Textbooks & Resources

Use this dropdown list to locate the textbooks and resources used in your courses. The resources below are marked as E-textbook, Courseware, Check online bookstore or Free Resource. Please be aware that some courses may use multiple types of resources. See below for a detailed explanation of each type.

Electronic Resources (E-textbooks, Courseware, and Free E-textbooks & Resources)

To reduce expenses and increase convenience, Franklin University is adopting electronic resources instead of traditional textbooks. Downloadable e-textbooks and courseware are especially convenient, since they can be accessed on a variety of devices, such as computers, tablets, and smartphones.

If a material is marked as a "Free Resource," it is available either as a free e-textbook through the Franklin University Library or found elsewhere online. These e-textbooks and materials are available at no charge to students and can be accessed by enrolled students just like any other course resource.

Get answers to commonly asked questions about accessing and downloading these electronic resources.

Resources Available From Bookstore

Although we continue transitioning more courses to embedded electronic resources, some materials may still be available through the bookstore. These materials are listed below as "Check online bookstore" and can be purchased from the Franklin University Bookstore. Please consult the Franklin University Bookstore for more information on these course materials

No Textbook Required

If you do not see your course listed, it means that there is no textbook required for this course.

Note on Recommended Materials 

If a course has a non-required material and you would like to use financial aid toward its purchase, fill out this form with the book information. We may be able to list this material on our online bookstore.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about buying, downloading, and using e-books instead of traditional textbooks at Franklin.