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How to find a Proctor

In order to take out-of-class, FUPE or placement tests, your online students must find a proctor to ensure academic integrity. Proctors are held to the highest expectations and levels of professionalism.

Proctors are approved by SLC Testing Specialists. Please encourage your students to find a proctor through the National College Testing Association or by following our Proctor Expectations.

Testing Tips for Instructors

Test Copies
The Lead Faculty member for the course will provide you with copies of the exams.  The SLC does not keep master copies of exams on file. It is your responsibility to submit a test request with all the necessary information. 

Getting Exams to SLC for distribution
If your exams are paper-based, you must attach the appropriate exam to your test request.  Online exams are stored in Testcraft, our online assessment software.  If your exams are administered online, DO NOT attach any test documents; simply state in the comments section the name of the exam and that it is online.

Formatting Test Documents
To ensure you receive a complete copy of each exam, the SLC strongly encourages instructors to make sure test documents are formatted to include the following information in the header:

  • Instructor’s Name 
  • Course & Section Number (ex. MATH 215, V1FF)
  • Page Numbers (ex. Page 1 of 8) 
  • Space for the Student’s Name
  • Name or Number of exam (ex. Test 1, midterm)

While this might seem like a small detail, including this information on test documents helps ensure the academic integrity of each student’s exam, and provides an opportunity for students and proctors to confirm they’ve received a complete copy of the test. It also assists in the accurate and prompt return of each exam. 

Please attach all documents as Word documents.

Online Test Administration Request Form
The Online Test Request form