Leadership Center Objectives

Effective leadership is essential for advancing both individuals and organizations in the 21st century global business environment. Leadership involves the ability to properly influence others toward a unified goal. Additionally, leadership is an art that involves life-long learning. With this in mind, Franklin University supports and advances today’s and tomorrow’s leaders through its Leadership Center.

Each of the Leadership Center’s unique programs focuses on a level of leadership aimed at improving and developing leadership skills and competencies in today’s managers and leaders. A primary goal of the Leadership Center is to ensure today’s managers and leaders have the capabilities necessary for leadership effectiveness in the 21st century.

Our Mission

The Franklin University Leadership Center inspires the creation and sharing of knowledge and innovative leadership practices through advanced teaching and transformative learning experiences in our dynamic, rapidly changing global community.

Foster participation in a global community focused on pursuing sustainable business and leadership excellence. 

Demonstrate and promote leadership skills and competencies for leaders at all levels.

Engage in transformative learning and scholarship. 

Develop opportunities to learn and apply intellectual leadership practices.

Create modes of experiential learning that have a global impact.

Establish and share business and leadership best practices.

Mason Leadership Symposium

Join us for our annual symposium to raise the level of leadership in business, nonprofit organizations, government, and educational institutions throughout central Ohio.

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Hall Leadership Series

Designed to focus on the skills and competencies needed by existing and upcoming leaders and managers for optimal effectiveness in the 21st century business environment.

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Sales Speaker Series

Supporting careers in professional selling by providing training to members of the business community that will empower them to grow professionally enabling economic development, enhance the professionalism of the sales force, and provide service to the sales profession.

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