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How to find a Proctor

In order to take out-of-class, FUPE or placement tests, your online students must find a proctor to ensure academic integrity. Proctors are held to the highest expectations and levels of professionalism.

Proctors are approved by SLC Testing Specialists. Please encourage your students to find a proctor through the National College Testing Association or by following our Proctor Expectations.

Testing Tips for Instructors

Test Copies
The Lead Faculty member for the course will provide you with copies of the exams.  The SLC does not keep master copies of exams on file. It is your responsibility to submit a test request with all the necessary information. 

Getting Exams to SLC for distribution
If your exams are paper-based, you must attach the appropriate exam to your test request.  Online exams are stored in Testcraft, our online assessment software.  If your exams are administered online, DO NOT attach any test documents; simply state in the comments section the name of the exam and that it is online.

Formatting Test Documents
To ensure you receive a complete copy of each exam, the SLC strongly encourages instructors to make sure test documents are formatted to include the following information in the header:

  • Instructor’s Name 
  • Course & Section Number (ex. MATH 215, V1FF)
  • Page Numbers (ex. Page 1 of 8) 
  • Space for the Student’s Name
  • Name or Number of exam (ex. Test 1, midterm)

While this might seem like a small detail, including this information on test documents helps ensure the academic integrity of each student’s exam, and provides an opportunity for students and proctors to confirm they’ve received a complete copy of the test. It also assists in the accurate and prompt return of each exam. 

Please attach all documents as Word documents.

Online Test Administration Request Form
The Online Test Request form can be found at Click on the link to begin the test administration request process.  If you are unfamiliar with the test request process, please visit the following link for more information:

Processing Time for a Test Request
All test requests should be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the start date for the exam.  This provides the SLC with sufficient time to follow up with questions regarding test dates, permitted materials, etc and ensure that test materials are delivered and successfully received before the test start date.

Approving Proctors
The SLC currently approves all proctors according to the University’s proctor expectations.  Although instructors are encouraged to communicate with the SLC during this process, the SLC reserves the right to have the final say with the students selected proctor.

Note: instructors are still able to view proctor information within the Test Request System.  More information is contained in the Online Test Request training materials

Proctors for Local students
Local students need to select either the downtown SLC, the Dublin testing center, Beavercreek testing center or the Indianapolis location on the Test Proctor Form.  These students are required to test at one of these locations; proctors other than the three mentioned above that are submitted for these areas will be denied.

Make-Up Exams
Make-up exams can be dropped off at the SLC, emailed to,  or submitted through the Online Test Administration Request Form.  If you submit a make-up exam online, please make a note in the additional comments section that identifies the request as a make-up exam and includes the names of the students who will be taking the test.  If you choose to email the information please provide: student(s) name(s), test start and end date, permitted materials, time limit and how you would like the exam returned. View the make-up request form at: 

For Complete and Legible Exam Returns
Please encourage students to use a pen or to apply pressure when writing with a pencil so that their responses are still legible after the test has been scanned for return.  Also, adding a border and encouraging students to only write inside the margin can prevent students’ responses from being cut off. Lastly, always remind students to only write on the front of each page of their exam—never the back.

Permitted Materials
If a calculator is permitted for use during your exam, please specify if the calculator is to be a graphing or non-graphing calculator. If either calculator is permitted, it is best to chose graphing. Finally, if your students are allowed a note sheet, it is best to choose “full sheet, front only” to avoid confusion and to make returning notes along with the exam easier.

If you experience any problems with the Online Test Request Form please contact the Help Desk (614-947-6222 or  If you have any questions about testing services feel free to contact the SLC (614-947-6800 or