Curriculum Design & Development

Curriculum Design & Development

The International Institute for Innovative Instruction employs innovative design practices to create interactive and engaging learning experiences for diverse learners. Our work is based on sound scholarship. Our approach is collaborative. And our goal is to fulfill your curriculum design needs in response to your requirements.

Create Programs That Work for You and Your Learners

Build, Enhance and Maximize Your Learning Initiatives 

Using proven methodologies, we work with you to develop media-rich courses, educational programs and content that facilitates active engagement of learners and yields results. Whether you need a new course, a completely new training program or you're just looking to revise your existing curriculum for greater effectiveness, our doctorally qualified faculty and expert instructional designers can help. Drawing on our experience and knowledge, we are able to deliver content in innovative ways including games, simulations and video, in order to extend your curriculum, engage your learners and achieve your learning objectives. 

Partnership oriented. Results driven. 

We have worked with more than 400 learning organizations providing consultation, workshops and webinars. We've designed or redesigned more than 100 full academic programs and thousands of courses. Our complete range of services enables us to develop and deliver the highest quality learning programs to produce the best possible outcomes. As your partner, we will help you maximize your learning initiatives and position you for success. 

Franklin University’s Curriculum Design & Development Enables You

  • Engage learners through media-rich courses and programs designed in collaboration with your faculty - to your specifications and standards 
  • Start your new program(s) on time with our deadline-driven project development process and guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Deliver content that is grounded in the latest academic research through our International Institute for Innovative Instruction 
  • Assure quality by creating content designed to reflect the latest U.S. and international quality assurance standards 
  • Educate your way with content development that is available in a variety of formats including online, hybrid and on-site 

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