Welcome to the Franklin Faculty Development website. This site is maintained as a joint collaboration between the Center for Teaching Excellence and the Faculty Development Committee to provide comprehensive support and information that will help faculty to develop teaching strategies, discover development opportunities, and connect with other faculty within the Franklin community.

To learn more about past and future faculty development events, please visit Events.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Development Courses

The following Faculty Development courses will begin in Summer 2021!  Sign up for available courses here.  

  • INST601: May 17, 2021
  • INST602: June 7, 2021
  • INST603: June 28, 2021
  • INST604: July 19, 2021

In addition, please remember that INST585 is a new course combining the vital elements of INST580 and INST581.  Lasting nine weeks, INST585 will qualify instructors to serve both as doctoral instructors and doctoral faculty advisors.  


Faculty Excellence

Bailey Award Winners 

The Bailey Awards, given each term, honor one undergraduate and one graduate instructor.  The winners are nominated by graduating students, who are asked to recognize the instructor who has had the most significant influence on their instructional experience at Franklin University.  Winners receive a plaque, formal recognition at Commencement, and the opportunity to deliver a brief 1-2 minute speech at Commencement.

  • Summer 2020: Rachel Choudhury & Bruce Trumm
  • Spring 2020: Jerome Council & Michael Hanson
  • Fall 2020: Denise Kestner & Dr. Kristan Jones
  • Fall 2019: Amy Eaton & Brenda Jones
  • Spring 2019: Robin Clark & Diane Alexander
  • Summer 2018: Christopher Long & Roger Kisiel
  • Winter 2018: Robert D'Andrea & Krzysztof Koj
  • Fall 2018: Annette Hoelzer & David Meckstroth
  • Summer 2017: Christine Seebon & Michael Powers
  • Winter 2017: Wendy Neaville & Ted Jones
  • Fall 2017: Brian Butcher & Jon Signoracci