Things That Affect Your Aid

Changes in your enrollment may affect your financial aid eligibility

If you are planning to receive financial aid, it is important to understand that your enrollment hours and academic performance must remain at a certain level to continue to receive full benefits. Please read through the following sections carefully to make sure you understand your eligibility requirements.

Eligibility Requirements

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy 

In order to comply with the State of Ohio and federal regulations under Section 668.16 (e), Franklin University has established standards for measuring satisfactory academic progress for students receiving Title IV or State assistance. All students are measured according to these standards at the end of each trimester, which constitutes a payment period {§668.34(a)(3)(ii)}. These standards contain both qualitative and quantitative components. SAP is defined separately for undergraduate, graduate, doctorate and professional students.

To learn more about the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy click here.

Return to Title IV (R2T4) Policy 

Due to federal regulations, students who receive federal financial aid and completely or partially withdraw during a trimester will be subject to a recalculation of funds awarded. The outcome of the recalculation is dependent on when the withdrawal is initiated and the type of aid receive.

To learn more about the Return to Title IV (R2T4) Policy click here

Enrollment Hours

The eligibility presented on your Offer Letter is based on full-time enrollment, unless otherwise indicated on your offer letter. If your enrollment hours are different than the hours of enrollment presented on your Offer Letter or if they change during the term, your eligibility for your awards will most likely also change.


An overpayment occurs when a federal financial aid recipient receives more aid than they were eligible for. If the outcome of the R2T4 calculation finds that a student must repay all or part of a Title IV grant, then Franklin University will return the funds to the Department of Education on behalf of the student.  Any balance owed as a result of the overpayment should be paid to the University.   

Study Skills Evaluation

If you are referred by Financial Aid for a Study Skills Evaluation, please contact the Student Learning Center at 614.947.6800 or through email at You will be provided with the necessary information to complete the study skills assessment.

Financial Aid Consequences

Students receiving any type of financial aid may lose part or all of such assistance if they stop attending or withdraw from one or more courses in any one trimester. Any overaward that results from withdrawing or nonattendance must be repaid before further financial assistance may be received. In considering whether or not to withdraw from or stop attending a course, students receiving financial aid should first consult with Student Financial Services.