Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Teaching and learning outcomes are at the core of academic excellence - and faced with increased competition and regulatory requirements, attracting, developing and retaining high-quality faculty members is more important than ever. Through a partnership with Franklin University’s International Institute for Innovative Instruction, higher education institutions gain insight into best practices in teaching and assessment, as well as the resources to develop faculty and improve the academic quality of programs.

Provide A Clear Path Toward Teaching Excellence

As part of our unique approach, Franklin works with partner institutions to establish goals and create context-specific and needs-based plans. Franklin’s faculty development curriculum includes research-based best practices for online instruction centered on maximizing student learning. Through formal assessment and training options such as seminars, webinars, and online course offerings, faculty from partner institutions will have the opportunity to demonstrate and implement effective online teaching strategies. Each faculty development course provides participants with skill-based customization in specific areas of support.

Maximize Faculty Impact

Franklin University has the privilege of supporting and partnering with institutions of higher education, both domestically and globally, to offer instructional development and assure online teaching quality. Franklin's unique approach to faculty development and course offerings can provide partner institutions and faculty with the opportunity to develop knowledge and teaching expertise. Through utilizing effective practices that can be implemented immediately, faculty will be able to readily adapt to the situated context of learners.

Partnering With University Faculty Will Enable Institutions To:

  • Enhance organizational results through a wide range of faculty training options, including but not limited to: courses, webinars, and personalized instructional coaching
  • Improve students success through applying learner-centered best practices
  • Develop teaching and learning analytics
  • Demonstrate commitment to teaching excellence through faculty-focused training.

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