Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: “The Art & Science of Professional Selling”

Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: “The Art & Science of Professional Selling”

This exciting series is scheduled to take place virtually each month through 2021, with a target audience of more than 50,000 alumni, students, community and global partners of Franklin University. The purpose of the Sales Education Speaker Series at Franklin University is to promote sales education opportunities to high potential individuals to consider the merits of careers in professional selling, provide sales and negotiations training to members of the business community that will empower them to grow professionally enabling economic development, enhance the professionalism of the sales force, and provide service to the sales profession.

Our goal is to build awareness around the broad array of opportunities within the sales industry!

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From negotiation to persuasion, sales skills can benefit individuals in a variety of fields. Whether you are looking to hone your presentation and communication skills or advance your career in professional sales, the Professional Sales microcredential can help you broaden your skillset and open the door to new opportunities. Learn more and get started this fall. 

Upcoming Events

“Field vs. Inside Selling, What’s the Difference?” 

Date: Wednesday,  Jul. 28, 2021
Time: Noon (EDT)

image of lauren bailey

Lauren Bailey is the Founder and President of three successful brands: Factor 8, providing front-line job training for inside sellers and managers, The Sales Bar, a subscription-based virtual sales training platform, and #GirlsClub, a community and development program helping more women earn leadership positions in sales. Before entrepreneurship, Lauren led multiple sales divisions in the technology sector and then switched hats to building corporate training departments and launching virtual sales programs Globally for IBM and SAP. Today, Lauren and her teams at Factor 8, The Sales Bar, and #GirlsClub are on a mission to change lives by helping all levels of sales professionals feel more confident and more successful at work.

Learn more about the evolution of selling, when and why companies embrace inside sales and why others don’t (and shouldn’t!). Field sales, virtual sales, inside sales, telesales, channel sales – what is the difference and which career is right for you? Plus, quick tips on what skills, attributes and behaviors are lock-fits for the many roles in each lane and how to rise quickly to the top.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • The benefits of “inside” vs. “outside” sales teams and when leaders deploy each
  • How a career in each type of sales differs and which is best for you!
  • What attributes sales leaders want when hiring sellers
  • Key sales skills that help some sellers hit quota faster than others
  • How to rise quickly to the top and get on the promotion path

Account Based Marketing: “ABM Demystified” 

Date: Wednesday, Aug. 18
Time: Noon (EDT)

image of henry

Henry Bruckstein, founder of Campaign Stars, where personalized conversations ignite meaningful relationships that drive revenue. Henry is passionate about transformative customer growth and helping clients find meaningfully ways to engage with their ideal buyers. Previously, he co-founded CloudSquads (acquired by NSE: PERSISTENT) which helped F100 brands drive peer-to-peer sales and activate the true power of their customer base. Henry has held executive roles in sales, marketing, services and alliances at Salesforce.com, Microsoft, and Lithium Technologies.

In this program, Henry takes you back to the future to take a deeper dive into the hottest ways that businesses are selling to businesses. It’s called Account Based Marketing (ABM) and it brings together sales, marketing and operations teams to have a singular focus on a target group of buyers to drive revenue. Sound familiar? This is the way businesses sold before the days of mass marketing!

Join Henry Bruckstein, founder of Campaign Stars as he walks through the TEAM methodology that has deployed over 1,000 ABM programs.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the fundamentals to build and deploy an ABM program:
  • How to align around a target set of accounts
  • How to engage those accounts
  • How to enable and energize sales
  • How to measure results in an ABM world

“Negotiation Boot Camp” 

Date: Thursday, Sep. 30
Time: Noon (EDT)

image of henry

Ed Brodow is the CEO for Negotiation Boot Camp® and world’s top spokesman on the art of negotiation, and bestselling author of eight books including the business classic Negotiation Boot Camp: How to Resolve Conflict, Satisfy Customers, and Make Better Deals.

For more than two decades, Ed's acclaimed seminars have set the standard for "how to make a deal" in Corporate America. His impressive client list includes: Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, AT&T, Starbucks, Johnson & Johnson, Hyatt, The Gap, and McDonald's, to name a few. As an industry professional, Ed thrives on showing American consumers how to make betters deal - shadowed by top news outlets: ABC National News, Fox News and Inside Edition. Adding to his credentials, Ed is a former US Marine officer, Fortune 500 sales manager, and Hollywood movie actor.

In today's fast-paced business climate, the ability to negotiate can make the difference between success and failure. In this program Ed will teach you how to overcome any economic challenge and outpace your competition by utilizing core negotiation strategies, such as aiming high, questioning negative assumptions, and improving listening skills. These are the same proven strategies and tactics taught by Ed to professional negotiators at: The Hartford, Learjet, Novartis, McKinsey, the IRS and the Pentagon. 

Using a wealth of examples from real-life encounters, Ed reveals how to develop the skills and confidence you need to achieve your career goals!

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Conquer your fear of confrontation
  • Learn to identify the other side’s weaknesses
  • Influence the other side to make concessions
  • Master the art of listening
  • Create an atmosphere of trust
  • Break an impasse and close the deal
  • Understand when to walk away

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