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De-Stressing at Work

September 11, 2018 | By Jeannie Black

As a member of a high-performing, deadline-driven team, it is important to manage everyday workplace stress as well as develop strategies to increase concentration. There are many ways to de-stress, but music is my balm of choice. Some of my other favorites include doing anything artistic (think: painting or photography), along with reading. Some people practice breathing exercises or will walk around a bit as well. Of course, there are many other ways to de-stress, but doing so at work can be tricky.

I am one of those people that feels more productive and able to focus when I wear my headphones at work. With music as background noise, I am able to tune out the noise of the others in my workspace. In fact, if I’m not wearing my headphones and others are chatting around me I tend to focus on them instead of what I want to. Sad, but true. Are you like that too?

Years ago, a company that I worked for had a room that they put bean bag chairs in, a meditation room that locked from the inside, and another room that had air hockey tables! We were encouraged to wear our headphones if we wanted so that we could focus, as we worked in a very open workspace. While this type of workspace was conducive to collaboration, it could also be noisy and distracting. Meetings were held on the floor for entire teams, but there were also meetings rooms for team meetings that needed a bit more planning and workspace. These rooms varied in size from spaces that could fit just two individuals to rooms that could accommodate multiple teams.

Here at the University, we have an employee gym and the campus library, but I tend to seek solitude in a quiet space to read a book when I need to unplug for a short time. Others here will walk the campus when it is nice outside.

Does your office have a quiet space for you to de-stress through reading or meditation? Or, do they encourage you to wear headphones to listen to music to focus on your tasks? What is your go-to de-stress method? What is your favorite genre of book to read or your favorite work playlist? We have a team Spotify account to share our playlists—please feel free to share your inspiration with us too!

About the Author

Jeannie Black

Before arriving at Franklin University, Jeannie wore many hats – editor, data analyst, and project coordinator to name a few, but the love of being a student persists.