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Franklin University Announces Four New Graduate Programs

For Immediate Release: September 5, 2012

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Columbus, OH —

Franklin University is pleased to announce the addition of four new graduate programs to its academic offerings beginning in Winter 2013.

In today's demanding workplace, it's increasingly important to define one's unique professional value. The addition of Franklin's four new forward-thinking Graduate Programs provides the opportunity for a broader community of learners to gain the skills needed to stand out from the competition.

Master of Science in Business Psychology 
Applied Psychology, with its emphasis on a pragmatic understanding of individual thought and action offers an excellent complement to the practical field of business. The M.S. in Business Psychology is specifically designed to fuse a functional understanding of business with applied psychology.  

Extreme competition has given rise to high-performance organizations and the demand for talented individuals who understand human behavior. The Master of Science in Business Psychology (MS MBP) from Franklin University emphasizes using the latest psychological research to motivate behavior and resolve challenging managerial issues - providing graduates with the opportunity to advance their career and organization’s mission.  This 14-month program will provide graduates with the skills to:

  • Assess the value of a neuroscience tool for use in the workplace
  • Assess the business intelligence of an organization
  • Evaluate psychological assessments for use in leadership and organization development
  • Create behaviorally based measures of economic performance
  • Apply psychological principles in new product marketing
  • Differentiate job applicants using behavioral science methods
  • Design a process to stimulate organizational innovation
  • Employ coaching techniques to deal with dysfunctional individuals

Master of Healthcare Administration 
The Master of Healthcare Administration (MSA) is a 16-month program that helps students acquire the knowledge needed to prepare for highly valued and well-compensated roles in a variety of healthcare-related settings – whether or not they have a background in healthcare. The program emphasizes leadership, operational effectiveness, health policy, and addressing community and global healthcare issues. 

Healthcare is facing a major transformation, creating the demand for strategic, ethical, and effective healthcare leaders. The Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) from Franklin University emphasizes leadership, strategic thinking, and ethics - providing an opportunity for graduates to advance both their career and organization’s mission. This new program will provide graduates with the skills to:

  • Synthesize and integrate advanced healthcare administration theories, concepts, principles, and practices
  • Systematically apply communication, technical and analytical knowledge, and critical thinking skills to administrative and clinical healthcare-related problem solving
  • Analyze and evaluate the development and implementation of healthcare administrative planning
  • Design and create solutions to address and solve societal, cultural, and environmental healthcare issues
  • Apply leadership learning and project management skills immediately at work

Master of Science in Human Resource Management
The M.S. in Human Resource Management (MSHRM) is designed to provide a life-enhancing educational experience for professionals working in the HR field. Franklin’s MSHRM can be completed in as little as 16 months and is intended to provide the student who wants to excel with a broad understanding of the human resource industry, with a focus on preparing graduates to become “strategic partners” to CEOs – or CEOs themselves.  

High-performance organizations are seeking talented individuals who understand that HR has evolved into a more strategic role less defined by transactional administrative activities.  The Master of Science in Human Resource Management (MS HRM) from Franklin University prepares graduates to oversee complex employee benefit plans, understand changing labor laws, and become "strategic partners" to CEOs, providing an opportunity to advance their career and organization’s mission.

Graduates of the new MS HRM will benefit from the extensive real-world expertise of Franklin’s highly qualified instructors.  This new program will provide graduates with the skills needed to:

  • Develop and implement training, performance management, and total reward systems
  • Manage change and labor-management practices in a global environment
  • Recognize international Human Resources Management practices, making adjustments for cross-cultural differences
  • Critically analyze and recommend strategic action plans to implement strategies that foster collaboration, work/life balance, and commitment
  • Apply learning and new insight immediately at work

Master of Public Administration 
The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares students to lead and manage public and not-for-profit organizations. The MPA has become the foremost graduate degree in the area of government and not-for-profit management with employers recognizing the Franklin MPA program as an effective way to develop employees’ professional skills and increase the capacity of their organizations. 

Unprecedented challenges are creating the demand for effective, ethical and proactive public leaders.  The Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Franklin University emphasizes leadership, strategic thinking, and ethics - providing an opportunity for graduates to advance their careers and organization’s mission.  The 16-month program provides curriculum designed to guide graduates in:

  • Developing expertise to improve organizational performance and serve the public interest
  • Applying technology, critical thinking, and communication skills to effectively engage in dialogue with diverse audiences
  • Using concepts and tools from finance, human resources, information technology, management sciences, and statistics in problem solving, decision making and issues management
  • Applying a public service perspective when making decisions about policy and program, and the administration of public and nonprofit organizations
  • Using financial, network and strategic management concepts and tools in problem solving and scission making about administrative, programmatic, and policy issues
  • Applying leadership learning and project management skills immediately at work

About Franklin University
Founded in 1902, Franklin University is one of the leading and most experienced educators of adult students. The University offers applied, in-demand undergraduate, master's and doctorate programs that enable adult learners to achieve their educational and professional goals.  From entrepreneurs to CEOs, more than 45,000 Franklin alumni can be found around the world contributing to the communities in which they live and work. Students can take classes through Franklin through its Main Campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio, two central Ohio locations, in Beavercreek, at co-locations across Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and online. In addition, the University's MBA program is offered internationally through agreements with institutions in Europe and the Middle East. Further information regarding Franklin University can be found at

Franklin University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).


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