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ACCOUNTING FINANCE ECONOMICS Accounting Gain skills in financial reporting and analysis to enter or advance in the rapidly growing accounting industry. Possible career options Accounting Consultant Auditor Tax Accountant Business Economics Develop sharp forecasting expertise and understand the forces shaping the international marketplace. Possible career options Business Analyst Marketing or Research Analyst Operations Executive Business Forensics Learn to identify resolve and prevent white-collar crime in a variety of industries while building foundational knowledge for the CFE exam. Possible career options Government Fraud Examiner Independent Fraud Examiner Loss Prevention Manager Financial Management Master financial principles and develop all- inclusive corporate finance strategies for business and financial organizations. Possible career options Bank Officer Financial Analyst Stock Broker Financial Planning Leverage customized solutions to help families or individuals organize life priorities and plan their financial futures. Possible career options Financial Advisor Estate Planning Professional Wealth Management Advisor Forensic Accounting Stay Sarbanes-Oxley compliant and promote a fraud-prevention culture while developing foundational knowledge for CFE certification. Possible career options Corporate Accounting Officer Independent Forensic Auditor Internal Auditor Information Systems Auditing Safeguard and examine systems controls and data integrity to enable organizations to achieve their goals efficiently. Possible career options Independent Information Systems Auditing Consultant Information Technology Auditor Public Accounting Information Systems Auditor Risk Management Insurance Develop the expertise to understand business risk create strategies to manage risk exposure and help businesses avoid substantial loss. Possible career options Claims Adjuster Examiner and Investigator Risk Manager Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk MANAGEMENT MARKETING Applied Management Build on previously earned credit or work experience and prepare to move into management or grow your own business. Possible career options General Manager Small Business Owner Training Specialist Business Administration Build a strong foundation of real-world business knowledge suitable for a career in a variety of industries. Possible career options General Manager Small Business Owner Training Specialist Energy Management Build on your technical knowledge with applied business concepts and take on management roles in the energy industry. Possible career options Contracts Manager Environmental Manager Power Trader Entrepreneurship Build on what you know and learn what it takes to successfully launch and sustain an entrepreneurial venture. Possible career options Small-Business Owner Management Analyst Operations Manager Human Resources Management Find ways to attract train and retain the best talent by implementing effective benefits and labor- relations strategies. Possible career options Employee Relations Supervisor Human Resources Generalist Recruitment Specialist Internet Marketing Learn to develop and implement comprehensive digital communication strategies to leverage web technologies and drive business. Possible career options Director of Internet Marketing Manager of eCommerce Web Marketing Manager Management Leadership Become a transformative motivational leader in any work environment by learning performance improvement and team-building methods. Possible career options General Manager Production Manager Team Leader Logistics Management Build on your associates degree and improve efficiency by developing effective supply chains. Possible career options Logistics Manager Inventory Manager Warehouse Manager Marketing Strategically promote products services and new ideas by leveraging consumer research and effective planning. Possible career options Promotions Coordinator Research Analyst Sales Manager Operations Supply Chain Management Improve workflow streamline operational efficiencies andgreenyour business in todays global business environment. Possible career options Director of Operations Product Manager Supply Chain Manager 21