As an international student at Franklin University, you have a number of housing options from which to choose. Below you will find a list of local housing options, several of which that have been utilized by previous international students. Other information you should consider when choosing where you want to live is included, as well.

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Housing Options

Franklin University offers independent living in a friendly and diverse city. Our programs available to F-1 international students are offered at Franklin University's Main Campus, which is a non-residential campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Franklin students choose the best housing and transportation options for their individual preferences and budget. Our international students frequently choose to live in nearby apartments. 

We, also, suggest newly arriving international students consider requesting an airport pick-up and temporary homestay. Information about these options is available below.

Important Information

When checking the prices of apartments of interest, make sure to discuss with the landlord what you are responsible to pay. Often in the USA, monthly rent for an apartment does not include utilities such as water, electric, gas, trash services, Wi-Fi, etc. In addition, most apartments do not come with furniture, so please take this into consideration when you are looking for a place to live. Make sure to include all these costs and then compare prices. It is also to your benefit to first visit the apartment and the neighborhood before signing a lease.

  • Lease: A legally binding document that usually covers a one year period. It is extremely important to fully read and understand your lease. Sign it only if you agree with the listed conditions.
  • Rent: Housing fees that are usually due the first of the month. A penalty may be charged if rent is late.
  • Security Deposit: Pre-payment of funds to cover possible damages that may occur while living in an apartment. If you leave the apartment in good condition, this security deposit should be returned to you when you move out.
  • Utilities: Electricity, gas and water are some examples of utilities. The lease will state which utilities the tenant or renter is responsible for paying in addition to the rent.
  • Landlord or Rental Office: Person or office responsible for maintaining the building and making repairs within a responsible period of time.
  • Renter’s Insurance: Insurance that covers all your personal belongings in the event of fire or theft. The landlord’s insurance does not cover your personal property.