Student, Alumni and Faculty Spotlight

Student, Alumni, and Faculty Spotlight

Franklin University takes great pride in the successes and accomplishments of our students, alumni and faculty members and it's nice to be recognized for outstanding achievements.

Join us as we celebrate outstanding achievements from leaders, influencers and innovators within the Franklin University community! 

This Month's Spotlight

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Clode Moradi

Bachelor's Degree in Financial Planning, Fraklin University 2018

Clode Moradi earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Planning and graduated Summa Cum Laude from Franklin University in May 2018. Today Clode is a Certified Financial Planner, CFP®, and the founder of Brilliant Financial Strategies, base in California. 

He started in the financial industry more than 18 years ago and created BFS as a platform to bring financial planning to people at a much deeper level. Clode feels that Financial Planning needs to break out and surpass the status quo. “Our job is to help clients make use of their financial potential to build a meaningful life”.  

“I have really enjoyed working and consulting with my professors at Franklin. Franklin University has also been a fantastic experience. I can't say enough about the school and the way in which the financial planning curriculum was delivered.” Clode said. “The process in which the courses were taught was very efficient and I enjoyed learning. . It has been so helpful in guiding me to realize what I have always been wanting to do with my career as a financial planner.” 
Clode has recently decided to earn a Post-CFP® Master’s Degree in Advanced Financial Planning to advance his knowledge in the financial planning field.