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Human resources is one of the most important functions in an organization. In this complex ever-changing industry CEOs are looking for specialized HR leaders to become strategic partners. Franklins 16-month M.S. in Human Resource Management MSHRM Program will sharpen your knowledge and enhance your skills enabling you to take your company and your career to the next level. Strategic Leadership Todays critical role of HR professionals is not limited to transactional administration. High expectations are set in overseeing complex management programs benefit plans changing labor laws employee rights and hiring and retaining talented employees. Our MSHRM program explores the interactions within the workplace and provides a practical understanding of human resource management theories concepts and principles through courses like Employee Rights Performance Appraisal Systems and Organizational Leadership. Integrating new understandings in organizational development with business functions and practices will expand your potential career opportunities as you apply the relevant coursework to real-world practice. You will gain the expertise to promote the maximum employee performance and foster an environment of collaboration worklife balance and commitment that you can apply immediately at work giving you an edge in the marketplace. Master of Science in HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ROSS C O LLEGE OF BUSINES S STANLEY M. RICHARD M. 24