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The Best Jobs For MBA Graduates: 2018 Edition

The future is bright for MBA graduates.

As business demands grow, evolve and diversify at an ever-increasing pace, many top organizations are adapting their hiring strategies to focus on securing top talent. Individuals holding an MBA degree are well-positioned to take advantage of this competitive landscape.

An MBA doesn’t always have a specific industry or career focus. As such, degree holders can be found across a wide variety of professions and industries. Are you primed for the opportunities ahead?

Inside this report, you’ll find the top in-demand jobs for MBA graduates. A profile of each job is included, with median pay data, high-meaning percentage (the rate at which individuals in said jobs believe that their work makes a positive impact in the world), the desired degree emphasis, and a recommended MBA path.

About the Methodology

Our Best Jobs for MBA Graduates (2018 Edition) identifies the top in-demand jobs that often require an MBA to get your foot in the door. Our data is compiled from the Bureau of Labor, Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), Poets & Quants, and the Graduate Admission Council. Salary and satisfaction ratings were further validated by Payscale data. Desired MBA path was compiled from Franklin University MBA program leaders.

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Profession: Chief Technology Officer

CTOs establish the company’s technical vision and oversee all aspect of technology development. Beyond managing the hardware, software, product and application demands of a business, this person also directs the technology team, oversees special research and development projects, establishes technical standards, manages change and risk, and ensures the business adheres to sound technical standards.

Median Annual Salary:  $151, 274
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 15% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 57%
Preferred Degree Emphasis: Information Technology Management

Profession: Computer & Information Systems Manager

Computer/Information Systems Managers are responsible for the computer-related activities of an organization. They oversee the implementation and management of internet and intranet sites, installation of software and hardware, and the development of computer networks. They are counted on to develop upgrade, maintenance and security strategies to ensure the overall health of the organization’s computer-related components.

Median Annual Salary:  $135,800
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 15% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 55%
Preferred Degree Emphasis: Information Systems

Profession: Health Services Manager

Health Services Managers are in high demand in today’s expanding and diversifying industry. These professionals are counted on to help the business of healthcare organizations run smoothly. They ensure that organizations adhere to compliance standards, deliver quality programs, and optimize their services and care experience. They may run an entire organization or a single department (such as Patient Care) within an organization.

Median Annual Salary:  $96,540
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 17% projected growth rate
Preferred Degree Emphasis: Health Services Management

Profession: High End Management Consulting

These independent leaders provide the focused direction companies require to stay relevant and competitive. High End Management Consultants are counted on to help public companies, private companies and government agencies solve management problems, control costs, maximize profits, increase worker productivity, or increase efficiency. Most often, a person in this field specializes in a specific industry.

Median Annual Salary:  $81,330
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 14% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 35% Preferred Degree Emphasis: Management Consulting

Profession: Information Technology (IT) Director

The IT Director manages computing resources for organizations in just about every industry. These high-performing professionals are responsible for the management, strategy and execution of IT infrastructure for a company. In addition, they oversee a team to ensure a company’s information technology is continuously available and secure.

Median Annual Salary:  $135,800
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 15% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 57%
Preferred Degree Emphasis: Information Technology Management

Profession: Investment Fund Manager

Investment fund managers provide financial advice and direct the investment of money for organizations and individuals. Investments are made in stock markets, real estate and other markets. Investing involves many complex aspects such as the specification of investment objectives, portfolio strategy, portfolio management, performance evaluation and asset mix determination.

Median Annual Salary:  $121,750
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 7% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 48% Preferred Degree Emphasis: Finance

Profession: Marketing Manager

Marketing managers help companies expand into new markets and obtain new customers. Their objective is increasing sales and profitability. They research trends, identify opportunities, estimate demand, and develop marketing campaigns. They also identify a company’s competitive advantage and seek to sustain it.

Median Annual Salary:  $127,560
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 9% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 52%
Preferred Degree Emphasis: Marketing

Profession: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The CEO is responsible for developing, articulating and “selling” the vision and mission of an organization, both internally and externally. These high-performing executives deliver high-quality business strategies and plans to achieve long-term and short-term objectives. They oversee all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and adhere to vision and mission.

Median Annual Salary: $181,210
Growth Rate Forecast (2014-2024): 6% projected growth rate
High Meaning Percent: 53% Preferred Degree Emphasis: Finance

The MBA Advantage

MBA graduates are favorably positioned in today’s market to land top-paying, high-demand jobs. Now is the time to distance yourself from the competition. Do you have what it takes?

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