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COMPUTING SCIENCE MATHEMATICS Computer Science Go beyond programming and develop a broad base of technical skills necessary to apply design and implement software systems. Possible career options Computer Programmer Database Administrator Software Architect Information Security Prevent costly security breaches by implementing adequate security measures to protect data in any industry or government sector. Possible career options Data Security Analyst Information Security Manager Network Security Specialist Information Technology This program exposes you to a broad spectrum of knowledge experience and skills to help you play an essential role in a business environment by implementing mission-critical infrastructure security and servers. Possible career options Network Administrator IT Support Generalist Web Security Administrator Management Information Sciences Bridge the gap between business and technology by developing the interpersonal skills needed to become the IT liaison within your organization. Possible career options Business Analyst Information Technology Manager Systems Analyst Web Development Prepare for a highly specialized career in which you will champion the technologies necessary to develop and continually enhance well-designed easy-to-use websites. Possible career options Web Developer Webmaster Web Programmer HUMANITIES COMMUNICATION ARTS Communications Craft clear precise and effective messages while adding new media communication methods to your professional toolkit. Possible career options Community Relations Specialist Corporate Communications Manager Public Relations Specialist Interactive Media Design Build on your technical skills to develop a variety of interactive media projects like mobile apps and website content. Possible career options Interactive Designer Mobile Application Designer Web DesignerDeveloper Interdisciplinary Studies Design your own unique degree program around your interests to enhance your critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Possible career options Business Communication Leadership positions that involve teamwork and visionary thinkers Public Relations Learn to develop and maintain a positive public image for organizations by creating and strengthening external relationships. Possible career options Communications Specialist Public Relations Generalist PR Manager SOCIAL NATURAL SCIENCES Applied Psychology Leverage advances in psychology and executive coaching to impact the development of individuals teams and organizations. Possible career options Career Development Specialist Executive Coach Employee Relations Representative Social Sciences Identify opportunities to improve the quality of life for people with a major customizable to your career goals. Possible career options Human Resources Law Enforcement Research Analysis 19