Franklin University Shadowbox Live: Merging the world of business with showbusiness
Theater of Business

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An exclusive collaboration between Franklin University and Shadowbox Live, the Theater of Business focuses on developing energizing workshops for you that build camaraderie and professional expertise.

Be Entertained.
Gain Skills.
Get Empowered.

The Theater of Business puts excitement into workshops by using sketch comedy, video shorts, music, and drama to help build team spirit, enhance communication and presentation abilities, or customer service and selling skills.

your audience.

Learn how to create compelling, sustaining audience interest - whether addressing an informal gathering of colleagues or an auditorium filled with conference attendees.

Create compelling
memorable workshops.

Choose from exciting, customizable workshops in the following categories:

  • Team Building
  • Communication Skills
  • Sales and Services
  • Conference/Corporate Events
  • Customer Service
  • Presentation Skills
  • Appreciating Differences