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Course Registration

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Students must register for classes at least one week prior to the session start date. Currently enrolled students can add or drop courses by accessing their WebAdvisor link under the shortcuts tab in their myFranklin account. Students utilizing this method of registration must still adhere to current University regulations regarding adding courses. Students can also register by completing a Course Add/Drop Form (available in the Office of Student Services or the Academic Advising Resource Center) and submitting it in one of the following ways:

  •  e-mail to (must be sent from your account)
  •  mail to: Student Services, Franklin University, 201 S. Grant Ave., Columbus, 
     Ohio 43215-5399
  •  drop-off at any Franklin University location
  •  schedule an appointment with an Academic Advisor

After a student has submitted a Course Add/Drop Form, the completion of required course prerequisites will be verified. Completed registration requests will appear in WebAdvisor on the student’s my.Franklin account. Late registration or course additions after published registration deadlines are only accepted with Lead Faculty and Academic Advisor permission. Students with prior financial balances or financial aid “holds” must contact the Business Office prior to registering.

After initial registration by an Admissions Advisor, students can add or drop courses by accessing their personalized Web page at Students utilizing this method of registration must adhere to current University regulations regarding adding courses. Students with questions or need assistance with registering for their courses can email their Academic Advisor at for assistance.

Students must register for class at least one week prior to the session start date. After a student has registered, a confirmation copy of the schedule and fee statement will be forwarded to their Franklin University issued email address.

Late registrations or additions of courses after published deadlines are not accepted without the Program Chair, Lead Faculty, Instructor or Academic Advisor’s permission. Students with prior financial balances or financial aid “holds” may not be able to register for classes and must contact the Business Office directly.

Students may request to be registered for a specific section and instructor but these course items are subject to change.

Franklin is committed to offering military students the flexible, convenient course formats needed to balance education with the demands of military life.

The registration period begins two months prior to the course start date and closes ten days prior to the course start date. Visit the GoArmyEd Portal for a list of the current term's registration deadlines.

We also understand that military obligations might make it difficult to complete a course. Courses may be dropped via the GoArmyEd Portal.

All registration activity must be initiated through the GoArmyEd portal.

No credit is given for audited courses. Each auditor must do all the work required of a student enrolled in the course for credit, except take examinations. Fees and tuition for auditing are the same as those charged when courses are taken for credit. Audit status must be indicated in writing to the Office of Student Services no later than the end of the first week of the session in which the class is to be audited.

Franklin University participates in a cross-registration system with the other colleges and universities in the Higher Education Council of Columbus (HECC). These institutions are Capital University, The Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus State Community College, DeVry University (Columbus, Ohio location only), Ohio Dominican University, The Ohio State University, Otterbein University, and the Pontifical College Josephinum.

Cross-registration allows full-time students at Franklin University to register for enrichment classes at other HECC institutions. Students will register, pay tuition and receive grades at Franklin University. To participate, undergraduate students must have earned at least 24 credit hours at Franklin University and must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Course selection is limited to one per trimester and may not be more than a total of three per lifetime. Also, students may not cross-register for a course that is available at Franklin University. Cross-registration is not permitted during Summer Trimester.

Students must meet with the Registrar to make arrangements to cross-register.

Upon receipt of a Certification Letter request form, the Registrar's Office will notify a student's employer, by letter, that the student has enrolled for a trimester or has completed a trimester's work. 

Students wishing to withdraw from a course must either utilize their personalized Web page,, or submit an Add/Drop Form. After the first week of class, a withdrawal will result in a grade of “W” (Withdrawn) on the student’s academic record but will not be calculated in the grade point average. Tuition charges and/or refunds will be based on the date the student submits an Add/Drop Form to the University. The deadline for a student to withdraw from a class is the Sunday prior to the last scheduled week of class.

A student who either never attends or participates, or stops attending or participating in a class but fails to submit an Add/Drop Form to withdraw is obligated for full tuition and will receive a grade (possibly a failing grade of “Z”) from the instructor based on all work assigned and/or completed.

Based on evidence of excessive absence, non-participation, or missed exams as defined in the course syllabus, a faculty member may initiate a student’s withdrawal through the Registrar’s Office. The Financial Aid Office also may request the Registrar to withdraw a student for non-attendance or non-participation. In either case, the tuition and payment policy will be applied.

Financial Aid Consequences
Students receiving any type of financial aid may lose part or all of such assistance if they stop attending or stop participating, or withdraw from one or more courses in any one trimester. Any over-award that results from withdrawing, nonattendance, or non-participation must be repaid before further financial assistance may be received. In considering whether or not to withdraw from, stop attending, or stop participating in a course, students receiving financial aid should first consult with the Financial Aid office.

Students voluntarily withdrawing from Franklin University (withdrawal from all of their active courses) must initiate the withdrawal process by completing the online “Withdrawal from All Active Courses” form. Upon completion of this form, students will be contacted by a University representative to confirm their intention to withdraw, verify their understanding of any potential academic and/or financial consequences, and affirm that the University has done everything it can to assist them in continuing their studies. Students who cannot be reached will be administratively withdrawn. The date used to process the withdrawal will be the date that the online form is submitted. Withdrawal requests must be initiated by completing the online form; no paper withdrawal forms, voicemail messages or email requests will be accepted.

Students withdrawing from one or some of their active courses, rather than all courses, can do so by accessing their MyTools account or by submitting an Add/Drop form. However, before dropping courses, students receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office. Students receiving any type of financial aid may lose part or all of their financial assistance if they stop attending, withdraw from a course, or withdraw from all active courses in any one trimester. Non-attendance in class is not to be assumed as constituting formal withdrawal from the University. Grade designation is determined by the policies in effect at the time of the student’s withdrawal. Students voluntarily withdrawing from the institution amidst a pending conduct resolution for violent acts will have that noted on their transcript.

When students withdraw from one or more courses, they may be entitled to a tuition refund. Franklin University provides detailed tuition refund tables for changes to students’ schedules.

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