Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: “The Art & Science of Professional Selling”

Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: “The Art & Science of Professional Selling”

This exciting series is scheduled to take place virtually each month through 2021, with a target audience of more than 50,000 alumni, students, community and global partners of Franklin University. The purpose of the Sales Education Speaker Series at Franklin University is to promote sales education opportunities to high potential individuals to consider the merits of careers in professional selling, provide sales and negotiations training to members of the business community that will empower them to grow professionally enabling economic development, enhance the professionalism of the sales force, and provide service to the sales profession.

Our goal is to build awareness around the broad array of opportunities within the sales industry!

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Sales Force Management!

Date: Thursday, Nov. 18
Time: Noon (EST)

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Join us as Franklin's Distinguished Sales Speaker Series: The Art & Science of Professional Selling presents Dr. Shane Hunt, professor, author, and sales force management expert shares recent trends and applications for “Sales Force Management” that combines real-world sales management best practices and strategies to drive success!

In this program, Dr. Hunt will discuss the challenges facing sales managers in a rapidly changing economy and provide insights that will help executives and sales managers. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the impact of salesperson management control strategies in a post pandemic world
  • Implement Strategies for Compensation Plan Design to drive success
  • Utilize the important relationship between sales and pricing strategy to increase profitability
  • Prepare the next generation of great salespeople to build a brighter future for their organization

Dr. Shane Hunt brings his experience as the Dean of the College of Business and a Professor of Marketing at Idaho State University, and numerous collegiate scholar awards, such as the National Teaching Innovation Award from the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators and the Lt. Col. Barney Smith Award as Professor of the Year to his presentation. His research has appeared in The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, and The Journal of Business Logistics. Dr. Hunt is also the co-author of a brand-new Professional Selling textbook that is used by students across the country and throughout the world.

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