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Baseline Cost:$$$
Program Tuition:$$$
Program Fees:
$$$Program fees include all required costs related to your academic program. Additional fees may be incurred based on your individual circumstances. For more information on other potential fees, visit our Tuition and Fees page.
Int'l Student Insurance Fees:$$$
eTextbook Costs:
$$$EBooks, courseware or free library resources are embedded into 95% of Franklin courses. The Textbooks & Resources page provides a full list of courses that contain embedded resources. This estimate does not include the cost of print textbooks.
Your Savings:-$0-$0-$0
You currently have no identified savings. See how much money you can save by completing the categories below.
Transfer Credit Savings:-$0N/A
Pathway Portal Partnership Savings:
-$0-$0-$0A discount on tuition resulting from pathway portal partnerships with community colleges.
Partnership Discount Savings:
-$0-$0-$0A discount on tuition resulting from partnerships with employers, associations and other organizations.
eTextbooks Discount:
-$0-$0-$0A discount on e-textbooks resulting from partnerships with employers, associations and other organizations.
Fees Discount:
-$-$-$A discount on fees resulting from partnerships with employers, associations and other organization.
Scholarship Savings:
-$-$-$Funds awarded to you that you do not have to repay. For more information about scholarships available to Franklin students, visit our Scholarships page.
Employer Reimbursement Savings:
-$-$-$Money you are expecting your employer to pay after taking classes.
Alumni Grad Discount:
-$-$-$Scholarship received from Franklin University for your first graduate course.
Military Assistance Savings:-$-$-$Funding from a military branch or the VA that you do not have to repay.
Discount for Spouse or Dependent of Active Military:
-$-$-$Discount offered to a spouse or dependent of an active duty service member.
Ohio National Guard Scholarship Savings:
-$-$-$Funding received from the Ohio National Guard that you do not have to repay.
Pell Grant:
-$-$-$Federal funds provided based on a need based calculation.
State Grant:
-$-$-$State funds provided based on a need based calculation.
Your Cost:$$$
Subsidized Loan:
$$$Federal loan in which the interest is paid on the student's behalf while in school.
Unsubsidized Loan:
$$$A federal loan for which the interest that is accrued is the student's responsibility.
Out of Pocket Cost:
$$$The cost that remains after both savings AND loans are applied. The term "Out of Pocket Costs" is used here to provide an estimate of what you will need to be cover by either personal savings or other funding sources not reflected in the calculator.
$$$A surplus (refund) may be available resulting from the combination of all aid.
Additional Military Benefits:
-$-$-$Military Benefits that are paid directly to the student to offset the cost of education.
Book Stipend:-$-$-$
Housing Allowance:-$-$-$

Complete the form below to determine your baseline cost

Your answer guides the accuracy of this cost calculator. Franklin University is committed to being an inclusive community free from all forms of discrimination and harassment.
Students with F-1 status may be required to enroll in a certain number of terms to maintain status. Fees paid to the U.S. Government or exchange rate fluctuations are not taken into account.
Franklin offers three trimesters per year, with multiple start dates within each term. For more information on available start dates, please view our Academic Calendar.
Not all degree programs are available in all U.S. states or to students with F-1 status. Some master's degree programs may have additional prerequisite classes required.
Time to completion is an estimate. For Veteran students only: Enrollment status based on training hours differs from enrollment status for federal financial aid purposes.

Edit the categories below to apply your savings and loans

Transfer Credit


On average, Franklin's students transfer hours of previously earned credit.
The degree has a maximum applied transfer limit of credit hours.

Add the number of credits you expect to transfer to Franklin ( maximum transferrable credit).i

Not all transferred credits satisfy specific degree requirements. A representative will be able to discuss this in more detail.

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Military Discounts & Benefits


Military tuition assistance amounts are subject to change.
For Army only: If you are eligible for the ONG Scholarship AND tuition assistance, the annual tuition assistance benefit must be exhausted first.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs provides a GI Bill Comparison Tool to estimate the percentage of your tuition covered by military benefits.

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Alumni Discount


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Scholarship opportunities are available through Franklin University as well as various local and national organizations. Scholarships are awarded based upon criteria set by the conferrer, and require a formal application to be submitted in order to be considered. To see a listing of scholarships and resources available, see our scholarship page.
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Partnership Discount


Don't see your organization listed? Not all programs are available to all partners. For more information, consult with our Partnerships team, a Franklin admissions advisor or the HR/benefits office at your organization.
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Community College Pathway Portal Partnership Discount


If your school is not included in the list, you are not eligible to participate in our Pathway Portal Partnership Discount Program.

Only eligible schools are listed above.

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Employer Reimbursement


If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement program, Franklin allows you to defer your tuition payment for the current trimester. For more information, see our Payment Options page.
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Government Loans & Grants

Grants: $
Loans: $

FAFSA Dependent or independent? Your status determines if you will need to report your information plus your parents' information (dependent) or your information plus your spouse's, if applicable (independent). For more details, visit the Federal Student Aid website.
This value should be the total income reported in the income tax from the previous year.
What is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC #)? EFC is calculated based on a formula established by law to determine your federal student aid eligibility. For more information on the EFC calculation and how it's used, visit the Federal Student Aid website.

I Don't Know My EFC #

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