Everyone needs to be able to get around town. Below you will find information about how to obtain a driver’s license in the United States, as well as other things to consider that will help get you to where you need to go.

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Things To Know

If you will be in the U.S. longer than six months and intend to drive, you are required to get an Ohio driver’s license, regardless of whether you have an international driver license.

Steps to Obtain a Driver License

Study Ohio’s Motor Vehicle Laws that are available at here.

Go to a testing center to do an eye exam and do the test. You can find Testing Locations at To find out what you will need to do during the test, read

Documents Needed to Obtain Driver License

  • Valid passport with visa stamp, copy of electronic I-94 and I-20
  • Proof of Social Security number (only if you have one, you will not need one to get a license)
  • If you are currently doing OPT: Your EAD card
  • Registration statement to prove address in Ohio or bank statement with address on it

More information on obtaining a Driver License, Vehicle Title and License Plates are available at Some international drivers licenses might be transferred without having to do the test. Please contact BMV for further information.

Important Laws in Ohio

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the U.S. is a serious criminal offense. This can lead to high fines, jail sentences, suspension of driver’s license, and could jeopardize your immigration status.
  • You are required by law to have auto insurance.
  • Every person in the car has to use seat belts at all times.
  • It is illegal to drive without a valid driver license, proof of automobile insurance, proof of the car’s registration, and valid license plates.

Parking at Franklin

Franklin University provides free parking on University lots for students. Parking lots are conveniently located on the campus near all University buildings. Students using parking lots must register their vehicle(s) and obtain a parking permit and trimester validation sticker from the Welcome Center located in the Student Services Center. Parking permits must be displayed on the lower corner of the driver’s side rear window.

State of Ohio Identification Card

If you do not need a driver license you may want to obtain an ID card. You need to have lived in Ohio for 30 days to be eligible to get this card. Go to a BMV location with the same documents you would bring to request a driver license. You are not permitted to hold an ID Card and an Ohio driver license at the same time.

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