4 MBA 723 - Managerial Economics 4 MBA 731 - Operations Project Management 4 MBA 733 - Financial Managerial Accounting 4 MBA 737 - Corporate Finance 4 MBA 741 - Strategic Management 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 22975 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Summer 2016 April 11 2016 Fall 2016 Aug. 22 2016 15 Master of HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding with advances in technology and changes in health policy opening doors to diverse career opportunities. Advanced degrees are becoming more essential for most mid and senior-level healthcare administrators to be able to stay current and gain an edge in this evolving field. The Master of Healthcare Administration MHA degree at Franklin is an accelerated 16-month program integrating theory and concepts with real-world situation to create a high-level learning experience. Gain Vital Skills Knowledge The MHA program builds upon your existing healthcare experience and develops necessary skills in operational effectiveness health policy and community and global healthcare. You will gain an understanding of the societal cultural and environmental healthcare issues that we face today and develop the leadership skills to effectively respond and resolve situations to create a more dynamic system. 16 MHA Courses 40 hours Students are admitted to the MHA program periodically throughout the year. Courses are all six weeks in length. Core Sequence 28 hours HRM 701 - Human Resource Management 4 HCM 733 - Finance Managerial Accounting in Healthcare Organizations 4 HCM 735 - Healthcare Delivery Systems 4 HCM 742 - Healthcare Laws Ethics 4 HCM 765 - Healthcare Operations Management 4 HCM 772 - Healthcare Strategic Management 4 PSYC 603 - Managerial Psychology 4 Electives 12 hours Health Informatics HIM 702 - Health Information Governance 4 HIM 710 - Clinical Workflow Applications 4 HIM 761 - Healthcare Analytics 4 Healthcare Quality Management GRAD 770 - Lean Six Sigma 4 HCM 752 - Health Policy 4 HCM 762 - Global Health 4 PUAD 701 - Foundations of Public and Not-for-Profit Administration 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 25515 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Summer 2016 April 11 2016 Fall 2016 Aug. 22 2016 17 Master of PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Todays nation is faced with unprecedented challenges therefore it is essential to have leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors with in-depth knowledge and high- level thinking. Franklins 17-month Master of Public Administration MPA degree provides a practical understanding of real-world skills combined with theories concepts and principles you need to lead a mission-driven organization in the public or nonprofit sectors. Gain Expertise in Public and Community Service The MPA program provides a foundation for strategic planning critical thinking and ethical decision-making essential for leadership development. You will enhance your communication and collaboration skills by gaining a deep understanding of the organizations that serve public nonprofit and for-profit organizations and gain techniques and leadership skills to secure your role as an effective and ethical leader in government or nonprofit sectors. The MPA includes core classes in financial management decision-making methods and quantitative analysis but also gives you the flexibility to take graduate electives based on your interests or pursue a track in Criminal Justice Administration Healthcare Administration or Human Resource Management. Designed to develop leaders who can think strategically to serve the public interest and our communities the MPA degree at Franklin gives you an edge. 18 MPA Courses 40 hours Students are admitted to the MPA program periodically throughout the year. Courses are six weeks in length with the exception of the capstone which is 12 weeks. Standard Curriculum PUAD 701 - Foundations of Public Not-for-Profit Administration 4 PUAD 710 - Managing Public Personnel Information Systems 4 PUAD 715 - Methodological Reasoning Quantitative Analysis 4 PUAD 725 - Management Decision Making Methods 4 PUAD 740 - Financial Management Budgeting 4 PUAD 745 - Strategy Collaboration Communication 4 PUAD 750 - Leading Public Not-for-Profit Organizations 4 Graduate Elective 4 Graduate Elective 4 PUAD 790 - Public Administration Capstone 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 25515 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually Application Deadlines Fall 2016 Aug. 22 2016 Specialized Tracks Students who want to develop expertise in a particular functional or policy area of interest can pursue one of the MPA specializations rather than the standard curriculum. Specific courses in Criminal Justice Administration Human Resource Administration or Healthcare Administration can be substituted for PUAD 750 and the graduate electives. 19 Master of Science in ACCOUNTING As challenges in accounting evolve so does the demand to find accountants with more expertise to handle this complex field. The M.S. in Accounting program MSA at Franklin elevates your technical research and communication skills to give you the edge and distinction needed to compete. Our 17-month MSA develops a higher level of expertise for this multidimensional profession. Advance Your Skill Set The state of our economy is dependent on the accuracy and timeliness of financial data. The MSA program at Franklin reinforces core financial and managerial aspects of accounting while it dives deeper into forensics technology organizational risk and accounting research. It strengthens your communication skills so you can convey accounting research and findings with accuracy and clarity. The curriculum allows you to differentiate yourself as an accounting professional by choosing in- depth study in financial operations or taxation. Transform Your Career Organizations are looking for accountants who cannot only decipher the numbers but also easily communicate what they mean. Be a leader in this growing field with the advanced strategic-level skill sets youll gain with your Franklin MSA. ROSS C O LLEGE OF BUSINES S STANLEY M. RICHARD M. 20 MSA Courses 30 hours Students are admitted to the MSA program periodically throughout the year. ACCT 710 6 weeks and ACCT 715 12 weeks are taken concurrently and are followed by six 12-week courses. Core Requirements ACCT 710 - Introduction to Research in Accounting 2 ACCT 715 - Financial Accounting Theory 4 ACCT 725 - Management Control Processes Systems 4 ACCT 795 - Accounting Research Seminar 4 Financial Operations Track ACCT 731 - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 4 ACCT 732 - Forensic Accounting 4 ACCT 733 - Advanced Auditing Data Mining Techniques 4 ACCT 734 - Enterprise Risk Analysis Management 4 Taxation Track ACCT 751 - Advanced Personal Income Taxation 4 ACCT 752 - C-Corporation Taxation 4 ACCT 753 - Pass-Through Entity Taxation 4 ACCT 754 - Gift and Estate Taxation 2015-16 Educational Costs 19165 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Summer 2016 April 11 2016 Fall 2016 July 11 2016 Acceptance into the MSA program is dependent on the completion of specific undergraduate accounting prerequisites with a grade of C or better. 21 Master of Science in BUSINESS PSYCHOLOGY This fast-paced and competitive world is demanding more effective and strategic leaders in the marketplace. The Master of Science in Business Psychology MSBP degree from Franklin University is an innovative 14-month program that uniquely integrates the latest in positive psychology and the understanding of human behavior with traditional business skills and practices. Increase Your Expertise With this emerging career field organizations are putting a premium on leaders who can fluidly operate across disciplines. A deeper understanding of motivating human behavior while resolving managerial issues is a critical factor in the success of high-performing organizations. This programs relevant courses including Neurolinguistic Programming Mind Mapping and Managerial Psychology will build upon your strengths to enhance your current position or advance you to the next level. The MSBP program is a true integration of business and psychology preparing you for leadership in your career field. Blending these two disciplines enables you to communicate comfortably with both leaders and functional experts differentiating you in the marketplace. With cutting-edge knowledge of neuroscience in relation to business and incorporating a qualitative approach to economics finance marketing and human resources you will emerge as a leader in todays complex social and economic environment. 22 MSBP Courses 36 hours Students are admitted to the MSBP program periodically throughout the year. Courses are six weeks in length and are taken sequentially. PSYC 601 - Introduction to Business Psychology 4 PSYC 602 - Individual Organizational Intelligence 4 PSYC 603 - Managerial Psychology 4 PSYC 604 - Behavioral Economics Neurofinance 4 PSYC 605 - Psychology of Marketing 4 PSYC 606 - Psychology of Human Resources 4 PSYC 607 - Psychology of Creativity Innovation Change 4 PSYC 608 - Psychology of Organizational Coaching 4 PSYC 609 - Business Psychology Mastery Demonstration 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 22975 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Fall 2016 Aug. 22 2016 Acceptance into the MSBP program requires the completion of undergraduate courses in statistics and an introductory psychology course. 23 Human resources is one of the most important functions in an organization. In this complex ever-changing industry CEOs are looking for specialized HR leaders to become strategic partners. Franklins 16-month M.S. in Human Resource Management MSHRM Program will sharpen your knowledge and enhance your skills enabling you to take your company and your career to the next level. Strategic Leadership Todays critical role of HR professionals is not limited to transactional administration. High expectations are set in overseeing complex management programs benefit plans changing labor laws employee rights and hiring and retaining talented employees. Our MSHRM program explores the interactions within the workplace and provides a practical understanding of human resource management theories concepts and principles through courses like Employee Rights Performance Appraisal Systems and Organizational Leadership. Integrating new understandings in organizational development with business functions and practices will expand your potential career opportunities as you apply the relevant coursework to real-world practice. You will gain the expertise to promote the maximum employee performance and foster an environment of collaboration worklife balance and commitment that you can apply immediately at work giving you an edge in the marketplace. Master of Science in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ROSS C O LLEGE OF BUSINES S STANLEY M. RICHARD M. 24 MSHRM Courses 40 hours Students are admitted to the MSHRM program periodically throughout the year. Courses can be taken in any order except the first HRM 701 and last HRM 710 courses. Classes are six weeks in length. HRM 701 - Human Resource Management 4 HRM 702 - Employee Rights Responsibilities Discipline 4 HRM 703 - Labor Relations Process Law 4 HRM 704 - Performance Appraisal Systems 4 HRM 705 - Compensation Design Administration 4 HRM 706 - Organizational Development Intervention 4 HRM 707 - Organizational Leadership 4 HRM 708 - Strategic Human Resource Planning 4 HRM 709 - International Human Resource Management 4 HRM 710 - Capstone Project 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 25515 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Fall 2016 Aug. 22 2016 25 Master of Science COMPUTER SCIENCE Technology is taking us into the future more rapidly than ever. For IT specialists or experienced programmers who want to get more responsibilities and move into senior roles the competition is tougher than ever. The M.S. Computer Science MSCS gives you extensive experience in systems and topics in the field. The 20-month MSCS program advances you in the IT field. Give Your Career An Upgrade Todays technology professionals need to be experts in developing and applying complex systems but also one who can effectively communicate why its needed. Franklins MSCS program develops both aspects of the field in depth. You develop high-level theories and hands-on proficiency to create document and design applications of our future. The MSCS program covers advanced topics in database management software development system engineering as well as options to delve into artificial intelligence and computer security. Youll learn how to develop theories into well-designed software systems and document multifaceted computing applications. Your talent and education will give you more opportunity to advance your career. 26 MSCS Courses 40 hours Students are admitted to the MSCS program periodically throughout the year. All courses are 12 weeks. COMP 620 - Analysis of Algorithms 4 COMP 630 - Issues in Database Management 4 COMP 645 - Topics in Software Development 4 COMP 650 - System Architecture Engineering 4 COMP 655 - Distributed Systems 4 COMP 660 - Communication Strategies for the Technical Professional 4 COMP 665 - Project Management of Information Systems 4 COMP 671 - Verification Testing 4 COMP 691 - Capstone Project 4 Electives one required COMP 610 - Internship in Graduate Computer Science 1-4 COMP 670 - Application of Artificial Intelligence 4 COMP 672 - Human Factors 4 COMP 674 - Parallel High Performance Computing 4 COMP 676 - Computer Security 4 COMP 680 - Special Topics in Graduate Computer Science 4 COMP 699 - Independent Studies in Graduate Computer Science 1-4 2015-16 Educational Costs 27515 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 685 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Summer 2016 March 21 2016 Fall 2016 Aug. 1 2016 Prerequisite requirements for applicants without an undergraduate degree in computer sciences will be reviewed on an individual basis based upon bachelors degree courses work experience and demonstrated competency in computer science. 27 When you know how to successfully perform your job and all that goes with it the entire organization operates better. Organizations need people with a specialized expertise to lead training and development teams human performance and learning management. By earning Franklins 24-month M.S. Instructional Design Performance Technology IDPT you are prepared for a future helping others succeed. Additionally after you complete the first four classes in the program you are eligible to receive a certificate in Instructional Design. This added credential boosts your professional credibility as you continue on the path to your masters degree. Learning Performance The IDPT program focuses on two sides of optimized workplace performance instruction design which focuses on developing performance skills and knowledge of workers as well as human performance technology which focuses on enhancing the results of people operating in work settings. You will blend disciplines of behavioral psychology communication theory systems theory management science and cognitive science so you can design develop and implement methods to improve performance and solve learning problems. Master of Science INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY 28 IDPT Courses 37 hours Students are admitted to the IDPT program periodically throughout the year. The courses which are either six or 12 weeks in duration are taken sequentially. Required IDPT 600 - Principles of Learning Theory 4 IDPT 610 - Principles of Instructional Design 4 IDPT 620 - Principles of Human Performance Technology 4 IDPT 630 - Performance Analysis 4 IDPT 640 - Enhancing Learning with Technology 4 IDPT 650 - Evaluation 4 IDPT 660 - Advanced Instructional Design Performance Technology 4 IDPT 670 - Capstone Project 4 IDPT 680 - PresentationPortfolio 1 Elective one required IDPT 700 - Performance Consulting 4 IDPT 715 - Managing Learning Projects Relationships 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 23240 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 625 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Winter 2016 Feb. 15 2016 Summer 2016 April 11 2016 Fall 2016 Aud. 22 2016 29 Master of Science MARKETING COMMUNICATION There is an increasing need for companies to find creative ways to gain their share of the marketplace. The need to be compelling and persuasive is extremely vital to position an organization for success. Franklins 16-month M.S. Marketing Communication program MCM develops a well-rounded professional to meet a business needs now and into the future in a specialized way. A Highly Specialized Market The MCM curriculum is a unique blend of creative thinking and analytical strategies. Our dual-discipline program creates a savvy and sophisticated professional who is prepared for the changes and challenges of todays market. You use proven theories to create real- world applications across a variety of mediums and technologies for a global presence. You will develop and hone analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to design a strategic and creative campaign that delivers to the target market. Youll emerge with a unique perspective of marketing and communication experience and leadership. And that gives you the edge in the marketplace. ROSS C O LLEGE OF BUSINES S STANLEY M. RICHARD M. 30 MCM Courses 40 hours Students are admitted to the MCM program periodically throughout the year. Courses are six weeks in length and are taken sequentially. MCM 707 - Marketing Communication Foundations 4 MCM 713 - Marketing Communication Essentials 4 MCM 727 - Behavioral Research 4 MCM 711 - Digital Marketing 4 MCM 721 - Creative Concepts 4 MCM 723 - Metrics Analytics 4 MCM 731 - Applied Marketing Communication Theory 4 MCM 733 - Marketing Communication Theory 4 MCM 737 - Marketing Communication Management Leadership 4 MCM 741 - Marketing Communication Capstone 4 2015-16 Educational Costs 25515 Cost includes a 30 application fee and 85 graduation fee. Total cost is based on 2015-16 tuition rates 635 credit hour. Tuition rates are re-evaluated annually. Application Deadlines Summer 2016 April 11 2016 Fall 2016 Aug. 22 2016 31 ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS Eligibility is assessed through your work accomplishments and academic record as well as through an essay and references. A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university A minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale. The evaluation of GMAT or GRE score varies by program is required for a GPA of less than 2.75. For the MBA and MSA the GMAT is required. For the MHA MPA IDPT and MSCS the GRE is required. For the MSBP MCM and MSHRM either GMAT or GRE is required. Proficiency in writing and English language skills Each program is unique and may require that you have taken certain courses in your undergraduate program. For program specific prerequisites please visit franklin.edusuccess. Admission Checklist The following are required for admission to all Franklin University Graduate Programs A completed online Graduate Programs Application for Admission 30 application fee Official transcripts from each college or university attended sent directly to Franklin University Admission essay Rsum that includes the names and contact information for three professional or academic references For your application to be considered you must submit the online application at Other materials can be submitted by email graduate.admissions or by mail respectively to Franklin University Office of Graduate Admissions 201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus OH 43215 Students are accepted into the Franklin University Graduate Programs throughout the year. The Office of Graduate Admissions will notify you of your acceptance into the program. International non-immigrant students must submit the following in addition to all other required admissions materials Financial Sponsorship Form signed by sponsor F-1 students only Financial statements from sponsor to verify availability of funds F-1 students only Copy of passport biographical information page International applicants must also provide evidence of English proficiency TOEFL score of at least 550 paper- based 213 computer-based 79 internet-based or IELTS score of 6.5. For more information please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions at 1.877.341.6300 toll free or by email at 32 33 34 COST PAYMENT OPTIONS We take pride in being straightforward about the cost of your masters degree at Franklin University. You wont run into hidden fees and youll know what expenses to expect throughout the program from the start. Types of Financial Assistance The type of aid available depends upon the students financial and academic situation. Students must file the required Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA and the Declaration of Outside Assistance Form if applicable. To be considered for maximum financial aid students must submit applications by the filing deadlines. Student Loans Regardless of financial need low- interest student loans are available to most students. Veterans Benefits Our supportive knowledgeable staff helps you get the most out of your Post 911 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program. For more information on financial aid go to franklin.edufinaid. 35 36 ABOUT FRANKLIN UNIVERSITY In 1902 Franklin University was established in Columbus Ohio and has been the leader in adult education ever since. Today this nonprofit institution has grown to become central Ohios foremost educator of working adults and the second-largest private university in the state. While youll find our roots in Columbus Ohio our extensions reach far and wide. The University offers courses and complete degree programs online at more than 20 Midwest locations and internationally through partner institutions. Nearly 45000 Franklin alumni can be found across the country and around the world serving the communities in which they live and work. 37 Our Grad Students If youre wondering if youll fit in dont worry. Franklins diversity reaches far and wide. On average our graduate students are 35 years old with 10-12 years of work experience. They are full-time professionals looking for more experience to get ahead who need the freedom Franklin offers to work and go to school. Most are trying to balance work family and other commitments. Franklin has a long history of meeting the learning needs of adult students making the most of your time your money and your career. So you can get ahead without getting behind in other areas of your life. Accreditation Why select a college or university that is accredited Accredited institutions are held to a higher academic standard by state and regional governing bodies to ensure your education is of the highest quality. Franklin University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission HLC. Franklin University is authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Franklin University in Indianapolis Indiana is authorized by the Board for Proprietary Education Indiana Commission for Higher Education. 38 The following Franklin University business degree programs are accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education IACBE Graduate Programs Master of Business Administration MBA M.S. - Marketing Communication MCM Undergraduate Programs A.S. B.S. Accounting B.S. Applied Management A.S. B.S. Business Administration B.S. Business Forensics A.S. B.S. Financial Management B.S. Financial Planning A.S. B.S. Forensic Accounting B.S. Human Resources Management B.S. Internet Marketing B.S. Management Leadership B.S. Marketing B.S. Operations Supply Chain Management 39 40 DEFINE YOURSELF You can do this. Youre ready for the challenge and youre more than ready to get the recognition. A masters degree can get you to the next level of your career. Franklin gives you the freedom to craft your education around your schedule. So theres no reason to wait. Apply for admission into one of our highly respected graduate programs and be on your way to career success. Learn more franklin.eduviewbook 1.877.341.6300 41 w w w . f r a n k l i n . e d u w w w . f r a n k l i n . e d u 201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus OH 43215 1.877.341.6300 15-0135 Franklin University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Franklin University is authorized by the Ohio Department of Higher Education. Franklin University in Indianapolis Indiana is authorized by the Board for Proprietary Education Indiana Commission for Higher Education. Franklin University does not discriminate on the basis of age religion race ethnicity color national origin ancestry immigration status sex sexual orientation gender identity or expression marital or familial status disability or veteran or military status. For inquiries about the Universitys non-discrimination policies please contact the Dean of Students Office Otte Student Services Center 201 S. Grant Ave. Columbus OH 43215 614.947.6758