Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: “The Art & Science of Professional Selling”

Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: “The Art & Science of Professional Selling”

This exciting series is scheduled to take place virtually each month, with a target audience of more than 50,000 alumni, students, community and global partners of Franklin University. The purpose of the Sales Education Speaker Series at Franklin University is to promote sales education opportunities to high potential individuals to consider the merits of careers in professional selling, provide sales and negotiations training to members of the business community that will empower them to grow professionally enabling economic development, enhance the professionalism of the sales force, and provide service to the sales profession.

Our goal is to build awareness around the broad array of opportunities within the sales industry!

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Our Programs

M.S. in Professional Sales Leadership

Boost your leadership ability and learn to build high-performing sales teams with Franklin’s 14-month online M.S. in Professional Sales Leadership. 

Professional Sales Microcredential

uild in-demand skills quickly and advance your sales career. Enhance your ability to negotiate, persuade and communicate with three six-week online courses. 

Sales Advisory Council

Members of Franklin University's Sales Advisory Council serve as advocates to promote sales education opportunities in professional selling, enhance the professionalism of the sales industry, and support the university's efforts to develop the next generation of sales leaders. 

David Hoffeld
Author and CEO & Chief Sales Trainer, Hoffeld Group
Holly Sunderman
Packaging Consultant - TricorBraun
Dr. Christopher Washington
Provost and Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs - Franklin University
Alyncia Bowen
Dean of the Ross College of Business, Franklin University
Shana Loveless
Academic Affairs, Franklin University
Dr. Ray Forbes
Program Chair, Master of Science in Business Psychology - Franklin University
Sherry Mercurio
Executive Director, Community Relations - Franklin University
Matt Backiewicz
Founder & CEO of Ephatha Group
Dr. David Decker
President - Franklin University
Bill Chan
Vice President, Strategic Alliances - Franklin University
Mick Slyman
Financial Advising Executive
Jeffrey Alexander 
Executive Property & Casualty Insurance - Maphre (retired)
Phil Fankhauser
President and Director - Epcon

Celebration of Excellence Award

Upcoming Events

Join us on Wed, May 24 at 11:00 a.m. (EDT), as Franklin’s Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: The Art & Science of Professional Selling brings you "Dynamic Common Sense Selling: What Makes A Top Salesperson," featuring guest speaker Hal Becker.

Power selling is the most highly charged comprehensive type of training your salespeople will ever have. They will learn that to be the best takes an easy-to-follow system. In our May Distinguished Speaker Series event, guest Hal Becker uses his own experience as Xerox's #1 salesperson, along with common sense steps, and back-to-basics approach to give them the tools they need to succeed. He has trained hundreds of thousands of salespeople on his "insider" look at how to achieve sales success. Join us as Hal takes us through some key steps that include:

  • What makes a top salesperson and what you must do to be a Pro Salesperson?
  • Why most salespeople fail or do not make quota. 
  • The 3 steps of the sale and why you do not need to close.
  • The 4 major events that cause most salespeople to fail: making quota means you just hit average.
  • Questions control the sale...period...and using "The Questioner.”
  • Why you must have a "magic question.”
  • What is the "Reverse Joey" and why do you have to use it all the time?
  • Snow White & the 7 Objections.
  • The 4-1 ratio of prospects to sales.


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